Naturally Savvy Label Lessons eBook

label-lessons-ebookNaturally Savvy is a great website to discover new natural and organic brands as well as get tips on living a healthy lifestyle. I love getting to sample products from them and check out what they have to say.

Naturally Savvy recently launched a totally new e-book, Label Lessons: Your Guide to a Healthy Shopping Cart. Similar to Unjunk Your Junk Food, it will teach you how to properly read product labels and covers not only food, but also personal care items and supplements.

If you’ve been reading my series on avoiding GMO foods, you’ll love this e-book. If you missed the first posts in the series, read them now.

And the best news? This e-book is FREE! The e-book also provides downloadable coupons for all the healthy products featured, and you’ll have the chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree at the natural products store of your choice.

Another great thing is that Naturally Savvy will donate $1.00 for every share of the e-book to the Holistic Moms Network. So after you download your copy, be sure to share with a friend!

Grab your copy today!

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