Kelty KIDS TC 3.0 Carrier Review

We were first introduced to the Kelty Kids Carrier line by some friends when we saw a picture of them hiking with their toddler in a backpack carrier. My husband saw the picture and thought it would be a great idea for us to get one.

We’re very active, and like to be out and about and traveling. Luckily Zoë is a great traveler so we’re able to take her everywhere with us. We always get compliments on how well behaved she is – we’re very fortunate.

Kelty offers two types of backpack carriers for kids – a frame carrier and a transit carrier (without a frame). While the frame is a great idea for hiking, it wouldn’t travel well, so we decided to go with the transit carrier.

The first time we used it was on a trip to Dallas to see some friends. We used it at the airport instead of a stroller and when we went to the Dallas Aquarium. It was so handy!

We have barely used the stroller since getting the Kelty Carrier. It has a full sized backpack, so there is plenty of room to put all of Zoë’s things in it and room to spare if we need to tuck a few things in there ourselves.

In addition to the main backpack, there is a smaller backpack that zips on and off, so you can adjust the amount of storage space based upon what you’ll need that day. It also includes a changing pad, but we swapped that one out with the larger one we normally use.

The “rearview mirror” has really come in handy as well. Brian can look back and see what Zoë is doing, and when Zoë is getting restless, it’s a great distraction to let her hold the mirror and look at herself. It’s very comfortable for her – she has no problem falling asleep in it…

We’ve used the sun/rain hood a few times. When it’s sunny, Zoë usually tries to stick her head out the side to see what’s going on. But, when it’s rainy, she’s happy to stay under the hood ☺

The weight limit on the Kelty Carrier is 40 pounds, so we’ll be using for a long time. It was definitely a great investment. If you’re looking for a good backpack carrier, I highly recommend the Kelty Kids Carrier.

Have you tried the Kelty Carrier?

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