bumGenius 4.0 Cloth Diaper Review from Greenpath Baby Cloth Diapering Store

Fall In Love with Fluff2Welcome to the Fall In Love With Fluff Giveaway, hosted by the GreenPath Baby Cloth Diapering Store, GreenPath Baby Blog and Happy Mothering. A group of bloggers has come together to help mamas fall in love with cloth diapers! If you follow all  the blogs in this hop, you’ll get multiple chances to win more than $270 worth of your favorite cloth diapers and accessories! If you have never cloth diapered before, here is a chance for you to win a whole and fall in love with cloth diapers!


I have a pretty big variety of brands of cloth diapers in my stash, but bumGenius diapers comprise the majority – for good reason. My hubby won’t use the prefolds and covers (I once tried to show him how to fold them and use the Snappi. I could see him falling into a depression as we talked). The bumGeniuses are pretty much like disposables, so they’re his favorite!

This BG is in the color "Ribbit."

This BG is in the color “Ribbit.”

It’s great to have Bumgeniuses for my diaper bag as well – I don’t want to deal with a kicking, poopy baby (on whatever surface I can find to change said baby on) for any longer than I have to. Besides that, if it’s a diaper in the diaper bag, it’s often someone else who’ll be changing the diaper – usually an auntie or grandma, not someone as used to wrangling the prefolds as I am!

bumGenius diapers are sort of the “original” – they’re the diapers that pretty much sparked the cloth diaper revival, and the design has only improved since the original design was released. bumGenius 4.0 diapers are cut to fit larger babies, they have the option for either snap or aplix closures, the leg elastic is more easily replaceable than previous styles, and there are several new innovations to prevent leaks at the legs and tummy.

Each diaper comes with two inserts – a newborn insert, and a one-size for older babies. I tend to use the newborn insert alone for my 5 week-old, and both inserts for my 2 year old. The inserts are trim enough that my 2 year old can walk easily even with a double-stuffed diaper. With one insert on the baby and two on the toddler, the average time between diaper-changes is about the same for both of them – 3 to 4 hours.

Here's Baby A (5 weeks old) modeling the gap-free fit at the legs.

Here’s Baby A (5 weeks old) modeling the gap-free fit at the legs.

I was able to review this bumGenius 4.0 diaper courtesy of Greenpath Baby – a small, mom-owned shop based in Jupiter, Florida. Greenpath Baby hosts monthly cloth diapering classes where new parents can get together, learn about life with fluff, and let their babies play together (basically, a playdate for parents *and* kids).

Greenpath Baby also features WAHM-made products in their stores, helping to support more moms who want to be home with their babies! Vanessa, Greenpath Baby’s owner, and Christina, the Event Planning Director, personally tested out each cloth diapering system and product before determining which ones they’d carry in the store. If they carry the item, then it works well and is worth the price. The prices are comparable to other retailers, and shipping is flat rate ($5! Not too shabby!).

Given the choice of where to purchase cloth diapers, knowing that the cost would be very similar at a number of retailers, it’s always preferable to purchase ethically. Greenpath Baby supports sustainability, small and local businesses, work at home moms and community – in terms of ethics, you really can’t beat that!

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  1. Danielle says

    I learned that VitaMomma prenatals are coated so they won’t make you gag. My sister is almost out of prenatals and could use something like that.

    If that was the wrong link in the raffle copter… I really like BG products because of their “butterfly” tabs. We haven’t tried the 4.0 yet, so it would be nice to try it out.

  2. Trista says

    I like how the company will donate $1.00 to helping improve maternal care around the world. I also like the no nausea idea of these.

  3. Sara Swanson says

    Love that they donate $1.00 to helping improve maternal care around the world through their Mamas helping Mamas program!

  4. Jessica says

    This is so great! I’ve always known that I want to use cloth diapers when I have a baby. People think I’m crazy but I think they’re crazy! :) I don’t have a baby yet but this will be great to have for when we start trying later this year.

  5. Jessica says

    I’m sorry I forgot to write something that I learned from vitamamma. I can’t believe that out of nine prescription vitamins only three release the amount of folate that is needed. That is insane. I’ve heard people say that they’re all the same and just buy the cheaper versions. I think everyone needs some educating! :)

  6. Carrie C says

    I learned that for every bottle of BabyMamma purchased, VitaMamma will donate $1 to improving maternal health around the world. They also have a Preggo Calendar!

  7. Michelle Lee says

    I learned Green Path Baby has cloth 101 classes. And I want to win because this is my favorite diaper and I wish I had more!

  8. Kelly Tanner says

    I learned that they are a small, mom-owned, natural parenting store located in Jupiter, FL. I love their products!

  9. Beth Rees says

    I learned that for every bottle of BabyMamma purchased, VitaMamma will donate $1 to improving maternal health around the world.

  10. Glory Bea says

    I have just started cloth diapering and am in love with fluff. I am entering all the giveaways I can find to build my stash, but haven’t won anything yet. It would be great to win this one.

  11. Randi says

    I would love to win because we are expecting baby #2 and hope to cloth diaper…but need to do so on a tight budget!! FREE fits that budget nicely;)

  12. sadie says

    I would love love to win to help build a good stash of diapers for my first cloth diapering experience..I can not afford to try every diaper and I would like to try as many as I can to see what will work best for our family!!

  13. sadie says

    I would love love to win to help build a good stash of diapers for my first cloth diapering experience..I can not afford to try every diaper and I would like to try as many as I can to see what will work best for our family!! I have heard good things about this diaper :-)

  14. Sarah Lewis says

    I’d love to win because I’m just starting down the road to cloth diapering and would love to start building up my stock!

  15. William Randall says

    Wash no more than 18 diapers at a time.
    New to CD and need to build my stash and found out what diapers work best!!

  16. Rachel says

    I learned that the Event Planning Director’s son has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and that’s what prompted her to want to use more natural products.

  17. Katie W says

    I didn’t know rumparooz made a bamboo soaker. GreenPath Baby is the only place I’ve seen it and I’d like to give one a try. My stash is pretty small and mostly BGs. I’d love to add more to save the wear and tear of washing every day.

  18. Danielle says

    I love that it is all natural store, and it has so many natural baby items to choose from! I want to win because I am trying to win as many cloth diapers before baby number 2 comes because we want to use cloth!

  19. Tosia says

    I would like to win because I am a fluff addict and I don not own a Bumgenius 4.0 cloth diaper yet and as we all know you can never have too much fluff!!!!!

  20. Deborah says

    I learned that they have $5 flat rate shipping everyday!

    I want to win this for my grandson who will be arriving this spring!

  21. Miranda says

    I learned about using dawn to strip diapers…I use white vinegar sometimes on the rinse cycle after detergent…Wonder if yall have tried this?! Thanks for the giveaway would be so awesome to win!

  22. Wendy Mastin says

    I would like to win, because my daughter wants to us cloth diaper on my first grandson who will be born in April and this would be great for her to see how this brand works.

  23. Heather R says

    I would like to win because I’m new to cloth diapering and I have heard so many good things about BG…I’m trying to build up a good stash!!

  24. Elizabeth Wisniewski says

    I would love to get one of the diaper bundles. Either the 12 bumgenius snap, or the Kawaii mix and match.

  25. says

    I want to try the new Bum Genius because they have such a good reputation but I don’t have the best experience with them. They were the first cloth dipes we tried and they didn’t hold up well — Not sure if it’s just because we were newbies and didn’t take great care of them, but we need a re-do!

  26. Paula says

    My kids are grown and now having babies of their own! I have two grandbabies in cloth diapers and a great-grandbaby on the way who will be using them, as well!

  27. says

    Hoping to win so I can finally say I have a BG in my stash LOL! Plus, really, they look like they’re fantastic! Thanks for the chance :)
    Erin recently posted..Love e.g.

  28. Nesca C says

    i would like to win because i always see people talking about how awesome cloth diapers are and i would like to try them out

  29. Kelly J says

    Would love to try cotton diapers and have heard BumGenius are just the best! Good for my wallet, the baby, and the environment :)

  30. bonnie r says

    i want to win becuase im having a boy this time and i really need to stock up on boy color diapers lol i dont think he would mind wearing pink and flower diapers lol but i know his daddy would

  31. judi says

    I would love to win to help build up my stash! I’ve been using the same 12 pockets that I bought used for the last 7 months and some of them are getting tired!

  32. Kimberlie says

    I want to win because bG are my all time favorite cloth diapers and it is fun to win something you know you’ll love.

  33. patricia b says

    I want to win because several of the diapers in my stash were used by at least 2 babies before they were given to me for my little man. They have seen better days, and could use replaced.
    I learned that Green Path Baby holds monthly cloth diapering classes to help out new to cd families

  34. Libby C says

    I am transitioning from a newborn cloth rental to a permanent stash, and would love to try a BG. I’ve heard so many great things about them!

  35. Emily says

    My baby boy is due here in 8 days! I’m going to start cding from the beginning and have become obsessed with diapers! So the more to add to my collection the better!

  36. Caroline says

    We just found out we are pregnant and I would love to get us started with cloth diapers!! This would be a huge blessing!

  37. Laura says

    I want to win because my sister cloth diapered her two girls, and she really sparked my interest in it. I do not have children just yet, but am trying to prepare a stash of cloths so I am ready when its their time to arrive!

  38. Stacey Wilson says

    I would love to win because I just started CDing and I’m trying to build up my stash. I have one bumgenius and love it! And the GreenPath Baby site is super cool, they have a lot of cute diapers and good prices!

  39. Britni Bradford says

    I would love to win because I’ve heard great things about the BG 4.0 diapers. We haven’t tried any yet though.

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