Halo SwaddleChange Review

Most moms have probably heard of the brand “Halo,” and automatically associate it with snuggly sleep wear for infants. The Halo SwaddleChange, on the other hand, actually is a changing table cover that features the ability to swaddle up your infant so that he feels safer and more comfortable during diaper changes.

halo swaddlechange

I was very intrigued by the description of this product when I heard it, as well as the pictures that I saw – but I had a few reservations. I wasn’t sure if it would be too time-consuming to go through some sort of swaddling process on my son, or if it wouldn’t matter if his top was swaddled and he bawled because his legs were naked. It could, by looking at it, be more of a hassle than a life-saver.

halo swaddlechange

The swaddling blanket is sewn into the changing cover itself, and has adjustable velcro strips.

However, I was pretty pleasantly surprised. In his newborn stage, my son almost never cries. He’ll root when he is hungry, stare around the room when he’s awake – basically the only things that make him cry are the violent affections of his big sister (she loves him so much – a little too much, sometimes!) and the discomfort of diaper-changing.

I first tried the Halo Swaddlechange to change his diaper when he was only about 24 hours old. There really wasn’t some huge, complex swaddle involved – there are adjustable velcro tabs, so it only takes a second.

halo swaddlechange

It looks like it’s on tight – but it’s soft, stretchy fabric, so he’s actually quite comfortable in this picture.

He’d already had a few diaper changes, and had fussed – but when I swaddled his upper body, even though his bottom was bare, he didn’t cry at all – he just calmly chewed on the swaddling fabric.

halo swaddlechange


I’ll admit that the first time I tried it out, it was a little tricky to get the swaddle right. I had to keep tucking his arms under, and I had to readjust the fit of the velcro several times – but after I got the fit right the first time, it was easier to adjust from then on.

He seemed to kind of know the drill, too, so he was more cooperative with the arms for successive changes.

This genuinely seemed to soothe my son and keep him from being frightened or uncomfortable on the changing table. While I wouldn’t call this a can’t-live-without product, if you’re going to be purchasing a changing table cover anyway, this one would be a really good choice. It really was so nice not to have my little man crying while I was changing him. What with a toddler running amok as I diaper him, every little reduction in stress is welcome. I think if I’d had this when my daughter was an infant, it might very well have been a lifesaver – my DD screamed her head off for every single change, and seriously, that was hard on me as a first time mom!

Overall, this product was very innovative, and even though I worried that it would be difficult to use, it really wasn’t. Yes, it takes a second to do the swaddling, but it also takes time on the changing table to wrangle angry, kicking feet – so when that’s not happening, it seemed to actually make changes a little faster.

You can learn more about the Halo Swaddlechange, which has been awarded the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Seal of Approval, here or on the company’s Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter pages. It’s available for purchase on Amazon.com and Target.com.


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  1. Amanda Sandoval says

    Haha, would love to use this to swaddle my 27 month old…not so much for comfort but to keep him from being a ninja-octopus escape artist. lol

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