Should We Allow TVs in Our Bedroom?


Most of us are so connected with smart phones that the issue of television in the bedroom seems benign.  What harm can a TV in the bedroom cause?  This issue is important for parents as their child may likely ask for a tv in the bedroom, especially if their friends all have ones.  It’s also important for couples–should we allow TVs in our bedroom, or should that be a sacred space?

Constantly Wired

We, as people these days, are busy.  We’re scheduled 24/7.  Even long after we leave the office, we are still checking e-mail and voicemail.  The work day seems to never end.

At our children’s sports events and activities, we sit on the side lines checking our smart phones and working some more.  When we are home, it’s not unusual for each family member to be in a separate space of the house involved in individual media centered activities.

Set Up an Environment to Reconnect

We need to reconnect, especially as a family. Children’s bunkbed experts Room To Grow have suggested that if we find the time to relax and re-connect with our family outside sleep hours, we will infact get better sleep.

Though it may seem old fashioned in our modern age, your family will experience more togetherness if you only have one television, in the living room, where everyone can watch it.

If you have children, this allows you to monitor what they watch as well as what video games they play.  Sometimes you can watch their shows with them and discuss what is happening.

But what about the shows that you like to watch?  If sharing the television seems foreign, you can set a schedule when each person gets to watch their show or play video games.

If you want to be even more radical, you could institute a certain time, say after 7 p.m.,  when all family members must put their electronic devices in a box and not access them until the next morning.  No checking messages or chatting on Facebook.  Instead, as a family, you can spend time together.

This seems radically and impossibly hard to do, but just 20 years ago, families weren’t so connected and spent more time together.  Thirty or forty years ago, having a television in the bedroom was unheard of as was having three or four televisions throughout the house.

Even more radical–turn off the one television you have in the living room and play a game together or just talk.  Your kids are only young once; before you know it, they’ll be out of the house.  Take the time to enjoy being with them now.



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