Have an Eco-Friendly Summer with Glass Dharma Reusable Straws {#SavorySummer Sponsor}

Last summer I read about glass straws somewhere and I thought that was such an interesting idea. Since we now only drink out of glass water bottles to reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals, I have been thinking about making the switch to glass straws – as one more step to minimizing the use of plastic in our home.

Now that the weather is warmer, we’ve been making a lot of smoothies (it’s a great way to sneak greens into the girls’ diet), and sitting on the front porch enjoying them. I started realizing how many straws we were throwing away each week, so I started looking more into glass straws.

That’s when I learned about Glass Dharma. All of their glass straws are handmade, in the USA, from borosilicate tubing, the strongest glass commercially available. They go one step further and anneal the straws to Corning, Inc. specifications (a process that strengthens the glass) so that the glass straws will be strong like a glass coffee pot.

I loved reading that and knowing that these are the strongest, most durable glass drinking straws possible – quality is very important to me!

I also like that they can be used in cold or hot drinks, and that they are dishwasher and microwave safe (even though we don’t own a microwave, I know most families do). They also sell brushes for cleaning the straws – which is key!

We got to try a variety of their straw types. I like that they have multiple styles, so you can get the right straw for your needs.

This image is missing the second cleaning brush we received

What I was amazed to find out is that Glass Dharma offers a Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage. That is huge since most people are afraid of switching to glass because of the fear of breakage.

So if your straws break, Glass Dharma will replace them free. They do include this disclaimer though:

Although we offer this unbelievable guarantee, we are NOT claiming that they are unbreakable. (Any more than your Pyrex coffee pot or pie plate would be.) Purposely “testing” GlassDharma straws is not advised and in some cases may result in the guarantee being voided.

I’m very happy with the Glass Dharma straws, and I’m looking forward to using them this summer – and long into the future!

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Thank you to Glass Dharma for providing the products mentioned in this review. Although I received these products free of charge, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Viviana says

    I think I would actually buy some hemp soft sleeves. They look like they could come in handy for storing more than just the straws! 😉

  2. Alicia E. says

    I have wanted some of these straws for a while now, my favorite are the ones with decorative dots on them!

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