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spring-into-sustainabilityWelcome to the Spring Into Sustainability Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and The Frugal Greenish Mama. Members of the Green Moms Network are excited to bring you great prizes to encourage your family to live a more sustainable lifestyle, all valued at $25+ .

Our hosts have 2 great grand prizes! I am hosting one of the grand prize giveaways of a Wondermill Junior Deluxe hand grain mill valued at $219.95. Enter below. The Frugal Greenish Mama has an awesome gardening package valued at $262.90 sponsored by Earth Easy and Humble Seed. Enter here. After entering my giveaway and the grand prize giveaways, be sure to visit the other blogs listed under the Rafflecopter form to enter more great giveaways. Good luck!


I have been enjoying the ability to make my own flour over the past several months. I originally got a Wondermill electric grain mill and instantly fell in love.

wondermill-fresh-ground-flour-labeledI keep it in my kitchen and use it all the time. Here are some of the recipes that I have created with it:

However, I was also intrigued by the ability to make my own flour without using electricity, so I was excited to receive a Wondermill Junior Deluxe hand grain mill to try out. The hand grain mill can also grind more things than the electric mill can.

The Wondermill Junior Deluxe hand grain mill is a very high-quality, versatile grain mill that can:

  • Grind flour faster than any other hand mill
  • Crack grains or produce pastry fine flour with one pass
  • Grind spices, herbs and oily grains (like flax or coffee)
  • Make smooth and delicious nut butters

You can see everything both mills can grind on WillItGrind.com.

When I opened the box, this was the contents. The mill was mostly assembled. There were just a few things for me to do.

wondermill-hand-grain-mill-boxIt was relatively easy to assemble the rest of the pieces. The directions were pretty easy to follow as well.


You need a sturdy table or counter with a longer edge to clamp the grain mill to, or a location where you can mount the grain mill permanently. It really does need to be mounted well, or it is more difficult to turn the hand crank. Our counter (pictured above) is definitely not the ideal mounting surface for the Wonderfmill hand grain mill.

I was definitely impressed with how sturdy the grain mill is. It doesn’t have any plastic parts, and the only non-metal parts are the nylon hand grips, clamp and adjustment knob. It is very well made and durable, and I don’t see that I’ll ever need to purchase another hand grain mill. (It does come with a limited lifetime warranty.)

I like that the Wondermill Junior Deluxe only weighs 10 pounds (that’s half the size of its more expensive competitors), so it’s easy to set up, then store again for later use. Having a hand grain mill is definitely a great idea if you’re looking to add to your family preparedness storage.

If you’re looking to add a hand grain mill to your sustainable kitchen, I recommend the Wondermill Junior Deluxe. They are available for purchase on Amazon.com. Or you can find a list of other dealers here.

The Giveaway

One Happy Mothering reader will win a Wondermill Junior Deluxe ($219.95 value) during the Spring Into Sustainability Hop. To enter, simply complete the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!
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  1. Mary Beth Elderton says

    We have been”cleaning up”our diet, reusing and recycling, and are transitioning from cfl to LED in our most used lights.

  2. Lorie H says

    We do a huge garden and added grapes, raspberries and blackberries along w/5 fruit trees last yr. We have chickens so our eggs are fresh an organic.

  3. Dorothy Teel says

    To make our life more sustainable we have been getting rid of the plastic grocery bags and using canvas etc bags. Not using paper plates etc.

  4. Donna Cheatle says

    We have a huge garden and we can or freeze most everything from it! We also have started eating more fresh foods and less processed foods!

  5. Amanda Alvarado says

    We have started a small indoor garden. We’ll see if anything survives me! LOL I’m known to have a black thumb! I already killed a plant my mom gave me, the tomato seedlings and some flowers that started as seeds…all in the space of a month! We have since stopped buying seeds and started with small plants! LOL

  6. md kennedy says

    We are working toward living a more sustainable lifestyle bt buying bulk food as much as possible and avoiding pocessed, packaged foods.

  7. Heather says

    I do a lot of gardening, canning, freezing and drying my produce. I love baking breads and so want to start grinding my own flour!

  8. Evie says

    We are planting a garden this year, we use a lot more cloth products than disposable products (diapers, kitchen towels, and so on), eating less processed foods and making my own soaps and cleaners. :)

  9. says

    We plant two gardens every year-one small one, one large one (small one is year round) that we preserve the produce out of. We also own free-range organic chickens, which are a renewable food source. We are currently working on a back up water source for our well in the event something unforseen occurs, and over all we just like to live as much as possible off of our own merrits
    Allyson Bossie recently posted..Finally: Beautiful, Luxurious Hair with nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin!

  10. Stephanie says

    I am trying to buy more stuff in a bulk and avoiding packaged foods when possible. This is a slow process but we are getting there!

  11. Karen Chaffin says

    We try to make our own mixes for cooking and we make our own laundry soap. We would love to have a grain grinder to make our own bread!!

  12. Kerstin says

    A year ago we bought a home smack in the middle of a huge wildlife management area. So far we have installed a whole slew of raised vegetable beds, a fruit orchard, chickens, turkeys, goats, and rabbits. We are hoping that at some point we can be ‘self sustaining’ but we know on 2.5 acres of dedicated land, it’s going to be extremely difficult. We also do canning, juicing, dehydrating, freezing of foods. It has been a definite journey of learning. We even installed a clothesline to try to cut back on electricity usage. We’d love to have a mill that does not require power!

  13. says

    We make everything around here!!! I grind my own grain, have sourdough and yogurt cultures I keep alive, we drink local raw milk and support ALL local farmers. In fact, I’m getting ready to welcome 7 different local vendors for delivery at my house for our foodclub here in town that I started last month!!
    Lisa G recently posted..Lounge Pants

  14. holly says

    We make almost all of our food from scratch and we have a growing family with 6 kids. This would be great!

  15. Emmy says

    We are learning how to grind different things around here for our cooking and baking would love to win this to help in the process. We can a lot of stuff and are learning how to dry different in our food dryer. Been making mixes in jar to have on hand for meals.


  16. says

    We are just starting out. Started to make more food from scratch, started food and water storage, just got some chickens and plan to try a garden the season.

  17. says

    We grow and preserve a lot of our own food, including a small indoor garden in our basement throughout the winter. We’ve also started making our own bar soap, sewing many necessary items (with upcycled fabric), and cooking from scratch about 90% of the time. Even our dog food and treats are homemade! Later this year we are hoping to adopt a baby so our preparations include buying (used) cloth diapers and clothing/supplies, as well as making many baby items. It’s been a fun challenge to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

  18. carrie s says

    Since my hubby got cancer we are turning our life all the wy around to being self reliant and making and growing our own stuff and feeling and looking a better life

  19. Michelle H says

    I would so love to win. We have been cooking from scratch for many items in our meal planning. We are also exploring doing a garden. My husband brews his own beer and is working on growing his own hops all in an effort to be more self sustaining.

  20. darlarshannon@yahoo.com says

    We do all of our own repairs, make our no-poo and laundry detergent and cook from scratch and can many foods.

  21. Jenna Burris says

    i am becoming more and more passionate about this!. we garden, compost, use reuable shopping bags, make our own bread and baby food cloth diaper. I would love a wondermill. thanks so much for the giveaway!!!
    jennifer burris

  22. Christine T. says

    We’re trying to cut out the junk and eat whole foods. I would love to be able to grind my own flour to make bread instead of using store bought flours. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  23. says

    We are in the baby steps phase of purposeful preparedness, as well as moving toward traditional eating (WAPF-style). I would LOVE to win this grain mill. I so very much want to be able to grind my own flour for it’s nutritional superiority, and having the hand mill would also enable us to check one more preparedness item off our lengthy list. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  24. Sarah says

    I’m still learning about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle and applying what little things I can right now to how we live.

  25. Susan C. says

    We make almost all our food from scratch, and grow a few things like tomatoes, peppers and herbs in our garden as well. I also make most of the cleaners and several of the body products we use. We are moving away (slowly but surely) from plastics, and we compost daily. We reuse and recycle, and have gone to much more natural healthcare methods. My father-in-law has a wheat grinder (a large one) and has ground wheat for me before, but he lives 6 hours away. I could sure use one of these little mills! Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Sarah MK says

    We have been making our own cleaners for years. I can like crazy to preserve food for our family, we heat our home with wood we cut down, I make all our breads, stocks, etc. We shop only second hand for our clothing, furniture, etc. We make quilts from our old clothing. We save our seeds and plant them the next year. We raise chickens for the eggs. One of the last things on my list is to be able to grind my own flour! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. says

    Bread is my favorite thing to make. I have been wanting a mill for a long time, and I would love to be the winner of this hand mill. I really prefer not to rely on electronic things just in case power is out.

  28. says

    I have been researching grain mills for a while now. Since they are a rather large investment for our household, I want to make sure I get the right one. The Wondermill Junior looks like it might be perfect for what I’m wanting. I love a multi-use tool!
    Melissa B recently posted..Busy Busy Day!

  29. Lydia H says

    I raise my own broiler chickens and butcher them myself with help of family. I have a garden and try to raise my produce to can or freeze. I would love to be able to afford a dehydrator, but we are working on that. I love to bake, so I bake good wholesome foods and we are trying hard to avoid the processed foods.

  30. Jessica Burden says

    Just had the most amazing homemade wheat bread (she grinds her own wheat!). So, now all I want to do is GRIND MY OWN WHEAT. Would love this!

  31. Mary G says

    We are living a more sustainable life by planting a garden, raising backyard chickens, grinding our own grains, living preservative free as much as we can. And praying for God’s grace.

  32. Jennifer says

    We try to make our own washing machine powders and such, as well as make as much of our food from scratch. We also recycle and have a backyard garden. A handmill would be a great addition to the baking we do!

  33. Nicole U says

    I have gotten rid off our electric food processor and purchased a hand food processor. We also only use solar lights or oil lamps. I would love to win the hand grain mill!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  34. says

    Have been wanting one of these for months! We’ve been getting rid of processed foods and replacing with natural, organic, and homemade.

  35. Jess Miller says

    I switched to mostly heirloom seeds this year in the garden! Learning lasagna /no til gardening. Feed the soil naturally from your waste! Just got me some barrels for rain water collection. Just did my first batch of pressure canning! Always watched mom and just did the simple water bath canned goods before. Now I can really preserve!

  36. LaWanda Sutherland says

    My family is trying hard to become self sustaining. We are almost debt free, have a garden, and have chickens for eggs & meat.

  37. says

    my family has been working towards more sustainability for about a year. we don’t buy plastic wrap, plastic baggies (I made some wet bags myself), straws (we now use glass and metal ones), we are now owners at the local co-op and it is our primary grocery store, and we carpool to work. one habit we haven’t changed yet is disposable diapers. my daughter is almost ready for potty training, so i will make the investment with the next baby for disposables :)
    catherine c recently posted..Blog Feature

  38. Mer says

    We’re gardening. I’m really looking forward to this year’s garden, as I learned so much from last year.

  39. Dawn R says

    We grow our food and can it. We try not to spend $ on things that aren’t needed. We only go out to eat once a month. We don’t use credit cards. Our vehicles are older, but well maintained. We conserve on utilities- short showers, lights off if we aren’t in the room and we lower our thermostat in winter and set it higher in the summer. Weplan our trips to do multiple errands instead of making multiples trips. We have set a tight budget and we stick to it.

  40. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    We make most of our own cleaning supplies and just recently I have started making my own lotions. We have started a food storage program for the family and will have a family garden this spring and summer. Also we recycle and reuse everything that we can.

  41. Gay says

    We have started a garden and are looking into getting chickens. I’ve also started fermenting and dehydrating some of our foods. Would love a Wondermill to grind my Einkorn wheat berries!

  42. helenfoster52 says

    I just made the “cloth paper towels” without snaps this week. We also have a container garden….I made earth bags last week from burlap….hope they work well. I have wanted a Wondermill for about 2 years….I would love to grind my own flour. Thanks for the give a way.

  43. Brenda says

    We make our own bread with fresh-ground flour, homemade soap, cleaners, laundry products, hairspray, etc. I have grown HUGE gardens in the past and bottles, frozen and dried food to preserve them. I hope to soon be able to have another huge garden as well as add the ability to grow our own food more completely.
    I would also LOVE to keep bees!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  44. Brenda says

    Making all our food from scratch, including bread from fresh-ground wheat. Homemade soap, laundry products, hairspray, cleaners, etc.
    I have, in the past, grown HUGE gardens and preserved the harvest by bottling, freezing and drying. I hope to have a place to garden again SOON!
    I would love to have a small farm and raise as much of our food as possible – including keeping BEES!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. Edi says

    We raise goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks. We grow organic heirloom fruits and vegetable and save our seed. We have just begun growing our own grains and are in the experimentation stage. I have an electric wondermill, but would love to have a handmill. We try to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We also are trying to educate ourselves on more and new ways to live a sustainable life.

  46. polly says

    trying to go as green as possible…not using plastic bags etc..our son & daughter in law raise chickens and have a beautiful garden

  47. Jennifer Holovack says

    We have a huge organic garden in the works this month..my husband is learning how to brew his own beer and im learning how to make my own breads :)

  48. Summer says

    We raise free range chickens, have a huge garden, line dry our laundry, use homemade cleaners, use cloth diapers, make our own home brew and wine, use an attic fan instead of air conditioning, collect water in rain barrels.

  49. Helen May says

    We are currently using solar to pump water to our garden and for our use. We have 100 raspberry plants and are going to put in 150 strawberry plants sometime in the next week. Also have 8 apple trees and hope to put in more trees.

  50. terra says

    we garden, can, cloth diaper, make our own laundry soap, use wool dryer balls, make our own bread, make many of our own cleaning supplies, and are getting chickens as soon as the snow melts.

  51. shannon says

    Use cloth rags for everything from toilet wipes to shop rags to hankies. Buy local foods as a principal, from farmers and local producers. If it is not produced locally, purchase from the coop grocery. Use reusable bags for groceries and bulk goods. Eat mostly veggies. Eat mostly from our own yard in the summer and fall. Preserve extra bounty for use throughout the year. Use mostly vinegar and baking soda for cleaners. There’s always more to do, however, and grinding our own grains is a big goal. The biggest challenge is the cost of the grinder. Thanks for the giveaway offer!

  52. says

    This would be a great thing to win!! I am on a gluten free diet and always need just a little bit of nut flours and other flours here and there. I keep nuts and whole grains in the house and having this would allow me to make my recipes and mill the grains as needed!

  53. says

    I wish we could garden but have no front or backyard to speak of. We do grow rosemary and basil in little pots, but that’s about it. The most we do is support companies that are sustainable.

  54. librarypat says

    We have had a garden every year we have been married. What we do not grow, we try to get at the local Farmers’ Market. Our daughter has chickens and we get our eggs from her. As soon as I get rid of our peacocks, I will convert that pen to a chicken coop so we can raise our own. Along with our daughter, we share a calf and pig each year for meat. I can, freeze, and dry our produce and some that we dry.

  55. Betty League says

    My family and I are working towards living a more sustainable lifestyle by planting a garden growing heirloom seeds. I have been looking at this mill on Amazon and put it on my wish list, which is located in my hubby’s ear. lol I am more likely to win this wonderful mill than having it appear from my wish list. So please, let me win this contest. Oh! Great review! thank you

  56. Jacquie says

    It seems like this is something every kitchen should have… There is nothing quite like fresh bread, especially when you have completed almost the entire process yourself!

  57. Kelly says

    I make all my own soap, lip balm, cleaning products. With regards to food we do not eat any processed foods, nothin with corn – HFCS. We grow most of our own fruits and veggies and shop at our local farmers market, we are also big supporters of raw milk and raw milk products.

  58. terri tillman says

    i have tried to replace as many things as i can with homemade and natural products. i am careful not to waste water. i recycle and reuse as often as i can.

  59. desiree says

    the old fashion way when i am giving deer or turkey we grin it up so we can get more out of it and then spice the way we need to

  60. LYLE CULP says


  61. KH says

    We are trying to live simply and make our own foods from scratch, this would be an amazing tool to have in the kitchen! We also grow our own herbs and make our own bath/beauty products. Next on the list to learn is homemade laundry detergent and home ground flours :)

  62. Jacqueline Lowrance says

    We are newbies to the sustainable living lifestyle. We are putting in a small garden, we use cloth diapers, we make our own laundry soap and toothpaste. We also make our own bread, but haven’t yet had the opportunity to grind our own flour. Talk about perfect timing for this giveaway! :) There are so many other things we want to be doing, but we’re discovering that this is a slow process!

  63. Lisa says

    We opt for local and organic foods when available. I also make most of our household, body and beauty products. If they’re not homemade (and naturally all-natural!), then they’re still from all-natural, non-synthetic ingredients.

  64. kim lazor says

    We support local farming, eat more organic foods, and are making more natural choices for any products we purchase for home use-textiles, cleaners, etc. . We just purchased a water filter, and will be filling our own reusable water bottles, instead of purchasing plastic water bottles. We are also planting our own garden this Spring.


  65. Judith Martinez says

    We’ve almost completely eliminated store bought goodies from our diet. If we want cookies, brownies, etc. they have to be homemade. We’re still using store bought white flour but baby steps!

  66. Amy A says

    Food gardens, medicinal herb gardens, raising chickens and turkeys and working towards raising bunnies and goats!

  67. says

    We don’t buy any processed foods, I grow and sell vegetables, and don’t use any commercial cleaners. We trade labor for meat with a friend’s farm. We are saving up to buy land to build a timberframe house ourselves, and have a little homestead.

  68. Theresa Borne says

    We are starting to grow our own food and raising our own chickens. This year we are hoping to expand our garden to almost 4 times its original size and adding more trees to our mini orchard.

  69. LB says

    Things we are doing: learning to can our own food, gardening, dehydrating food, alternate fuel sources for heat and cooking.

  70. Tricia says

    We make our own laundry soap and dishwasher soap. I have been grinding wheat to create flour and for baking bread for many years. We also have a large green house where we grow vegetable for canning. Our venison, tuna, beef, elk, and beans that are canned make up a large portion of our pantry.

  71. Matthew Little says

    I’m doing lots of open pollinated corn varieties for my first time this year. As a 4her this would be great for some of this year’s contests.

  72. jes says

    My kids and I have gardened for the last three years. Not quite successful yet, but we haven’t given up. Last year for my son’s birthdays, we planted dwarf apples and a potted blueberry bush. We canned pounds and pounds of tomatoes too!

  73. says

    We grow all our own veggies. Make homemade body products. Stay away from all the processed foods. We reduce, recycle, and reuse. we are making plans to buy land and homestead as soon as possible. we can and preserve foods to keep us out of the mass grocery as much as possible.

  74. Karen says

    I must admit we are not doing everything we could or should to be more sustainable. I love my garden in the summer, recycle and reuse as much as possible like paper plates so at least we are doing a little bit.

  75. Victoria C says

    We just started cloth diapering with our new baby. We are planning to make more changes but that is all I can handle for now :)

  76. Amy Tackitt says

    we are cloth diapering our baby boy when he is born, i grow a lot of our own vegetables in the summer and can all summer and fall. we would love to be able to grow and mill our own wheat and we have been discussing getting a couple chickens. we try to buy local meat and produce when we can and we very rarely eat processed store bought foods anymore. our dream is to get some land to build a house on and have a small working farm :)

  77. Jessica Sumner says

    My 10 year old son has PDD (a form of autism) and we are working so hard to help him withy his eating that our whole family is changing our diet. We are starting our organic non gmo seeds this month and we will be planting them in our well planned square foot garden in a few months. My friend told me about this Mill just the other day but it was way out of my price range with our grocery budget going up right now. It looks awesome!!

  78. Alicia Stamm says

    I get my nephew involved with my gardening and I just started the family on composting (which got my dad thinking about more things to do with fruits so he bought a dehydrator which he loves!) when I get my own place I want to raise bees

  79. Tryphena says

    We have tried to cut out as much of the processed foods from our diet as possible. We have two little girls and we want them to be healthy through their childhood and the rest of their lives!

  80. Nicole D says

    We raise our own meat in the form of rabbits and chickens. We have a small kitchen garden. We bake our own bread and use cloth instead of paper products including diapers!

  81. says

    My family and I are growing as much of our own food as possible. We compost. We do not use processed food. We eat gluten free. We can and freeze food, and we re-purpose as many items as we can instead of recycling or throwing away.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

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