7 Activities to Relieve Stress

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I think all of us experience some level of stress during our daily lives. All of us deal with stress differently. You can either let it ruin your day or channel it to propel you forward. But sometimes I just want to unwind and let the stress dissipate.

Here are a 7 Ways I Decompress.

Go for a Walk

It’s amazing what just stepping outside your door and going for a nice, long refreshing walk can do for your spirit. It’s easy to be able to pop both of the girls into the stroller, and off we go.

Practice Yoga

This is one activity I don’t do enough of. When I do practice yoga, I feel stress and tension just melt away and a renewed sense of focus return.

snowboardGo Snowboarding

I know is is something most people can’t do regularly. We’re lucky to live in the mountains in a resort town where we can hop in the car and go snowboarding any time there’s snow on the ground. I’m still learning, but having fun doing it!

Sip on a Cup of Tea

I love drinking a big cup of warm tea in front of a fire in my living room. Add a cozy blanket and a book to that and I’m all set!

Take a Bath

Now, I very rarely get to take a bath. However, I’ve been trying to do it more often when the girls are in quiet time. I think I’ve been able to take 2 baths in the last month. I like to add some bath salts to help relax my tired muscles.

Watch a Movie

I have always loved watching movies. Luckily Brian does too, so you’ll typically find us watching a movie at night after the girls go to bed. It’s a nice way to unwind at the end of the day.

Play Video Games

I haven’t been playing many video games lately, but it’s one of Brian’s favorite ways to relieve stress. When he comes home from work, the first thing he does if the TV isn’t on is to put on his headphones and start playing Call of Duty.

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  1. says

    First of all – thank you for a great post – I really enjoyed it.
    You can also relieve stress by avoiding people who bring negative influence to your life. Some people only talk about their own problems, some say they are better than you. The best thing to do is to avoid these people and interact only with the ones who have belief in you and who motivate you. These people bring happiness to your life and lower your stress levels.
    It does not mean you have to completely ignore negative people – it might not be possible – but short-term avoidance will do good.
    Best Regards
    Melody recently posted..Instant Calm – 7 Fast & Fun Ways to Lower Stress Instantly

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