Vapour Organic Beauty Mineral Makeup Review

When I was pregnant with Zoë, I threw out all of my makeup and switched to Bare Escentuals. I used that for a couple of years because it was the best mineral makeup I could find at the time.

However, there were things I definitely didn’t like about it, like the fact that the powder always left my skin feeling a little dry. And if I used extra moisturizer, the mineral powder would just go on much thicker and give me a heavy makeup look – which I don’t like. I also noticed that it would settle in my fine lines, and accentuate them rather than smooth them.

But, I told myself, it was better than using chemicals on my skin.

Then recently I was introduced to Vapour Organic Beauty. I have always worn a face powder, and I’ve never been a huge fan of liquid foundation. But since the powder just didn’t seem to be working for me anymore, I decided to give the Vapour Organic Beauty foundation a try.

I was very pleasantly surprised with how natural the look I got was. I didn’t feel like I looked like I was wearing foundation. Just that I had a nice, smooth appearance to my skin and that my color was evened out.

So, I started experimenting with the rest of the Vapour Organic Beauty line. Now I’m hooked ☺

I love the Stratus Instant Skin Perfector, which is the first step in my new makeup routine, because it’s super nourishing. I don’t even need to apply a moisturizer under it, which is saying a lot considering how dry my skin is. Sometimes I even just use it without wearing anything over it to even out my tone.

After applying the Skin Perfector, I use the Atmosphere Luminous Foundation. I really prefer it over the liquid foundation as it’s much more nourishing and easy to apply. I also think it does a better job of smoothing over fine lines and wrinkles, something my skin is starting to need. Then I use Illusionist Concealer to cover up imperfections and red spots.

After that, I apply the Aura Multi-Use Blush (I like the Radiant shades, but they have more classic shades as well) to give my cheeks a little color and the Mesmerize Eye Treatment—there are lots of flattering shades (shimmer and classic) to choose from. After that I apply the 100% Pure mascara to my eyelashes (Vapour doesn’t offer a mascara yet). And if I’m feeling really fancy I might even apply a little eyeliner.

And of course I finish off with the Siren Lipstick or the Elixir Lip Plumping Gloss (and sometimes even the gloss over the top of the lipstick for extra fun).

Here is a before picture:

And an after picture:

You can see that Vapour Organic Beauty gives you a really natural, glowing look. I don’t like a lot of heavy makeup, so this is perfect to me.

I wasn’t sure what I’d think about how you apply Vapour makeup, but after a couple tries, I got the hang of it and I actually prefer it now. It’s much easier than messing with brushes and sponges. You just warm the product on your hand, swipe it on your face and blend it with your fingers. Super simple.

I always find that videos help me with makeup application, so here are a couple short videos on applying Vapour Organic Beauty makeup that should give you an idea of how easy it is. These 3 videos are only 6 minutes total, so it should give you an idea of quickly you can apply your makeup.

I’ve pretty much tossed out all of my Bare Minerals makeup at this point and switched over to Vapour Organic Beauty. So, if you’ve been looking to try an all-natural makeup, check out Vapour Organic Beauty.

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  1. Randi C. says

    I am always looking for beautiful organic makeup. Maybe you can convince this company to sponsor a giveaway on your blog. Thanks for the heads up on this company.

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