10 Simple Steps to Going Green: Our 2012 Accomplishments

green-targetGoing green and living a simple, natural lifestyle is an ongoing process – something that evolves each day as I become aware of further changes I want to make. Each day we try to move forward and make incremental steps towards our ultimate goals of living more sustainably. Reflecting back, we made some great green changes in 2012!

Here are 10 of our 2012 green accomplishments:

  1. Switched to unpaper towels and cloth napkins
  2. Switched to mama cloth
  3. Started using glass water bottles
  4. Started making our own Kombucha
  5. Started grinding our own flour
  6. Started our indoor hydroponic garden
  7. Made the Master Tonic to have on hand for treating illnesses
  8. Started using more essential oils as natural remedies
  9. Got Kaylee out of diapers
  10. Moved to a more energy-efficient house

What steps did you take towards going green in 2012?

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