Green Confession: I’ve Never Used a Cloth Diaper

Welcome to the January 2013 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Green Confessions.

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Natural Living Blog Carnival hosted by Happy Mothering and The Pistachio Project through the Green Moms Network. This month our members have written posts about areas of their life where they aren’t as “green” as they may want to be.


I think most green living mamas have something in our lives that doesn’t quite jive with living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Whether it’s secretly clinging to a favorite beauty product with less than ideal ingredients or continuing to use paper products when there are reusable alternatives – we all have something to confess.

Our progress towards living an eco-conscious lifestyle has been a gradual transition that started when I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2007 – and rapidly progressed after Zoë was born in 2008.

Becoming a parent sparks a whole new level of consciousness that most of us never knew was there before. As soon as I knew I had life growing in my body, I wanted to only do the best for her.

Being the research junkie that I am, I began searching for the best and safest baby products for Zoë. The first thing I did was invest in safe skincare products for her from Earth Mama Angel Baby. I didn’t want chemicals touching her skin!

I bought two baby carriers – one sling and one Moby Wrap – because I knew I wanted to wear her. We got a good pump because I knew I wanted to breastfeed and had planned on going back to my corporate marketing job (that never happened).

cloth-diapersAnother area all mamas evaluate is diapers. For some, cloth diapers are a given. For others, the question is Huggies, Pampers or another disposable diaper brand?

I really wanted to cloth diaper. I did. It seemed like the best choice for the environment. However, when I approached hubby about the idea, he was adamantly against it. There was no way his clothes were going to be washed in the same machine as poopy diapers!

It was the only thing he pushed back on, so we compromised and agreed upon biodegradable diapers (Nature BabyCare and Bambo Nature). They were definitely more expensive than traditional disposables, but they were better for the environment (and we thought they worked better too).

Since Kaylee was born in Uruguay where all things baby are three times the price in the US (no exaggeration), she was also a sposie baby. There was no way I could drop $50-60 per cloth diaper!

Most people who know me are astounded to discover we didn’t cloth diaper, and you may be too! In fact, I’ve never even put a cloth diaper on a baby!

Luckily both girls are completely potty trained (and we’re done having babies), so we’re past that phase and I no longer have to feel guilty every time I buy a pack of diapers. I have chosen to focus on continuing to make green changes in the future rather than looking back at what I used to do.

What Green Confession do you have? Do you want to change that habit or is it something you’re comfortable with?


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    I also wrote about my green guilt of not cloth diapering. Like you mentioned when you were in Uruguay you could not cloth diaper or get green alternatives. I think today it is easier to cloth diaper than it was a year ago when I had my second and much easier than it was 3 years ago with my first. Once it is an easier option for people I think new mom’s will not be met with the guilt we share!
    Leigh recently posted..Green Confession: Cloth Diaper Fail

  2. says

    We cloth diaper (no judgement against those who don’t!). Funny thing, my husband LOVES IT! He hates when we have to buy a pack of sposies when we go on overnight trips, they just don’t work as well as cloth.
    He was skeptical in the beginning though. My convincing argument was the cost of cloth versus sposies. And I’ll admit that I though cloth wouldn’t work as well as sposies, I was happily surprised when I realized how much we actually preferred cloth!
    Abby recently posted..10 Primal Meals Under $2.25 Per Serving

  3. says

    My green confession is that I use Tide and store bought cleaning products. I’ve tried using natural laundry detergent, but have found it does not get my clothes as clean as Tide. The same with store bought cleaning products; a bathroom cleaner helps get the shower much cleaner without the same elbow grease. Ultimately, I think you have to do what works for you.
    Sarah Jane recently posted..I Breastfed and… {#BFBlogHop}

  4. says

    I never really thought much about the environment or “green” products before my daughter was born. In fact, I thought “crunchy” people were weird. I was so wrong. Thanks for sharing your confession. I don’t cloth diaper either, but use more eco-friendly brands as well.
    Mandi recently posted..The Baby Steps Continue

  5. says

    Before my son I thought I would never have used cloth diapers like those “people in the old time days”, but I did. Hubby was not too bothered by my decision since I was the one who would be doing the diaper changes and washing them ( I came from a family who for some reason or the other believed that baby clothes should now be washed in a machine but hand washed so I did that too! Strange huh?!
    Anyways, mama cloth is a whole other ball game. He is totally against it. I think for sure I will have to hand wash those ones lol! Unless he has a drastic change of mind.

    youtube downloader
    godscharacter recently posted..Green Confessions

  6. says

    We had disposables until they could tell us that a big stinky was coming, and we reliably made it to the toilet in time. Then we switched to cloth. They were surprised at the change: disposables can _feel_ dry even if it’s totally sogged down, cotton feels wet at the first drops. They were in regular underwear in very little time.
    CelloMom recently posted..My Big Fat Dutch Wedding

  7. says

    It is funny how some men take to it and some men don’t. Now that I have said that I suppose that could apply to mothers as well. I am just so surprised that it is usually the father that is the biggest obstacle. It’s great that he was at least willing to compromise on the brand and bring you some peace of mind.
    Martine Shoemaker recently posted..Fain Fridays: Fleeting

  8. says

    As someone who has used cloth diapers on two babies now and a HUGE cloth diaper advocate.. even I don’t use them full time! You’re right, we all do have our green confessions, but like I’ve seen in all of the blog posts in this carnival, we are all conscious of our choices and are doing the best we can in creating a healthier home for us, our families, and the earth. That’s the most important part… right!?
    Natural Intuition recently posted..New Years Resolution Challenge!

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