Earth Week Sample Meal Plan

Bag_ImageEarth Day is just a few days away! I’ve shared some Ways to Celebrate Earth Day for Kids and Activities to Teach Your Kids About Sustainable Living.

But have you thought about a meal plan for Earth Week? We waste so much food in our culture and meal planning is one way to help you reduce that waste. Meal plans also help you to make better food choices and avoid resorting to not-so-healthy, not-so-Earth-friendly foods.

Earthbound Farms has posted a sample meal plan for Earth Week to help you get started with meal planning. Of course they encourage choosing organic produce, meat, dairy, grains and sustainable seafood. Their sample menu includes versatile ingredients such as hearty greens, cauliflower and white beans. These ingredients are used in more than 1 dish so you’ll find that very little will go to waste.

They include everything you need: The plan, a shopping list and 5 great recipes for dinnertime (they plan like I do – cook once with leftovers for 2 more nights!). If you haven’t tried meal planning before, give it a try next week. If you’re a veteran meal planner, check out Earthbound Farm’s meal plan and see how it might fit into your family’s meal plans.

If you already have your meal plan lined out, you may also be interested in Earthbound Farm’s Guide to Greener Shopping. They may have some tips you can incorporate!


And if you like giveaways (who doesn’t, especially for organic food), check out the Earthbound Farm Grocery Giveaway. Now through the end of the month, Earthbound will choose four winners every week to receive $150!

How will you be celebrating Earth Week in your kitchen?



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