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tea_timeTea is an amazing beverage. Many teas have medicinal qualities that have been cherished for generations. Tea can also be used as a relaxation aid, a refreshing pick-me-up and so much more. It seems there is a tea for every need and every occasion!

Since I gave up coffee, I have been enjoying a lot of tea – I probably drink 3-4 cups most days. Green Tea in the morning, chamomile in the evening and whatever strikes my fancy during the day. And, of course, we drink Kombucha every day. I love learning about new tea brands – who doesn’t like trying new things?

kusmi-tea-logo-2I was recently introduced to Kusmi Tea, a brand that has been offering the finest in high quality tea blends for 140 years. You can read about the company’s rich history, which began in St. Petersburg, here.

Kusmi Tea offers your standard traditional teas such as English Breakfast, Green Tea, Darjeeling and more. We’re all familiar with these go-to teas.

tea-chestHowever, they also offer unique Russian tea blends that reflect the company’s roots, including Prince Vladimir tea, Anastasia and Saint Petersburg tea. Apparently, the recipes for these teas were kept secret for more than a century! I’ve never had any of these blends – they sound very interesting!


Kusmi Tea recently launched a wellness tea collection:

  • wellness-teaDetox (mate, green tea, lemon and lemongrass)
  • Be Cool (verbena, licorice root and peppermint)
  • Boost (mate, green tea and spices)
  • Euphoria (mate, chocolate and orange)
  • Sweet Love (spicy blend)
  • Algotea (green tea, mint and seaweed)

These blends are right up my alley, and I would love to try all of these amazing sounding teas! Boost would be great for mornings when I need a pick-me-up and Be Cool would be perfect when I need to relax. I’ve also been focused on detoxing my body and restoring the necessary nutrients for optimal health, so I’d love to give Detox and Algotea a try as well. I love that they sell a sampler kit of their wellness teas. Only the Algotea is missing from this fun set!

I’m really impressed by the variety of teas offered by Kusmi tea, and I’d love the opportunity to try them sometime. If you have a tea obsession like me, be sure to check out Kusmi Tea. They are distributed all over the world and offer something for every tea connoisseur!

Discount for Happy Mothering Readers

Kusmi Tea is offering Happy Mothering a 15% discount on their purchases on the Kusmi Tea website through March 15th. Use code HAPPY during checkout! Enjoy!



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