10 Ways to Boost Your Online Reputation


Sometimes when it comes to managing your online reputation management  you simply can’t get the negative content written about you (or your company) removed, and you need to kick it down a few notches in the search engine to ensure it won’t be seen. The common question is “How can I go about this?” Well here are ten simple, easy to configure properties that are likely easy to rank for any common name.

1. A Corporate Website

Your corporate website is already an existing property associated with your name, it likely has a number of pre-existing backlinks due to your marketing campaigns and may already have a great deal of content that can be polished to help get those rankings.

2. Facebook

With its gold star in website authority, Facebook is an easy and effective way for you to get on the front page of Google within minutes without hiring a fancy NYC SEO company to do it. Set basic parts of your profile to public (noting important like pictures – in fact a name and location would probably suffice) and set the search engine spiders to crawl.

3. LinkedIn

Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn has a great deal of authority and if your account is at all active and maintained, it will usually land you on the first or second page of search results.

4. Twitter

The fourth and final of the Social Media titans, Twitter can be very effective assuming the account is registered in your name, add a few tweets to ensure the page is being crawled!

5. Blog

Similar to having a company website, a blog is the perfect means to openly talk about and mention yourself often – all of which bodes quite well for search results.

6. Comment on Other Blogs

Blog comments don’t typically show up on the first 10 results of a name, but they can be quite prevalent on other pages.

7. Have Other People Write About You

Because my swimming pool blog is quite opinionated, other persons/companies have written articles about me. Some are good, some are bad, but I see them all as a positive because they just draw more attention to the company website and our brand.

8. YouTube

As I’ve discussed many times on my blog, YouTube can be a tremendous SEO tool. This is why everyone should have an account under their name and you should also create videos with your name in the title, which will practically guarantee search engine ranking success.

9. Become an Author

Although this method certainly requires more work, it can be very well worth it. Because I’ve written 3 published digital ebooks, as well as a popular eBook, all 3 show up high in Search Engine Results when Googling my name.

10. Become an Ezine Article Author

Ezines are prevalent these days and, because they have such a huge amount of content, they always do well with search engines. To become an author for one of these sites, you’ll need to fill out your bio and contribute articles. Other than adding more authority to your brand, ezines are a good way to rank quite high in search engines (and also generate anchor links back to your main site).


About the author: Malory Gill is a marketing intern at Synqk.com a New York Based digital marketing company.


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