You’ve Found My Good Cook Treasure Hunt Icon {Plus a Bonus Giveaway}

2208_Happy-Mothering_PostIT-ICONIt’s here! The Good Cook Treasure Hunt has started, and you’ve found my icon!

Go to to enter the code after reading the rest of this post and entering the bonus giveaway.

What is the Good Cook Touch Treasure Hunt?

During the Good Cook Touch Treasure Hunt, you will search to find random Touch icons codes that have been posted on select products. You will also visit my blog along with several other blogs to find more Touch icons. The participants who find the most icon codes will be entered to win one of three Good Cook Touch grand prize gifts!

I’m really excited to have the opportunity to sample the following Good Cook Touch products!

Since you’ve found my Good Cook Touch Treasure Hunt icon, I bet you want to find more so you have a chance to win the grand prize!

Here’s a list of the other participating blogs:

Discount Code

Right now, all Touch products have an instant savings of 30% off! And you can save an extra 10% off with promo code HUNT!

Enter the Fun Bonus Giveaway!

As an added bonus for my readers (and everyone else visiting during the hunt – thank you!), I’m feature a special giveaway on Happy Mothering. Four (4) winners will receive a 2qt Touch Batter Bowl! U.S. residents only.
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  1. Amanda Rauch says

    I am going to try my best in the hunt. I would like to win because I am addicted to kitchen stuff for one, and my son will be leaving for college in August and has zero kitchen stuff for his student housing! I would love to win a few things for his future home. Thank you for a fun giveaway!!

  2. Dorothy Teel says

    Yes I am participating and my need is to get rid of some of my cracked broken utensils and to have a whole set of matching measuring spoons and cups. I love good cooks stuff…

  3. claudia ellis says

    yes, I am participating. Hoping to find all the codes to qualify for the big prize :) but I’d love to win any new gadget for my kitchen!

  4. Daraya says

    I am participating in the hunt! I would definitely love to win – I love cooking & baking and these items would be a great addition to my cooking tools! :)

  5. Amanda Alvarado says

    I’d love too but there are just too many blogs to make it worthwhile and not enough time in the day! LOL I sure could use some new kitchen items though!

  6. Kristy Bodle says

    No I am not going to do the hunt. I am not good at that stuff. My mixing bowl has a big crack in it. I love to win this one.

  7. Georgia Beckman says

    I am participating in the hunt. You are my 61st code. I LOVE this kind of stuff! I really, really, really want those colorful knives they have but will be happy with any kitchen gadgets. Who doesn’t love kitchen goodies?

  8. Christine Beasley says

    I am participating in the hunt. It would be good to replace my utensils (as old as our marriage) with items more amenable to my worsening arthritis. the prize would make that so much easier to do.

  9. Anne says

    I thought I would participate, but finding the codes seems extremely tedious–not only visiting all the blogs, but checking each product page individually, then Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, too. All for just a chance at winning? I’m not so sure.

  10. Gail Williams says

    I’m participating in the hunt because I need new kitchen things..some of mine is from my wedding 41 years ago!

  11. dorothy turner says

    I am participating, I am competitive and can use some good fortune and new kitchen things! <3

  12. Adrienne McElwain says

    Yes I am participating in the hunt I need kitchen utensils and I want to win the cash for our trip to Disneyland.

  13. Susan Broughton says

    I am participating in the treasure hunt! It is a big job but it is so much fun! I want to win because I would love to be able to use all the Good Cook products

  14. Louis says

    love trying out new kitchen gadgets, so I am hunting here
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  15. Deke says

    It would be a nice surprise for my wife. I have found 113, but with only one more social media icon, I must have missed one..I’ve been over everything twice.

  16. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I am participating in the hunt. Unfortunately, I only have 81 codes–so, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be entered to win the big prize (which I want to win because I’d like to help equip all four of my children for a great kitchen). Thanks for the giveaway.

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