The Debate Over Vaccines

While most parents take their children in to the doctor to get a vaccine and think nothing of it, there is another army of mothers demanding that more be known about vaccines since they have seen their own children harmed by them. I think that it is important that every mother across the country know that there is a debate about vaccines and that they should get the information from both sides before the vaccinations occur.

When I had my first baby I got her vaccinated with her first set of shots. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Shortly afterwards, I read a story about vaccinations on the Internet and decided to look closer into it. I was amazed to find that there was a lot of information provided talking about the negative aspects of vaccinations versus the positive side of the issue.

I guess that one of the most disturbing things that I found out was concerning the possible risks and outcomes of the shots. Some children had actually died from these vaccinations and it really scared me.

The next time I needed to get the vaccinations for my child I questioned the doctor about it. He told me that yes, there was always the risk of brain damage, death and minor symptoms, but that it was the best thing to do for the child. When I asked how he could say that, he told me that the odds of anything really terrible happening were very low – less than one in 1 million.

I thought about it for a few minutes and something didn’t make sense to me. The odds of my five-year-old getting kidnapped are also less than one in 1 million, but that doesn’t mean that I will allow her to wander through the neighborhood on her own at her age. Even though the risks are low, it is something that I just don’t want to play around with in either case.

I had the second set of vaccinations done and then I stopped. My next child did not receive any vaccinations at all. My sister’s daughter was one of the unfortunate few that did react to the vaccination and immediately became autistic afterwards. When she was getting changed on the stainless steel baby changing stations she would look up at her mother with vacant eyes. She had a reaction to a meningitis vaccination.

When all is said and done, when it comes to children and parental responsibility, you need to look into the debates and then make a final decision. Being a parent isn’t as simple as merely changing diapers on baby changing stations. Whether you decide to vaccinate your child or not isn’t the issue: it is the importance of making an informed decision based on solid knowledge.


Today’s guest post was provided by Fabian Marquez, a professional freelance writer and father. Fabian enjoys spending time with his family, hiking and anything in the outdoors.

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      If you’re “paranoid” about them, I would suggest you do a little research on your own about vaccines. You just might decide for yourself that they aren’t good after you do.

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    I would like to say our next door neighbours were really worried about the vaccinations so didn’t. As it turns out their son has autism and if they hadn’t not had them they would of blamed the injections. As it is because so many people are not having them, the area has had an increase of measles from 2 a year to 168 cases in the last year. each of those 168 is a child at risk of dying. I would rather have a one in a million chance to the higher chances of catching the disease now more and more children aren’t being vaccinated. It is a difficult decision but you need to know all the facts about what happens if you don’t.
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      I have deeply studied all of the facts – from the perspective of both sides – and inconclusively decided that NOT injecting my children with poison is the best decision for us. Everyone has the right to make the decision they want, but vaccines are not what caused the decline in these infectious diseases. Most of the rates steeply declined when public sanitation improved – before vaccines were introduced.

  2. Erin Cameron says

    I have been looking into this issue since I was pregnant and I’m happy I did come across this issue before my daughter was born because I probably would have just gone with the crowd and vaccinated without doing any research. In my opinion the risks of a vaccine-related reaction are far more scary than the risk of my daughter developing one of the vaccine-preventable diseases. The reason for this being that the diseases that may be the result of a vaccine reaction such as asthma, autism and other such autoimmune diseases have no known cure and are with you and your child for the rest of their lives. The chances of my child contracting one of the diseases we vaccinate for are very low and I believe by giving your child a healthy immune system to start with, through breast feeding and exposure to germs (ie not sanitizing the crap out of yourself and everything around them but just using proper hand washing techniques and allowing them to be exposed to different environments) is a better solution than overwhelming their immune systems with dead and live viruses and bacterium at such a young age and at such a high dosage and at such regular intervals.

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    Glad to hear you got informed and educated about vaccines. While a Chiropractic student I learned many of my classmates had never been vaccinated. Later when I got married and decided it was time to have children I researched and showed my wife the risks of vaccines. We never vaccinated either of our two kids. The word is getting out more and more. They could make vaccines without Thimerosol like they do in Canada but they don’t here in the U.S. ?? Great website btw!
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