Potty Training with Pourty

by Chrystal Johnson on June 2, 2012

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I have shared that we’re working on potty training Kaylee. I’m willing to give anything a try to get her out of diapers at this point.

Kaylee has been using Zoë’s little potty and doing well with it, but I thought she may want her own potty. Anything to make her feel special and proud of her accomplishments!

We received a little pink Pourty toddler potty for her. She was so excited when we got the box! We were at the post office and she wanted to open it and try it right then. LOL

I told her we had to wait until we got home, so as soon as we walked in the door, she grabbed it out of my hands and ran off to the bathroom. Talk about some motivation!

What makes the Pourty unique is how you pour the little one’s “waste” out of it. It has a convenient pour spout on the back of it and a handle on the front. No more messy spills on the floor or my hands!

It’s very small and lightweight, but very sturdy at the same time. We can move it from bathroom to bathroom depending on where she wants to go because of its portability. It’s also very easy to clean since it’s one piece of molded plastic, and Kaylee’s 2-year old bottom fits on it perfectly.

The Pourty is currently available in four colors (blue, pink, white and purple), so you can get your child’s favorite!

It’s also very affordable at $14.95, which is important! It’s currently available through Amazon and various other retailers. Be sure to connect with Pourty on Facebook and Twitter.



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