Go Green this Summer with generationME Reusable Napkins & Paper Towels

One area we struggle to reduce waste in our house is with disposable napkins and paper towels. With Summer upon our heels – and barbeque season with it – I have decided it’s time to cut back on the use of disposables. I don’t think we’ll ditch the disposables overnight, but I want to take baby steps towards that end goal.

So of course I was thrilled to get to try out a set of reusable napkins and reusable paper towels from generationME!

Reusable Cloth Napkins

Meg has some really neat patterns for her napkins – they definitely aren’t your Grandma’s cloth napkins! The girls really love using them because they’re softer than disposable paper napkins and they work much better.

The reusable cloth napkins from generationME are made from soft, designer flannel so that you can choose a set that compliments your personal decor and personality. Each set comes with 6 solid color napkins and 6 patterned napkins.

All napkins are single-ply and measure just over 10″ by 10″. Mine did shrink a bit in the wash, but they held up nicely. The edges of the napkins are professionally serged to keep them looking pretty and useful.

Reusable Paper Towels

I also like how simple the reusable paper towels are. I’d like to stock up on these and keep them in a basket in the kitchen so they’re easy to grab.

They are made from soft, absorbent birds-eye cotton, also called diaper cloth because of its absorbency power. They even get more absorbent after washing!

Each reusable paper towel measures about 11″ by 11″ and mine also shrank slightly when I washed them. The edges on these are also professionally serged.

In addition to reusable paper towels and napkins, generationME also offers a variety of other eco-friendly products, such as:

If you are looking to ditch the disposables while supporting a small business this summer, check out generationME! Be sure to like generation me on Facebook, then visit the generationME Etsy store and comment below with which napkin pattern is your favorite!



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  1. Margot C says

    I love this, why didn’t I think of it. Truth be told when we were in diaper days we used those cloth diapers to mop of all kinds of messes!

  2. Jennifer P - Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter says

    My favourite napkin pattern is the (Reusable Napkins, Mothers Day, Kitchen Decor, Green Living, Eco-Friendly, Wedding Gift) green/white Damask.

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