Holistic Baby Sleep System

As new parents, Brian and I were definitely sleep deprived. Zoë is finally sleeping through the night at age 4, and at age 2, Kaylee still wakes during the night needing comfort. I know we’re not alone.

We co-sleep, because it works best for us, and I’m not a fan of modern-day sleep-training methods. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want my daughters to get a full night’s sleep every night – I’d love to get a full night’s sleep!

That’s why I was intrigued by the Holistic Baby Sleep System. It’s a new noninvasive acupressure system for babies and toddlers, which balances their circadian rhythms to help them sleep better. It essentially resets their body clocks.

The system was developed by acupuncturist Jennifer Taveras, L.Ac, and uses Chinese medicine. It’s easy to implement and put into practice – and it’s not a sleep training method.

The system highlights 12 acupressure points that are stimulated over a 24-hour time period. Once the baby’s sleep rhythms are optimized, the 12 points can be used in 15 different combinations to address common pediatric health complaints like teething pain, constipation, cough and ear infections! I am super excited to have this system at my fingertips.

The Holistic Baby Sleep System training DVD includes these sections:

  • How the Chinese Clock regulates the circadian rhythms
  • 12 acupressure points for sleep regulation + wellness support
  • Acupressure point stimulation techniques
  • General sleep protocol for balancing the circadian rhythms
  • Three alternative sleep protocols for sleep regulation
  • The use of the 12 points for the treatment of 15 common pediatric health conditions
  • A well-baby acupressure protocol to improve digestion, stimulate growth and support immunity

More About Jennifer Taveras

Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2000 in NYC, Jennifer originally began using this system for preventing jet lag. After having her son in 2007 and witnessing the struggles families have with infant sleep issues, she set out to see if her method could help with children’s circadian rhythms.

She conducted test groups in NYC, San Francisco, Raleigh, Ithaca and Colorado to develop the simplest and most effective protocols for optimizing infant sleep. She then took the building blocks of the system, the 12 acupressure points, and assembled them into 15 different configurations to help alleviate common pediatric health conditions. It is Jennifer’s mission to make the powerful applications of Chinese Medicine more accessible to the general public and empower parents to be able to use this gentle but effective medicine in their own homes.

Great mission, and one I am very happy to support! I am still working my way through the system, and I’m confident I’m going to come away more informed and ready to help my girls through a variety of common childhood issues with a more holistic approach – and maybe even some things I can use for Brian and me!

If you’re a parent who struggles with ensuring their child gets enough sleep, please check out the Holistic Baby Sleep System. I wish I would have discovered it sooner! I’m looking forward to using it for any common ailments our kids have in the future.

Be sure to check out the Holistic Baby Sleep System website and like their Facebook page.



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  1. ExpectingEaster says

    OMG. Can I change what I listed in order of importance on the giveaway? /blush.

    My LO is 6 weeks old and will only sleep in the middle of the afternoon. This means if daddy works the next day, I’m up all night. Then I can’t get anything done during the day because I’m too tired. We need to do something to reset her clock.

  2. Janet W. says

    This would make for a great baby shower gift! All of those sleepless nights, no longer with this!

  3. Stephanie H says

    this sounds like a wonderful Idea I love alternative ways to help little ones to sleep better and be more comfortable during the painful teething time.

  4. Erin R. says

    I wish I had this when my first was a baby, she was up every night several times until she was one.

  5. Teresha says

    This is similar to something our chiropractor did with our newborn. He sleeps for 4-6 hr stretches at night now.

  6. stacy h says

    oh my gosh we need this. sleep has never been easy to come by in our home. our oldest is ok now at 5 but our 2 yr old still gets up once in a while and we’re starting over again with out 6mo old. so hard to do when youre so tired all the time.

  7. Tamar says

    My three week old is totally not on a sleep schedule. I can imagine this is totally going to be useful.

  8. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    this is the first time I heard of this, this would be great for my daughter, I like it

  9. Caitlin McClure says

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be needing this soon. I’ve been using acupuncture for morning sickness and it works great, would love to learn more

  10. betsi says

    We are a co sleeping family. Our little guy is 13 months old and still waking up 2-3 times a night. I am not a fan of sleep training either. This looks very interesting. I would be willing to try it.

  11. Julie Keyworth says

    We co-sleep with our 2 year old and 7 month old, but can never get to bed until early the next morning…it would be great to learn a holistic way to help them sleep better! :)

  12. Michelle Knopp says

    Accupressure was a God-send during my pregnancy. I never realized it would help after baby was born. What a great discovery!

  13. Amber DeGroff says

    Having had a non-sleeper, sounds very interesting, but not quite sure what I think about it just yet. lol.

  14. judi says

    My husband and I see an acupuncturist periodically so I’m not surprised by the possibilities of this program. I might have to ask about this next time I go.

  15. says

    Wow! This sounds so interesting to learn and try! I have never heard of this. My son is 2 and is in his own bed, but still wakes throughout the night to come into our bed. I wonder if it could also help him calm down and relax for bedtime. Also, we are expecting baby #2 and we plan on co-sleeping. This could really come in handy!
    Sarah Hull recently posted..Natural Newborn Giveaway Hop! #NaturalNewborn

    • says

      What do you consider a “tried and true method?” “Crying it out” or “CIO” is a totally new phenomenon. Chinese methods are so much more “tried and true” than the Ferber method, don’t you agree? And acupressure is so common in those cultures. Just my 2 cents.

  16. Priscilla Benavides says

    What an amazing product I would love to try it! I’m sure this product works miracles for even the most cranky and coliky babies.

  17. Rebecca Wood says

    I would love to try this program. My two year old still often stays awake past midnight and still wakes up at seven or eight in the morning. She has also almost quit napping, so a little more sleep would be great! Its almost that worry more about her not getting enough sleep than me! I would LOVE to see if this system could work for us.

  18. Laura Love says

    This system sounds great. Anything that can reasonably promise my husband and I better sleep with our baby, I am all for! We also co-sleep, in a modified way. We have a bassinet with a lowerable side so that the baby has his own bed, but it is right next to our bed and at the same level. It really works for us. I will be sad when he gets too big for the bassinet.

  19. Natalie Finch says

    I would love to try it. I never thought I would be someone to believe in this stuff, but I know several people that have had success of relieving pain and getting kids to sleep better through acupuncture.

  20. Julie says

    I have a four year old that doesn’t sleep well and a new baby on the way in 6 weeks or less. I’d love to have this.

  21. Janie Far says

    I would love to try this product! When I was a child my mother would always rub my forehead gently to get me to fall asleep. As an adult, If I am having trouble sleeping I rub my own forehead! I am interested to see if this works in a similar (but more professional/thought out) way!

  22. mp phaiah says

    this would be great! i totally believe in this stuff and for me to be able to do this for my baby at home would be great!!!

  23. Nicole S says

    We’re co-sleepers too, and not into sleep training, but like you said.. not training doesn’t mean not helping. I’d love to have a safe, gentle way to help my babies sleep!

  24. Melissa K says

    I am not sure if I believe that this would work, but it would be an interesting way to massage my daughter.

  25. says

    I have to say this is a MUST for all parents! for their kids to be able to retrained to sleep through the night would be the end of all our problems! :) I’d love to try this acupuncture sleep system on my baby, I believe very much in holistic medicine and i know it works :) thanks for such great product review
    Liz Ticona recently posted..The Choice of Breastfeeding

  26. Naomi Polansky says

    I would love this for my friend. All of her babies have such a hard time sleeping, and if it’d help with the newest teeny one, great!! <3

  27. Darien McGuire says

    My little guy was definitely not a sleeper, I wish I could have tried something like this back then. This is really interesting to me!

  28. Krystal G. says

    I’ve not heard of this before, so it seems interesting. My gal sleeps great, but I may need it for future children…

  29. Richard Hicks says

    This is new to me, but there is something to accupuncture. Been around to many years for it not to work.

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  30. Preeti Kang says

    I am single M/O 6 months old daughter
    really having a bad time and issues with my baby night
    Sleep she wakes up every 2 hrs at night really
    Want advice and solution bcos i have no help.


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