Natural Remedies for Dry Winter Skin & Hair

by Chrystal Johnson on February 5, 2014

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dry-winter-skinWinter has a way of changing the health and appearance of our skin and hair, drying both of them out faster than we are able to add moisture.  When your skin can’t seem to keep moisture in, there are some natural remedies that can help. Both skin and hair benefit from protective moisture barriers that sometimes weaken with treatments or exposure, but there are plenty of ways to help restore them with things you might already have in the home.

To reduce the appearance and feel of dry skin and hair, try these natural remedies to restore balance to your oil glands.

Beneficial Oils

When our skin stops producing oil because it has become dried out or stressed, there are some natural beneficial oils that we can use to help. Olive oil and almond oil are two oils that you might have in your pantry and can be found in plenty of beauty products. Massage either one into skin that is dry, chapped or just needs a little perk.

Honey For Hair

Dry hair is caused by too much sun or heat exposure, and the inability of our hair to continue keeping moisture in. In order to give hair the chance to heal and begin locking in moisture for itself, it needs to be able to hold moisture. To solve this problem, a natural humectant, like raw honey, can be applied directly to your hair in order to provide it with a protective coating. Rinse honey out after 20 minutes and allow hair to air dry.

Egg Proteins

Egg is a known source of protein, but besides eating them, you can also benefit from applying those same proteins to your skin and hair. Dry skin can be softened and repaired with an egg yolk and olive oil rinse while bathing. Similarly, egg yolk to the hair will help damaged and dry hair heal and repair itself.

Avocados and Bananas

Both avocado and banana are able to produce a masque that seals oils and moisture into the skin and hair. Avocado is great for dry skin, but can also be applied to the hair after rinsing with warm water. Similarly, banana mashed up is a great way to lock moisture into skin, benefiting both face and body. While it is best on skin, it can also help hair that has been severely sun or heat damaged.

All of these natural remedies are able to help skin that has been dried out, but only use one method once a month. It is best to let your skin and hair try and repair itself, so these treatments are only meant to be used to help until the body begins taking care of itself again.

What is your favorite natural remedy for dry skin and hair?

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