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As part of the Fluffy Butts Cloth Diapering Giveaway Hop, I’m featuring a prize pack to help you get your cloth diapered baby potty trained!

Wunder Unders is giving the lucky winner a custom Pocket trainer with accident insert!

Pourty is giving the winner their color choice of the potty that pours!

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  1. JennyOH says

    Letting my daughter go naked/pantsless has been the biggest step forward in getting her used to using the potty!

  2. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I only have a 13 month old, so I have yet to experience the potty training stage yet, so I am really not one to give advice… But I would say positive reinforcement and consistency is what I plan on doing when the time comes!!

  3. Lacosta L says

    Put soft, non-buttoned pants or shorts on your little one while potty training so that they can get them on and off easily so they can learn independence.

  4. says

    i have used ‘potty sounds’ with my son since he was a few months old, & now he sometimes (at 18 months) will make the sounds when he has to pee.. or as he’s peeing.. or sometimes after! 😀 it’s all about ‘potty awareness’ for us right now.. i will let him sit on his potty when he feels like it too & cue him with the sounds, mostly to get him used to it, but he has peed in his potty a few times!! :)

  5. Amanda says

    Start in the spring/summer so there is less clothes for your child to remove when he’s running for the potty. Also, if he can run around naked outside, that can be helpful.

  6. Stephanie Hungerford says

    Be consistent and sometimes if the child is being stubborn like refusing to poop in the potty then you may have to make the child change them self and get their own little hands dirty. They really will not like this and usually they only have to change themselves one or 2 times before they decide pooping in the potty is better than using their training pants.

  7. Charlene H. says

    I haven’t done traditional potty training, but we have been EC-ing our son since day one. He is twelve months old and started getting the hang of it around 9 or 10 months. It looks like he will be out of diapers before his second birthday and I think he really enjoys keeping his diaper dry.

  8. Melanie says

    I don’t have a tip per se because my little one is just 4 months old, but we’re already doing EC with her. We just give her the chance to sit on the pot when she’s likely to have to go, and praise her to the sky when she does (which is pretty often). She loves her half-naked potty time and will hopefully catch on very soon!

  9. Diane Zielinski says

    Pull-ups didn’t work for me. They are too much like diapers that catch the pee so your kid can go about their day. Putting my little girl in undies for 3 days left me with a lot of cleaning but when she realized her pee won’t get caught by the undies it made her think twice about where she was peeing.

  10. lindsay d. says

    my daughter is only 4 months old so we haven’t potty trained yet, but my little girl loves to pee and poop when her diaper is off so we’re already thinking about potty training!

  11. Samantha Herrmann says

    I have 3 older children, and a 1-year-old. My best advice would be to keep consistent, no matter where you are or who you are with. Children get confused with potty training easily. So when you are both ready, do it and STICK with it.

  12. Richelle says

    My best tip is follow your gut not what other moms or babes are doing. I felt pressured into rushing my babe into training and it back fired like I knew would happen. I backed off a month or so and they showed me when they were ready. It doesn’t matter when you or your husband or whoever were trained. Each babe is their own person :) And it will be so rewarding when it happens for all.

  13. deltaflute says

    training tip…for boys use dye. I read online that if you put food coloring as red or blue and have them pee in their potty the colors will change to orange and green so they will aim better.

  14. Nikole H. says

    We are in the middle of potty training, so we are at the ‘try this, try that’ stage! But my daughter loves blowing out candles, so we have matches and candles in every bathroom and most of the time that is an extra incentive for her to sit on the toilet :)

  15. Ro'Chele A says

    I’ve never potty trained, but my much younger cousin really enjoyed putting a song with the actions. We’d sing “La di da di, we like to potty” in a Slick Rick voice. She loved it!

  16. hayley says

    my firend just left the diaper off her daughter at some points and ran her to toliet when she needed to go andshew was trained by 18 months!

  17. says

    I’ve been familiarizing my daughter (18 months old) with the potty for a couple months – reading potty books, talking through what I’m doing when I use the bathroom, having her sit on the potty, etc. I started having her sit on the potty clothed to get her comfortable with it, but this last week have started taking her diaper off first – and she’s going! The last four days she’s peed in the potty each day at least once, and pooped twice! We’re keeping it casual and she’s still in diapers. If I ask her if she wants to use the potty and she says no, then I don’t force her. At this point I’m mainly trying to make potty time part of our daily routine.

  18. Geri Fink says

    Not sure in the advice department. My older son did it himself before he could talk he pointed at the potty. I put him on the potty to see what would happen. He peed immediately. That was it. Then right before he turned four he said he wanted to wear regular underwear to bed. That was the end of it. Stayed tuned to find out what happens with the second verse. He will probably be in diapers until he is ten seeing how easy thing number one was. Great ideas out there.

  19. Tara says

    We start out by taking our daughter frequently during the day to the potty then follow their lead as get hang of it.

  20. says

    My potty training tips- Take your little one to the bathroom often (I started with every 15 min) and I did a sticker reward chart and my son gets a chocolate covered o (from trader joe’s) every time he goes to the bathroom. The chocolate o’s are working the best! haha :)
    Sarah Hull recently posted..My Pregnancy Journal: 15 Weeks

  21. Beth R says

    My best advice is to wait until they are ready. I think to many people rush into potty training and it makes it so much harder. Just give them some time

  22. Raquel Beaty says

    I have only potty-trained one so far but I think it helped him to see us use the toilet (it’s hard to keep kids out of the bathroom!) 😛 And I let him run around in just a t-shirt, he figured it out pretty quickly! I also made sure there was a potty close by to where he played the most, so it made it easy for him to get there in time.

  23. Linda says

    My first is still on the way so I don’t have any tipes. But the best advice I’ve heard is to wait until the child is ready, don’t try andpush potty training on them.

  24. Becky Worthman says

    I haven’t potty-trained any kids myself, but my friend’s kid would hide behind something when they were soiling their diaper–a sure sign she was ready for training, because she was aware of her action, and it could be directed to the potty!

  25. christine jessamine says

    my best tip is to always use baking soda and vinegar with your laundry detergent when you wash your diapers

  26. Rachel Clark says

    Let the child potty train when they are ready. Do not force them into it or you will be hating life.

  27. Kristin says

    Don’t stress over it! If it seems they aren’t really getting it, just give it a few months and try again. It will happen eventually. 😉

  28. stephanie m says

    My sons only a year and a half so I dont have any advice yet. Some advice I’ve heard is dont try until your baby shows signs of being ready!

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