Design an Eco-Friendly Nursery or Child’s Bedroom with weeDECOR

When I was pregnant with Zoë, having murals painted on the nursery wall was definitely in style. Since we were renting a house at the time that we didn’t plan to stay at long-term, I didn’t have the opportunity to do something like that with her nursery.

If weeDECOR had been around at the time, I definitely would have used some of their eco-friendly fabric wall decals in her room. They look like paint, but without the mess and the hassle. Every decal is easy to apply and remove, and is reusable—so if we had moved, I could’ve taken the decals with us! They won’t damage your walls and they adhere to both smooth and textured surfaces. And, they’re even made in the USA to ensure a quality product.

We have wood paneling in the house we’re renting now, so we can’t put up any of the large decals (the girls would love it if we could), but I’ve applied some of the smaller decals to the walls and they go on and come off very easily without damaging the wood. Zoë has one owl and one turtle up around the light switch in their room and she smiles and tells me about them every time we’re in their bedroom.

I love that you can even customize most of the decals with your child’s name. Too cute!

Of course I’m partial to the girl designs, but they have some really great ones for boys too!

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to decorate your child’s nursery or bedroom, check out weeDECOR.

To celebrate their first birthday, weeDECOR is offering 20% off through the alex+von website today only with promo code HBWEE20 (promo code expires at midnight tonight).

Happy Birthday weeDECOR!

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