Choose a Stroller Like a Celebrity {Infographic}

Choosing a stroller that has all of the features and functionality you want, at a price that’s within your budget, can be a time consuming task. We’re on our fourth (and final) stroller right now, and we love it.

We started with a basic Graco stroller, which I didn’t really like, so we upgraded to a Baby Jogger City Mini. I loved that stroller. It got a ton of use, but when Kaylee was born, we needed a double so we sold the City Mini.

The first double we got was an Instep Safari Double Jogger. For the price, it was a good stroller, but we wore it out. We now have a BOB Duallier and love it. I love the shocks, especially since we live on a bumpy dirt road!

Which stroller do you have now? Do you have a dream stroller?

Right now, Pish Posh Baby is having a Bugaboo Bee Stroller Contest. Click here to enter the contest.

If you’re still on the fence about which stroller to choose, check out this Infographic from Pish Posh Baby about which celebrities use which stroller (and wow, some celebs have a lot of strollers!).


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