Update on Going Gluten Free

by Chrystal Johnson on March 15, 2012

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I know I have been sharing tidbits here and there about my journey to going gluten free, but I wanted to give you updates on how rapidly, and how dramatically, going gluten free has changed my life.

I originally posted about going gluten free early last month. I had a lapse President’s Day weekend and binged on gluten and dairy. I felt HORRIBLE after that weekend so I have been strictly gluten and dairy free ever since then.

To give you an idea of how dramatically my life has changed in the last month, I wanted to share a few results I have experienced.

I have lost 10 pounds already.

I didn’t expect rapid weight loss to be an outcome of going gluten and dairy free, so it has been a welcome surprise. I had no idea how much inflammation was built up in my body from my allergies. I expect some more weight to melt off in the coming weeks, and I’m already below my pre-pregnancy weight by 4 pounds. Imagine what I could do if I started working out again!

The vertigo is gone.

I have had vertigo attacks since my early 20s. When I got the first one I was completely freaked out, but they continued to happen regularly from then on. Doctors just kept telling me it was something with the anatomy with my inner ear, and that it just happens to some people. Most of my vertigo attacks lasted for a few weeks at a time, but this last one had lasted for 6 months and didn’t show any signs of ending. Within 3 days of cutting gluten and dairy out of my diet, the vertigo was gone. I am so hoping that I never have to deal with vertigo again!

The mystery pain in my back is gone.

I started having a pain in my back that I thought was from carrying too much firewood in or something. But after about a month, I started to suspect it was something internal. A friend posted an article on Facebook about the relationship between Celiac’s disease and gall bladder attacks. I realized that was exactly where my pain was radiating from, so I started to dig into it a bit. It seems like there are many people theorizing that gall bladder issues are nearly always caused by gluten allergies. Sure enough, within about 10 days of eliminating gluten, the pain was gone and hasn’t come back.

The mental fog is clearing.

I have felt mentally foggy for a few years now. I have just blown it off as being mommy brain, but apparently that’s yet another symptom of gluten allergies. I am finally starting to feel like that mental fog is clearing. I have more focus and ambition now than I’ve had in years, and I’m loving it.

These are the biggest results I have felt since going off of gluten in the last month. There are some other small wins, but these are the ones that really stand out in my mind.

I have not been tested for Celiac’s and I don’t plan to be tested either, but given how dramatically my health has changed, my gut tells me I have Celiac. I guess I’m just one of the 1 in 133 unfortunate people who are allergic to gluten!

Luckily, I was introduced to a lot of great gluten free brands last weekend at Expo West – reviews coming of course!

I’m always looking for more tips. Do you know of any fabulous gluten free blogs I should be following?

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