Life with Two Under Two: Mommy Guilt

So this week I’ve finally been hit with the Mommy Guilt (not too different from preggo guilt). I feel like poor Zoë has been neglected because Kaylee needs so much contact. Zoë loved to be held as a baby, but not nearly as much as Kaylee seems to need to be held. I spend my days with a baby in my arms, either sleeping or eating.

I try to pay as much attention to Zoë as I can, but she’s having to learn to have patience with a lot of things. I can’t just jump up after I’ve finally gotten Kaylee to sleep to grab her a snack, fill up her cuppie (again) or turn on a new movie. Kaylee has to be asleep for a little bit before I’m able to lay her down without her immediately waking up and crying.

What makes it worse is I haven’t been able to get Zoë out of the apartment as much as I would like. We normally like to get her over to the park to play a few times a week. But, the mosquitoes have been so bad in the evening (and the sun is so strong mid-day) that we haven’t been able to go in a couple weeks. Her most exciting outings lately are to the grocery store. Hopefully the mosquitoes will die down soon so we can get her out more.

I think it’s finally taking its toll on her. She has been very clingy and whiny this last week, but who can blame the poor girl? Most of the time that I’m holding Kaylee, Zoë is sitting right next to me, grasping my arm and holding it tight. If Daddy is holding Kaylee, she absolutely needs to be held too.

Kaylee has been sleeping better at night, only waking up once most nights. Last night she slept from 2 am until 9:30 am! Such a great break. But, this whole last week she hasn’t wanted to go down until 2 am. One night we were up until 4 am before we could get her to sleep. That was a rough night! But, at least she’s sleeping for longer stretches.

I know I’m probably beating myself up more than necessary. These first few months will fly by, and we’ll be back into a routine where Zoë gets equal attention before I know it. Even with the lack of attention, she’s adorable as ever, so I have to share a couple more pics of her from this week.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that Zoë loves raisins… here’s a cute pic of her eating her raisins with a fork. She wants to eat everything with a spoon or fork these days.


Here’s another cute picture of her playing on the balcony in her SuPperSuit. We had to empty her pool because of the mosquitoes, but she still likes to play in it. If you haven’t entered the SuPperSuit giveaway already, do it now!

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  1. says

    So hard balancing needs when they’re both tiny! My first was months when his sister was born, so I so know what you’re talking about. Do you have a stretchy wrap, like a moby? It can be a lifesaver to babywear and have your hands free!

  2. says

    Devan – Yes, I think guilt is something we all struggle with as moms.
    Natalie – I can’t imagine if Zoe were any younger! I do have a Moby. I need to start using it more with Kaylee. I wore it all the time when Zoe was a baby.

  3. Mimi says

    Chrystal – do not beat yourself up. You are an outstanding mother and Zoë being clingy is normal behavior while she adjusts to a new addition in the house where she’s been used to all the attention. She’ll come through with flying colors. She’s adorable, happy and well-adjusted which is thanks to you and Brian as fantastic parents.
    PS: The picture of Zoë eating raisins with a fork is adorable. See mommy – she has learned good manners. :)

  4. says

    I’ve dealt with this before and am about to do it again with baby #4. My lifesaver was babywearing. I used a stretchy wrap for the first few monts hs, and then moved on to other carriers as baby got bigger. I was out and about with the tiniest of babies, making sure my older kids were not feeling neglected. It makes your life ridiculously easy!
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