Baby Hip Hugger Strapless Baby Carrier Review and Giveaway (Closed)

About Baby Hip Hugger

For mothers, carrying your child is something so natural yet there are times when your arms or back just hurt too much and you’re at a loss as to what to do. That’s when the Baby Hip Hugger can be of a big help.

First, it’s much less bulkier than your traditional baby carrier so it’s easier to take with you everywhere. It’s also very easy to use so you can put it on just about anywhere!

Second, the child has the freedom to see outward while in the safety of their mother’s arms, so they’re content and are able to learn about the world securely and comfortably.

The Baby Hip Hugger supports the child’s rear and enables a mother to naturally carry and keep the child close while balancing the child’s weight between the mother’s arm and hip. It’s portable and one-size fits all, so it can be used easily by mother, fathers, grandmothers and babysitters alike.

My Review

I have been very much into babywearing with both girls. Whether it’s my ERGOBaby Carrier or my Moby Wrap, I have always used a baby carrier with my girls.

However, when Zoë turned 2, all of a sudden she wanted nothing to do with being worn. She wanted to either walk or be carried. The older she gets, the harder it is for me to carry her for any great distance.

So when I heard about Baby Hip Hugger, a strapless baby carrier, I was curious to try it out. The Baby Hip Hugger is available in two sizes, infant and toddler—we received the toddler size to review.

It comes in a really nice box, making it a great baby shower gift.

When I first opened it up, I thought wow… that looks like a giant fanny pack (can you tell I’m a child of the 80s?). But, the form definitely serves the function.

It has been snowing like crazy up here, so I have only gotten to try it out around the house, but I can say that I think this would make carrying the girls around much easier on my back—especially since Zoë has trouble getting the concept that she needs to wrap her legs around me when I carry her (probably since she’s used to being worn).

However, this is not a hands-free carrier, so keep that in mind—you always need to have a least one hand on your child. It definitely isn’t ideal when I’m out with both girls alone and I need to have Kaylee confined, but it’s great for a walk down to the park.

Both girls fit comfortably on the seat (at 10.5 months and 2.5 years) facing both in and out. It makes it so you don’t have to stick your hip out to the side to make a “seat” for them, which is nice.

There is also plenty of storage in the Baby Hip Hugger so you can carry around a couple of diapers, some wipes, a snack and a sippy cup—enough for a short trip so you don’t have to lug around a diaper bag. It even has space for your money and other personal items so if you want to, you can leave your purse behind (although that section is not secured by a zipper or Velcro so I wouldn’t put anything too valuable in there).

If your child is getting a little older and doesn’t like being confined in a baby carrier anymore, or you simply want something to make carrying your child a little easier on your back, check out Baby Hip Hugger.

Baby Hip Hugger can be purchased on the Baby Nari website or through If you purchase direct from Baby Nari, use coupon code happymothering20 and you’ll get a $20 discount!

The Giveaway

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