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I have enjoyed crafts ever since I was a little girl. I remember sitting at the dining room table crafting away every chance I got.

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time these days to get everything done that needs to be done, and still have time left over for pursuing other creative outlets like crafts.

Nonetheless, I do still enjoy poking around crafting websites when I get the chance. I recently stumbled upon The Ribbon Retreat blog, and they have some neat crafts you may want to check out.

Recently Zoë has also started to show an interest in arts and crafts, so I have been keeping my eye out for crafts that would be fun to do with her. I love pinning them when I remember.

One craft I found that would be fun to make is featured on The Ribbon Retreat. It shows you step by step how to make a flower headband.

Isn’t this a pretty headband?

Picture Courtesy of The Ribbon Retreat

You only need a few supplies to make this sweet craft:

  • Brown Skinny Elastic
  • Brown Solid Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Starlight Gem
  • Light Ivory Felt Circles
  • Frayed Shabby Chiffon Flowers

And a just few tools:

  • Ruler or other measuring tool
  • Scissors
  • Lighter or Candle
  • Hot Glue
  • Needle and Thread

You’ll have to head on over to The Ribbon Retreat blog for the step-by-step instructions on how to make flower headbands. The pictures they include are so helpful and easy to follow along with.

What are some of your favorite crafting websites?


Thank you to The Ribbon Retreat for providing the information in this post. The Ribbon Retreat carries high-quality grosgrain ribbons, sheers, wired ribbons, jacquards, double ruffle ribbons and more. You can also find a wide variety of craft tutorials on their blog.

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  1. Helen says

    That headband is so cute especially for a little girl. I use to love crafting too, but I do not have much time for it now. I really love making my own jewelry. It can be so much fun, and you get a unique piece too.

  2. Judith Moyers says

    I love the headband.. I am going to have to check out her website because my daughter is getting to the age where we can have with crafts. Thank you for posting.. Judith

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