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Have you heard of Tophatter? It’s a live, online auction site where you can buy and sell your goods in a fun, interactive way. I attended a few auctions recently and was quite impressed with how well the auctions were run! They were very efficient and it was very intuitive how to participate.

The way the site is set up gives you the feel that you’re at an actual auction. You can see the item that’s currently up for bid as well as which items will be coming up next. You can also chat with the seller and other buyers too!


There are quite a few different categories of auctions that are going at all times as well. From crafts and DIY projects, to antiques, jewelry, home décor and much more, there’s no limit to what you can discover on Tophatter. They have live auctions every day – I can see how this could get addicting for people who love to shop!

During the auctions, sellers get to showcase their wares from around the world to a community of thousands of buyers, and answer questions via chat as the clock ticks down. Each lot sells in an average of two minutes, so you must bid quickly!

Tophatter’s auctions become interactive live events where buyers and sellers can hang out, chat, and win. Led by the esteemed Sir Wendell Wattington and his animated family, Tophatter auctions keep the fun rolling in.

Also, for readers of Happy Mothering, Tophatter wants to give you $10 off your first $11 purchase!

The Giveaway

PayPal-CashOne reader will win $100 PayPal cash, which you can spend on items on TopHatter or anything you like! To enter, simply complete the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. natalie nichols says

    It’s fun just watching the auctions. I can’t imagine how much fun I’d have if I could actually bid on stuff!

  2. Carol L says

    I’m keeping my eyes open and watching the Auctions going on. Love the ten dollar credit they give to all new members as well.
    Carol L

  3. athena d. says

    seems like such a fun site, i haven’t given it a try yet, but i can’t wait tlo.
    and i cant wait to see who wins the 100! so exciting

  4. Ari says

    One of the features I really like about Tophatter is that you can look at the schedule (like a week) ahead and see the lots that are currently listed! It really helps in deciding what you want to check out, or if you’re a seller, when/where you should sell.

  5. Amanda Greene-Lebeck says

    Tophatter is awesome, I have told a lot of my friends about it, I think its way better than Ebay and a lot more exciting!!!

  6. Paula V says

    the different categories is a good thing that way we don’t have to wade through so many to look at specific items.

  7. laurie nykaza says

    I’m new to Tophatter but it’s a great place to shop an auction. Tophatter Auctions are done in just minutes. I like it everything they have

  8. Wendy Mastin says

    What is nice is that the auctions really don’t last that long and they are right on to the next item.

  9. krista grandstaff says

    I was wondering how this worked…thanks so much for the screen shots and explanations! Thank you also for this opportunity!

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