Good Cook Nonstick Cutlery Review & Giveaway

good-cook-logoWhen you prepare all of your meals from scratch, a good set of kitchen knives is essential. I have a set that I love, but I had never heard of Nonstick Knives, so I was excited to receive a set of non-stick cutlery from Good Cook.

I love all of the bright colors in this set – it’s so much fun! Each of the knives also includes its own sheath to protect your fingers from the blades when they aren’t in use. This is especially great if you have limited counter space and don’t have room for a knife block. These knives can be safely stored in a drawer thanks to the safety sheaths (although the sheaths do not make them kid safe, so keep them out of the reach of little ones).

The serrated blades on these Good Cook knives are crafted from high-carbon steel, which stays sharp through regular use. The nonstick coating prevents crumbs from sticking to the knives as you’re preparing your meals. The soft-grip, ergonomic handle also fits comfortably in your hand while providing control when you’re slicing or have wet hands.

The set includes 6 knives:

utility-knifeNonstick Utility Knife, 5” blade (Retail: $15.69)

sandwich-knifeNonstick Sandwich Knife, 5” blade (Retail: $19.99)

bread-knifeNonstick Bread Knife, 7” blade (Retail: $29.99)

chef-knifeNonstick Chef Knife, 5” blade (Retail: $24.49)

santoku-knifeNonstick Santoku Knife, 5” blade (Retail: $18.99)

paring-knifeNonstick Paring Knife, 4” blade (Retail: $14.99)

My favorite knife is definitely the blue non-stick chef knife. It makes mincing garlic, onions and mushrooms fast and easy! (I like to mince up these 3 items and add them to lots of dishes.)

chef-knife-onionsIf you’re looking for a new, fun set of kitchen knives, check out the non-stick cutlery from Good Cook!

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One Happy Mothering reader will win a set of Good Cook nonstick cutlery ($125 value)! To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!
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  1. Stacey B says

    the non stick paring knife because the paring knife i currently have does not do a good job at all!!

  2. joanna says

    Nonstick Santoku Knife, 5” blade- when i’m slicing & dicing, so often my food seems to stick to my knife, so this knife would solve this problem. love the giveaway! thanks!

  3. vickie marks allbright says

    chefs knife because i love cooking and this would be a great asset when i am chopping veggies n cooking

  4. Fiona N says

    I would love to have the Nonstick Chef Knife, 5” blade because I would try it to cut the sushi :)
    Thank You for the giveawya

  5. Rochelle Campbell says

    Most excited about the chef knife…I’m always chopping up fruit, vegetables, herbs, and nuts.

  6. Brenda Leon says

    I am most excited about the bread knife. I am so tired of never having a knife that will cut bread.

  7. Kellie says

    The Chef Knife. I think I would get the most use out of that one. Although, it would be nice to have a bread knife that didn’t squish the loaf when you were cutting.

  8. Peggy Humbracht says

    The chef knofe. I have always wanted a blded knofe longer than a paring knife for using on larger items and products that I cook.

  9. Debby Hughes says

    I would love to learn to use them all! I’m just starting on the road of real food and can use all the help I can get!

  10. Gina B. says

    I would be interesting to see how well the bread knife cuts. Can it cut a soft loaf of bread without squishing the loaf?

  11. hollylynn says

    I’m excited about the bread knife. I’ve been making homemade loaves of bread, but I don’t really have a bread knife. I just use a long serrated one.

  12. Nan says

    I think I would like the utllity knife the best as I tend to use one knife for everything. Although if I had a set as nice as these, I could change my bad habit.

  13. Terressa says

    I’m learning to bake my own bread, but I don’t have a bread knife, but all the knives would be much appreciated!

  14. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I am most excited about the paring knife. I have one that I really love but it is so old and needs to be replaced.

  15. Jennifer Nixon says

    The bread knife. It is sure to come in handy when my son and I are making our homemade breads. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  16. Cassandra Eastman says

    I’m most excited about the Chef Knife, i’ve never had a big one like that and I think i’d use it a lot!

  17. Lauren Rochon says

    I am excited for the sandwich knife because it is the perfect size for slicing the sandwich’s, wraps, and burritos I like to make.

  18. Anne says

    I’m pretty psyched about the happy-yellow bread knife. I bake most of our bread in my bread machine, so I could use a good bread knife. Plus, it’s happy yellow!

  19. Anna Memphis says

    I’m a young gal, and while I’ve been out on my own for a few years, I only have three major knives that I use when prepping food. It would be a good thing to expand my collection!

  20. Gayle S says

    I am most excited about trying the Bread Knife because I do not have one. I have mutilated too many buns and rolls!

  21. Betty League says

    I like the Nonstick Bread Knife, 7” blade
    and while I am making up a wish list, I would love the Meat & Seafood Shears…lol
    Thank you this contest and review.

  22. Karen Glatt says

    I am so excited about using the Nonstick Chef Knife, 5” blade because I do a lot of chopping of vegetables and I know this awesome knife would chop through anything really fast!!!

  23. Julie Wood says

    I am excited about using the Nonstick Paring Knife, 4” blade because I like using smaller knives to cut my garlic and onions.

  24. Susan Broughton says

    The knife I am most excited about is the chefs knife and the paring knife. Both of these I would use the most

  25. Priscilla Benavides says

    I am excited about the chef knife because I love cutting veggies to add to my recipes!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  26. Amanda Boerst says

    I’m most excited about the Chef Knife because of all the fruits and veggies I cut everyday for my family!

  27. Lilia Kharabora says

    Im most excited about the blue non-stick chef knife. I make a lot of soups and such and the base is always onions and garlic.. 😉

  28. Amanda Rauch says

    I am most excited about the nonstick bread knife! I always seem to butcher my fresh homemade bread with some crummy dull knife and it is so sad!

  29. Suzie Williams says

    I like the utility knife because I could use it to chop up fruit for the kids. It’s small and would be great for quick use.

  30. Christine Beasley says

    oops forgot to say why. the utility knife because I use it more than other knives and it would be easier to hold with my arthritis

  31. Allison Downes says

    The chef knife, because I am always in the kitchen cooking and chopping fresh ingredients

    thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  32. kymi a says

    I’m excited to try the Nonstick Bread Knife, 7” blade, looking forward to no more crushed sliced bread with this awesome knife. :)

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