Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Three Girls In The Tub

Welcome to the April 2012 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Kids and Personal Care

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Since becoming a mom, there is nothing I miss more than taking a long, hot shower – by myself. Or even a warm, relaxing bath to soak in some delicious bath salts. Let’s face it… even getting a 5-minute shower on my own is cause for celebration these days.

But, if I didn’t co-shower with Zoë and Kaylee, I wouldn’t get clean at all. Over time, Zoë, Kaylee and I have created a showering routine that’s all our own. It gets all three of us clean, and in the end gives me a few minutes of peace.

It’s a pretty simple routine, really. All three of us hop in the shower together. We shampoo and condition everyone’s hair and wash our bodies (using only natural products of course). Then mommy hops out of the shower and fills up the bathtub with clean water – and on many occasions yummy ice cream bubble bath.

Then while the girls play and entertain each other for 15-20 minutes, I’m able to get dressed and go through my skincare routine (which is often neglected) in peace. Some days I even have time to dry my hair! Not too often, but that’s always a special treat.

Now that I’m home with the girls full time, this short time period is really the only time I get to be “alone.” (Of course it’s not truly alone time since I do have to be RIGHT THERE since they’re in the tub – but it’s close enough.)

This is just one of many ways, as a work at home mom, I strive to keep my sanity. Even 5-minute spurts of peace and quiet throughout the day do add up.

I’d love to hear from other moms though. What simple tricks do you work into your daily routine to get a few minutes of peace and quiet?


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    I find that my daughter’s bathtime is a good opportunity to shave. Whether both of my daughters are in the tub together or it’s just my youngest, I get to be in the room if they need me, and I get to take care of a chore that too often goes ignored.
    So maybe this comment is less about my family’s personal care and more about my own…
    Liam recently posted..The Boy With The Long Hair

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    Love this post! What is peace and quiet and “me” time? :) If we are in a hurry, we will take a shower together, but normally they take a bath and I take a shower at the same time (in our master bath the tub is right up against the shower so I can see them)…of course this isn’t peaceful because water gets in eyes, someone gets hurt, etc. and I have to scold, threaten the whole time! :) But I get to get ready while they are still in the tub! bathtime is long in our house!

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    What a great routine! I barely get my little one into a tub let alone a shower, but I ask her all the time b/c I think it would be fun! If I do my skin care while I’m still in the shower, it gets done. And, I must say that lotion that sits in the shower gets nice and warm for when you put it on :) Otherwise, I neglect it for some other task.
    kim @ life-is-learning recently posted..Family Life Daily Pictures (4/10/2012)

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    I miss solo bathing and hygiene activities, but taking a shower or bath with my son is a whole new kind of fun and adventure! I hadn’t thought to fill up the bath for him after I shower—I’ll have to give that a try next time. Thanks!
    Amy @ Anktangle recently posted..Week 15: Orange

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    “Me time?” who’s Me? Well, actually, I do get some me time after I put little one to bed at night. By this time though I am usually ready for bed myself – even when it’s early. With winter comming, the days are shorter and little one will have easier early sleep so that really is a good thing (not that I look forward to sub zero nights). On the weekends, on rare but enjoyable occations, I go to friends places for an hour or two while partner looks after little one. Having said all this though, I treasure being a full time mum and watching my little one grow up:)
    Ursula Ciller recently posted..Baby bath time and skin care

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    Sometimes I take a shower with my 1 year old, but when everyone else isn’t so busy to make this happen, daddy or big sis (12 year old) hang out with little man while I take a bath or shower. It is the only time of day that I get to actually be completely alone and I really cherish that time to relax. I think it’s good for my son to have that one on one time with his dad too who works full time.
    Kelsie Harris recently posted..Keep Your Energy Up Throughout the Day Naturally

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