The Homegrown Collective March Green Box Review: Brewing Kombucha

homegrown-collective-logoI think subscription boxes are one of the neatest ideas out there. You get to try different products each month to figure out what you like and may want to purchase.

I have been working with The Homegrown Collective through Green Moms Media for a few months now, and I finally got to sample one of their Green Boxes.

They have a unique model in the subscription box space that is exactly in line with our lifestyle. Each month their boxes contain products that encourage self-sufficiency and promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.

I especially love that they include kits that teach you new skills, like making cheese, making home remedies like cough syrups and tinctures, growing food, making water kerfir and this month – brewing Kombucha. (see past boxes here)

I have been brewing Kombucha for several months now, so I was excited to see what was in this month’s box. When I opened it, I was impressed that the wrapping was simple.


The products are directly inside the box – there is no secondary box inside of the shipping box. And brown shredded paper protected the contents – not Styrofoam peanuts. It’s a pet peeve when companies offering sustainable products don’t use eco-friendly packaging, so I was pleased with the Homegrown Collective setup.

After I got everything unpacked, this is what I found:


I got started brewing a batch of Kombucha right away because I wanted to see what using a booster would be like. I started with the Relaxation Tea booster, because what mom doesn’t need a little help relaxing every once in a while!

The kit included Kombucha brewing instructions and you can also find them on The Homegrown Collective website. You’ll see the SCOBY they included is a nice sized one (and it didn’t come dehydrated, something I recommend avoiding).


After getting your sweet tea cooled down and adding your SCOBY, you cover it with a cloth and rubber band and put in a warm, ventilated area for 5-10 days. Mine took 8 days. Since I have been brewing for a while, I can taste the readiness, but The Homegrown Collective also included pH test strips so you can make sure your Kombucha is at the right pH before bottling.

Once it’s to your liking, you bottle it up with the flavorings of your choice. These ones used the organic ginger that was included in the Homegrown Collective box, a squeeze of fresh organic lemon juice and a strawberry or raspberry.


Because of the booster, it tastes different than any of the other Kombucha I’ve made. This batch tasted like lemon ginger chamomile tea with a hint of fruit (I preferred the raspberry over the strawberry). One of the things I love about Kombucha is that you have so many options for flavorings!

Fun activity, right? And The Homegrown Collective offers a different box each month that will teach you a new skill to live more sustainably. I love seeing what theme they come up with for each month!

Subscribe to The Homegrown Collective

If you are as excited by The Homegrown Collective as I am, you can subscribe here. You can get $10 off your first box with code GREENMOM10!

And be sure to stay connected with The Homegrown Collective on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.



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    I am an advocate to eco-friendly packaging- and that Kombucha looks mouth-watering. I promise to try it myself.. More post please for more ideas. :)

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