Onya Baby Outback Carrier Review

I make no secret of it – I’m a huge babywearing advocate. My youngest is 2 now, but I still love wearing her. She is very attached to her mommy (and me to her), so it just makes sense to wear her when she wants to be close to me.

Not only does wearing your baby foster a sense of comfort and attachment, it also allows you to have your hands free! That has been a huge plus for me with both of the girls.

I have tried several carriers over the years, and I just love discovering new brands. I was recently sent an Onya Baby Outback Carrier to review. The timing couldn’t have been better as my ErgoBaby Carrier recently broke. With hiking season upon us – I needed a new carrier!

One of the things I love about Onya Baby’s Outback style is how the water-resistant nylon exterior and air-mesh lining breathe so I’m not left feeling all sweaty and gross if we’re out in the heat. We like to be outside and active during the Spring and Summer months, so that’s huge!

I also really like how gender neutral the style and colors are. Brian loves using this carrier as much as I do. But I usually win and get to use the Onya Baby and leave him with our older Kelty Carrier when we need to wear both girls.

Here’s a pic of him carrying Zoë in the Onya Baby Carrier:

I have been taking it everywhere with us because I just never know when I’m going to need to wear Kaylee. She is a runner and she thinks it’s hilarious to try to outrun me at the grocery store or wherever we’re out running errands.

When she sees me strap the Onya Baby Carrier around my waist, she knows I mean business. Either she sticks by me, or she’s stuck in the carrier. But that doesn’t mean she loves being worn any less.

We were over at some friends’ house last week and I brought the carrier just in case Kaylee wanted to be held. I was glad I did, because she got tired for a bit (before getting her second wind) so I was glad I could wear her. I didn’t have my camera with me, but Brian snapped a couple of really sweet candid shots of us with his phone:

That’s the hood Zoë is tugging on if you can’t tell. Kaylee loves having that put over her when she wants some quiet time.

One feature of the Onya Baby Carrier that I hadn’t seen before and so wish we had when Kaylee was a bit smaller is the integrated chair harness. It enables you to easily and safely convert nearly any adult chair into a safe seat for your baby. I think this is such a great, unique feature that sets Onya Baby apart from some of the other carriers we’ve tried.

So, it can be used on your front, on your back or on a chair!

Overall, I have been very impressed with our Onya Baby Carrier, and I’m so pleased that both girls enjoy being worn in it. I know that it will get plenty of use this summer and many years into the future since it’s designed for kids up to 45 pounds!

The Onya Baby carrier is great for hikes, long walks or any time you think you might need an impromptu baby seat!

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Thank you to Onya Baby for providing the products mentioned in this post. Although I received these products free of charge, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Nicole Lillie says

    I second the wow at the versatility! And how cute your pics are. I love babywearing, and want to try out ALL the carriers!!!!

  2. Amy L. Norman says

    The Onya is very heavy-duty. The straps are so well made. I love the hidden buckle enclosure for security and safety.

  3. Rebecca Wood says

    This seems amazing! I love that it can turn a chair into a safe seat for baby. The Onya appears to be high quality carrier. I’d love to try one! It looks quite comfy.

  4. Brittany C. says

    I like how it appears to be a high quality carrier and doesn’t have the baby dangling from the ‘crotch’ region and instead is in the seated position!

  5. Nicole Morrison says

    Sent from Mamato3Blessings! I LOVE this carrier and think I need to trade my Ergo in for one!

  6. kirsten says

    I love the look of this carrier and wish I had purchased one rather than the other one I got. Hopefully I can win one for my second child. :)

  7. Marthalynn says

    Everyone looks so comfortable in the Onya! You, Brian, and the kiddos all seem to enjoy it! I have a runner, too, so this would be fantastic. I had a carrier when he was tiny, but now he’s too big for it and I miss the convenience of wearing him.

  8. hayley says

    i love how this carrier would work great for me or my husband!! love gender neutral for parents and baby!

  9. Kaja H. says

    I love that it converts to the safe chair seat! I’m wondering about the strap padding and how thick/cushy it is!

  10. Bella Madrueno says

    I love how you can wear it either in the front or in the back and put it on a chair! It makes the other baby holders completley obsolete! I love this!

  11. Brittany Urdahl says

    This carrier looks great! It breathes and is still super stylish. But the high chair option puts it over the edge for me. If I don’t win this I’m selling a bunch of stuff to buy one!!! Great review! Oh and Adorrable family;)

  12. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love that you can use it on a chair too! The breathability of the nylon and mesh is a plus too!

  13. Melanie says

    I love that you can wear this on back or front! Daddy would prefer the back, and I’d prefer front (because I’ve got long hair and baby has grabby fingers).

  14. Heather M says

    I love that it has the chair option!! Great way to keep baby still when there’s no high chair available!

  15. Bridget says

    I love wearing my babies, and this looks like a very nice carrier. I really like that you can wear it several ways – much better than the cheapy carrier we’ve used in the past!

  16. Jessica O says

    I love that these can be used on a chair! That would come in handy with my daughter who is startin to crawl and move, move, move!!

  17. Wendy says

    This is so versatile, i love it. it takes the place of a high chair and a back carrier1! I really need this now and yes it sounds great for hiking or just a trip to the supermarket.

  18. sarah heart says

    Thats so cool that it can be strapped to a chair 😀 I love that it is also breathable and water proof. Thanks for the awesome review!

  19. jenn says

    Oh goodness, she’s a cutie. I dont think I could carry a 2 yr old around like that on my back for long periods like hiking

  20. Sarah E. says

    I like that it’s daddy friendly. We are looking for a SSC. The air mesh lining sounds great for the summer.

  21. danielle thorne says

    i love that tis can attach to a chair. i hate being out some place and having to worry about putting the babes down.

  22. Ashley C. says

    I have never seen this carrier before! Thanks for a great review! We have had our eyes out for the perfect carrier and love seeing people using different ones.

  23. Rachel says

    This is such a versatile product. I’ve been looking for a carrier that Daddy could use. Mine are too feminine apparently. This would be perfect!

  24. Nikole H. says

    I love how breathable it is! I’ve tried my sister’s Ergo and great as it is, breathable it is not :(

  25. Seyma Shabbir says

    Water resistant and does not get sweaty is perfect! The one I used for my first born would make me sweaty. This sounds awesome!

  26. Gina Mack says

    SO Adorable! I would LOVE one of these carriers for my babywearing daddy for belly baby who will be here in October! :)

  27. AlannaB says

    Wow! I really want this carrier! My youngest is also two and I am wanting to start “toddler wearing”…and this looks perfect 😉

  28. Cindy B says

    Thanks for a great review ~ we’re expecting our new addition any day now. I’m still in debate as to which carrier will work best for us. thanks for giving me another great option to consider

  29. .:karen:. says

    Heard good things about these carriers. I know one was recently donated to our local Babywearing International chapter and I have been meaning to go try it out. :)

  30. Maia Hinderman says

    I love the seat and how tall the back is. My kids are tall, so this would be a fantastic feature.

  31. Joanna says

    I thought the Ergo looked Awesome . . . until I read about the Onya Carrier!!!! I love how versatile it seems! I would love this for our second baby on the way!

  32. Carolyn T says

    I would love one of these carriers! I have a carrier I currently use but this one looks significantly better. I would really love the outback model.

  33. says

    though i’m a fan of natural fibers, i love love the breathability of the outback!! it sounds great for this season with as hot as it’s been already here in colorado!! i think the chair harness feature is simply brilliant, too!! beautiful colors! i would absolutely love one!! 😀

  34. Cassandra Eastman says

    What a great review! I love that you can cross the straps and also back carry with this… Looks like an awesome carrier!

  35. Linda says

    Thanks for the review. I’m still looking for a carrier for our baby due in July. I’m going to look into this one.

  36. Elizabeth P. says

    Oh I would love to have one of these! Seems perfect for being outside in the summer and nice and breathable!

  37. Anna Cooper says

    I love how tall the shell is and how it can be used on a chair, that would be one less thing I would have to carry.

  38. Abbi Graves says

    I love that you can use this on a chair! What an awesome double-use for when we are eating away from home!

  39. Sarah says

    This looks like an excellent product! Thank you for making these “just right”, and thank you for having a giveaway!

  40. Deborah M says

    I love how more and more mommies and daddies are making deeper connections with their children by carrying them more often. Cute and versatile carriers like this help!

  41. Miranda Welle says

    This carrier looks great! Although I am curious as to how/what broke on your Ergo!?! I didn’t know they could break!

  42. Stacey R. says

    I really love that you can wear this carrier without feeling sweaty after wearing. We are avid hikers, so this would be perfect for a day hike!

  43. desiree says

    wow that would of been great for when i had the twins and then i know womone
    who could use it now wow i like it

  44. Jenni L says

    I really need a carrier solution for Summer, and this is the first time I’ve heard about this carrier. It’s awesome!

  45. jessica says

    I would love this! Being in southern alabama, the weather is unbearable sometimes and my moby wrap is meant only for the winter time! This looks light and very comforatable. If only you had a wrap for twins this amazing!

  46. Amy Bailey says

    I LOVE the look of these carriers. I have been following them for a while now on facebook! Id really like to try one out sometime. 😀 they colors are fun to… These carriers remind me of hiking or camping 😀 Best!

  47. karla-rae krekoski says

    How cute that you can change it into a little high chair! what a great carrier thanks for the review!

  48. Ali says

    I love how this is more than just a carrier. And that it comes in awesome colors that are good for mom and dad as well as boy or girl baby. Very versatile.

  49. Angela Reed-Warren says

    This is my favorite carrier so far. I LOVE how it can be used on your front, on your back or on a chair! BRILLIANT

  50. Cassandra Eastman says

    Great review! This carrier looks very well made, and cool for the summer! I love that it can be used in the front or back!

  51. Ashley C. says

    This is a close 2nd to my love for the beco gemini. I love the pocket and the breathable fabric! I haven’t had a chance to try this one out but if i did, it might just slip past the beco :) Great review, precious pictures!

  52. says

    This is awesome! I love that it is both a carrier and a safety seat! That makes it the perfect carrier for a day at the park and a picnic on the picnic chairs!
    Kirstie recently posted..UGH!

  53. felicia says

    im really excited to get an onya. im most excited about how they look and how they strap to a chair! so easy for home and dinning out!

  54. Nicole Sparks says

    I really like the coolness of this, my little one is always my personal heater, anything that make that better is great. I also love the idea that it can be used as a chair harness.

  55. Elizabeth P. says

    Thanks for the review! I love that the Onya can turn into a seat for a chair, great when you are out and stop for a bite to eat, you don’t have to worry about a high chair!

  56. jamie Davis says

    I want this carrier so so bad! My babe a very busy girl and wants to explore or be held most of the time. This is the one!

  57. Heidi says

    It looks so comfortable and I like how Brian likes it too. I want to find a carrier my husband will wear. I want to try this one!

  58. Rebecca Wood says

    I love the high weight limit on this carrier. That is one of the first things that attracts me to it, as there are so many carriers that only go to 25 or 30 lbs, and my current LO is 27 lbs but is only two, so I want to be able to wear her at least a year and half more! I also really love that it can be used in a chair. That would be a huge advantage for our next baby. When ours was younger, it was hard to eat with her when we went to visit family, since they didn’t have a chair for her, and her chair was too big to move easily. Hubs and I would always have to take turns holding her so the other one could eat! That feature is just really great.

  59. Olivia L says

    I love the versatility and the super cute colour block look. The dove/chocolate chip is such a nice combo.

  60. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this can be used on a chair, I don’t know how many times I’ve eating with baby in my lap because I have no where to set her, this would be the perfect solution!

  61. tanis says

    Looks so versatile and breathable. I think it’s a great feature that I can keep my littlest one safely in a chair when I’m out and about somewhere, esp with three monkeys to keep tabs on.

  62. Nikole H. says

    I think the chair harness is such a clever idea and would come in handy when out and about — save you from needing a high chair as well!

  63. Deanna says

    This carrier has got to be the most incredible one I’ve seen so far. I really like everything about it. I would love to have one of these.

  64. Ashley B says

    I’m in love… With all the pockets, how comfy it looks and the super unique feature of making a chair into a baby safe seat. That’s amazingly convenient as a mama on the go. I love it.

  65. Patrick Quirke says

    I love the look of the Onya Baby carrier as i have really been looking for a baby carrier that i can put on my back for longer treks/hikes

  66. Ami Williamson says

    OH Oh OH! The chair harness thing is so cool! How many times are you wearing your baby and you just *need* to put them down but there isn’t a safe place? Does it work for grocery carts too?

  67. Trish Kelly says

    That is really neat how it has the chair feature! I would have never thought to even look for that feature in a carrier. Very smart design!

  68. Amie says

    The Onya Baby carrier is another one that I have not tried but am very curious about. It looks so comfy and I love the colors offered. I think my daughter would love this one!

  69. Samantha Herrmann says

    This is the carrier I want to win!! It looks awesome. I love that it can be worn front or back, and that it can be strapped to a chair to provide a “chair” for the child!

  70. Kelly Crow says

    instant seat! gotta love simple innovations…is this the one that hangs over the doors too? Curious 😉

  71. Oksana says

    Really impressive, looks like mobile chair!!!

    Thank you for review!!!

    Thank you for the chance!


  72. Richelle says

    I love the look of this carrier. I am loving the chair safe seat feature too. Genius! I also like that it is water resistant. My Beco seems to be more water absorbing lol.

  73. Megan Smith says

    The chair feature on this carrier makes me want to purchase one now!! What a cool, and wonderful idea!

  74. says

    I love how high the carrier supports the child! Looks like a carrier you can be comfortable moving around in! And the chair feature is Fab-u-lous!

  75. Susan Cormier says

    I can see my husband wearing this one. I also like how it looks very comfy for the child and that aren’t dangling.

  76. suzanne says

    I would love to try this…our summers are sooo hot, and hubby & our son are both so hot-natured…the breathability sounds awesome.

  77. says

    Love the kisses picture :-) you can really tell how much you love your children, and that makes me smile. I love how cool that this is to be able to use this as a chair, how convient.

  78. Kristi says

    I’ve researched a lot of baby carriers and being a mom of 4 I’ve tried many as well. The Onya is at the very top of my want list for my newest baby! I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  79. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like that this is lightweight and breathes! Another good carrier for here! That you can strap them in a chair with it makes it a mom’s best friend! LOL

  80. Jill M says

    Those are the sweetest baby-wearing pictures ever….

    Cool carrier. Especially awesome that it can be used on a chair!

  81. Kelli B says

    My 3 month old LOVES this Onya carrier! He weighs close to 16 lbs and was 24 in. at his 2 month check up. I have the Ergo from when my daughter (now 3) was a baby (which she loved), but my son seemed too big for it and didn’t like it at all. I searched for a carrier with a taller back and came across the Onya carriers. SO SO Happy I did! I even put my 3 year old 30 lb daughter in it and she fit great! I’m 4’10” and hubby is 5’10” and we both have no problems adjusting it to size. We also love the breathable mesh…since we’re in Hawaii it helps a lot!!

  82. Ali Peterson says

    I really like the idea that it can be used on chair! What a clever way to make a carrier even more useful!

  83. desiree says

    that is cool you can use it for chair i now my neice is the same way but she ounder one and want to run all the time

  84. Jessica Bittke says

    I love that this is multifunctional! Looks like a great carrier, would love to add it to my stash.

  85. Tasha says

    I’ve only ever used a sling and a homemade carrier. This looks awesome! I like the versatility of this carrier. Really cool!

  86. Brandi Cranston says

    I hadn’t heard of this carrier until this giveaway, so thanks for exposing it to me! It looks so versatile that I’d love to get my hands on it and give it a try!

  87. Lily Ivey says

    We have a Boba and I love it; however, my husband complains he gets too hot and sweaty. This carrier sounds like a great option for him.

  88. sharon b says

    i love how this carrier is so versatile. it has so many uses. i’d love this carrier since i live in the desert and it gets hot and sweaty in a carrier.

  89. Marianne says

    I like that the carrier seems to have a fairly long torso, that it may actually comfortably fit my 2 year old.

  90. ashley r says

    I love the colors of this carrier. I have tried one of these on in the past and it felt pretty nice i just need to play with it more to get a better feel of them.

  91. Syazwani says

    Oh no! I’m sooo in love with the 3-in-one functions. It isn’t just a carrier, it could help me ‘babysit’ my baby while I’m eating.

  92. Lynn B says

    I love the extra “chair” feature! My little man is just mastering sitting and he would love to be able to sit at the table at his grandparents house like a big boy! This would be ideal.

  93. VJ M. says

    This carrier would be great for those outdoor adventures. I like the chair harness feature as well.

    It looks rugged and that means the husband would like it 😉 Some of the other carriers featured looked nice and sweet and “Ahhhhhh”, while this one looks like “Get outta my way! Here I come!”

  94. Priscilla Benavides says

    This carrier is perfect for the outdoors and perfect for daddy’s to carry around their children.

  95. Amy Miller says

    I love how you can set it on a seat! I also love how the material is breathable and doesn’t get all waterlogged with sweat like some types. yck!

  96. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I love that this carrier can also be used in a chair, I cant tell you how many times this would have come in handy for my family!

  97. marthalynn says

    It’s so nice to keep baby close, isn’t it! When my son was little I always kept my carrier with me. You never know when you’ll need it! I plan on wearing my next little one, due in February, a lot.

  98. Kara Reeder says

    I have heard such great things about this carrier. I would love to give it a try. The orange carrier is cute!

  99. IzzyMummy says

    We use stretchy wraps (moby and boba) and I’ve been concerned about them not supporting her or being uncomfortable when she gets bigger it’s nice to know this seems to both support and be comfortable

  100. Justice Montgomery says

    This is my second choice carrier. I love that they are so supportive and has such wide straps. To me, that is one of the most important things as you are carting a toddler on your back LOL

  101. says

    This is so cool! I’ve never seen one that converted to a seat holder! This looks pretty comfortable for carrying around large children as well! I had no idea there were so many options!

  102. Katie Williams says

    This looks like a very comfortable SSC, and I love that it makes a seat for baby in a chair, very cool feature!

  103. says

    Thanks for the info!! I love that you can use the Onya in a chair- so handy!! I also love that it is breathable fabric. My little guy is such a hot natured baby- he often gets fussy from being so hot in his carrier. This sounds like a great alternative.

    Thanks!! :)
    Jenn W recently posted..Beeyoutiful Skin Review!!

  104. MrsWJAA says

    I love that the Onya can be used in a chair, as well as being worn..

    Another huge selling point for me is that it is breathable, and I live in the SE with lots of heat and humidity in the summer…

  105. Taryn Pasco says

    I love how you can switch from front to back to a chair! Thats really cool! I’m looking forward to trying one of these! :)

  106. Alicia Marie says

    I do love the versitility. I think that is what sells a carrier to me most, cause my BearCub is definitely not a one way only kinda kiddo. lol

  107. Amy Bailey says

    Its great this carrier can be used as a seat when eating out. This could come in very handy. Also love the buckle system for if my husband used it. He needs something fast and easy to use lol.

  108. Stephanie Henley says

    Wow this looks really neat, especially the part where you can make an adult chair safe I’d love to try that out!

  109. Cassandra Eastman says

    Great review, the Onya looks so comfortable to mommy/daddy and the child. I love how big of a kid it can hold as well! My 3 year old would also love to ride in this… I like how it can be put on a chair too!

  110. Raven says

    This is great! I am so glad to see that there are others that wear their 2yo as well. My girl loves to be close to me and is a runner too, this would be a great idea. Our sling is getting to be uncomfortable to her and she is just too wiggley lately for it it seems

  111. Chris N says

    I have been wanting to try one of these since they came on the market. I love the colors they use, I love the chair harness, I love that they seem to really fit a good range of baby sizes. I haven’t known anyone who has one and would love to be able to pass this carrier around my babywearing group and intriduce it to a slew of mamas both old and new to babywearing!

  112. jamie davis says

    I like that it has a pocket on the front rather than on the lower waist area. I love my Boba but the pockets are hard to access when my daughter is in the carrier.

  113. Hannah Avery says

    This would be a really great carrier to have when we go hiking. I like that my husband could potentially wear it too! I also love that it can convert to a safety seat. This would have been so nice when my son was younger!

  114. Melissa M says

    WOW .. This carrier is so versatile!!! I love the fact that it can be used for wearing and also used as a chair strap.

  115. Tasha says

    I’ve wanted a SSC for a very long time, and the one I drool over the most has to be Onya! I want one of these sooo bad!!

  116. Julia Babs says

    I’d never heard of this brand of carrier before but I’m impressed! It looks like it’s really well made if it can comfortably carry a 2 year old. I also love how it can be used to keep a little one safely on a chair…very innovative!

  117. says

    That is the neatest thing! I have found so many times when we are out with the kiddos that when we stop to eat, there is no way for our littlest to have her own seat. What a great way to solve that crisis!

  118. Amber Nara says

    This is super cool!! I love that she is 2 and you still get to wear her!!! What an amazing mommy you are! I enjoyed this post/review.

  119. kim johnson says

    I like that you can strap it to a chair. We live up north and there are some places that either have no high chairs or very old questionably safe ones.

  120. Brittany J says

    Wow! 45lbs!!! And how convenient to be able to strap it to a chair! Walk to the cafe wearing baby then hook it up to a chair! How cool! Love the color too!

  121. mp phaiah says

    what a great extra bonus to be able to attach it to a chair! that is very unique! it would make a great carrier for a day out, when you stop at a restaurant you won’t have to worry about using one of the high chairs.

  122. Nerissa says

    The chair harness is an awesome addition to this carrier! The width of the seat for the child is great because it won’t hurt them, or cause strain afterwards. I like Onya and their design, it’s a beautiful carrier.

  123. sara m ford says

    thank you for this review it really helps me make the best choice as to witch baby carriers I will feel safe and happy with.

  124. Kristin Brannen says

    I like the color choices for this carrier. It looks like a great carrier to use for an older baby or toddler.

  125. tanis says

    great that it has mesh for venting, and i like that they are gender neutral! there are WAY too many really girly carriers.

  126. Britni Bradford says

    Living in a hot climate, I love that you mention that this carrier breathes well. I also love the chair option =)

  127. Jessica Payne says

    This looks like the PERFECT carrier! I love everything about it, the straps, the leg wholes, the hood…just EVERYTHING! :)

  128. Amanda Selenke says

    This looks like it’d be great for my toddler, I like the higher backed design so it fits bigger kids too.

  129. Jennifer Saunders says

    This is awesome! I love that you can put it on a chair, but am even more excited about the fact that the fabric would stay cool in these hot Georgia summers!

  130. tawnya mccormack says

    Great review i enjoyed you candid pics.The Onya is at the top of my list of wants for my little sister who is due December with her first (a girl). My daughter is too old and big for this product tho she does love to be carried still.Every morning I give her a ride to the washroom to start her day.But I would be thrilled to give this product to my sister and Lillibug.

  131. Shanee C says

    This looks so easy to use! I love the versatility too. Going from front to back and then on a chair?! Awesome idea!

  132. Briana says

    Have never tried this carrier but it looks super comfy and supportive. Love that it doubles as a safe little seat, now how handy is that!

  133. Stacey Roberson says

    One thing I love about this carrier is the breathable mesh. After babywearing in my current carrier for 30 minutes, both me and the baby are sweaty. I also like how versatile it is.

  134. Britany Gilman says

    This carrier looks great i would love to try one if i ever got the chance i love carrying my daughter with me all the time it lets me be able to have her close to my heart that she knows so well from being in my belly and lets us bond it lets me be able to breast feed her when she wants to eat and to be able to be a good house wife and get stuff done my daughter and i would love to try this some day

  135. Randi S says

    Honestly, my husband never wore our son, but I could definitely see him being more likely to wear future children with this carrier! And that chair feature would be awesome when visiting places that don’t have high chairs…really neat feature!

  136. Jenna Burris says

    i love a babywearing man. thanks for the review. this one looks great and versatile. I would love to try it

  137. Lindsey D says

    I’ve been wanting to try an Onya for a while. They look like they are big enough to carry larger children than most carriers

  138. Janice Auna says

    I like that you can use it on a chair! Haha. I also like that it looks very “manly”. THis is something that my husband might even wear so he can share in the babywearing business.

  139. Richard Hicks says

    I have always liked their carriers and they are comfortable to use and yep like the neutral colors

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  140. Rachel Wright says

    The chair harness is a really innovative idea. perfect for when baby is starting to eat solid food and you are out and about.

  141. Kristina S says

    I had no idea this carrier could be converted into a chair harness. What a brilliant idea. I was considering buying something like that for DS when we travel to visit family but now I really want one of these!!

  142. Kayla H. says

    I love the safe seat option. I have a two year old and a 2 month old and I love that I could use it for either child.

  143. Lindsay says

    may seem silly but i like how the colour schemes are so simple! and that you can use it on a chair of course! how awesome

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