BlogHer Update

I'm Going to Sparkle at BlogHer '11! I posted back in January that I was planning to attend BlogHer this year, and that I was going to accept sponsors to help support that dream.

Since then, I have purchased my BlogHer conference ticket—so I’m definitely going! It will be so much fun to spend that weekend with my fellow blogging women! And it’ll be the first time that I’ve really done something for myself in a while (being a mommy tends to do that to you!).

I have accepted a few sponsors for the Swag Bags, and they are all companies I have worked with in the past:

  1. Board Book Albums (read my past review here)
  2. The Happy Magpie (you can read my past review here)
  3. Newman’s Own Organics (their review is here)
  4. I will also be sponsoring the swag bag with one or more of the featured brands from alex+von

I have had a few nibbles on the larger sponsorships, but I haven’t confirmed any yet (I am being selective about who I will represent). So if you’re thinking about sponsoring a blogger who will be attending BlogHer this year (there are lots of great benefits available for your company), check out my Sponsorship Packages and let me know if you have any questions.

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