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EB_Logo_CMYKLike most naturally-minded mamas, I try my best to give my kiddos homemade baby foods and purees, made from organic ingredients. But, obviously, life happens. It’s not always possible to keep tons of homemade stuff on hand for car rides and grandma’s house – and sometimes, even if you technically have time to make things from scratch, you’d rather take that hour to chill on the couch with a glass of wine watching a sappy chick flick (at least, that’s something I want to do at the moment).

When you lack time, it’s handy to be able to just buy the pre-made purees – but most storebought stuff has nasty additives, harmful toxins in the packaging, and uses very poor quality ingredients. I realize my kids will encounter these things as they live life – but I don’t want to be the one putting these things into their bodies!

When these Earth’s Best products arrived, I was pretty happy just reading the labels. Everything is organic, and there’s no added sweeteners or fillers – even the preservatives used were doable. The materials used in packaging were BPA-free, and when it is possible, they use glass. Earth’s Best products are so respected for their quality that they were included in gift bags for Hollywood moms.

Everything passed the healthful convenience tests – but it’s worthless to have healthy foods if your kiddos won’t eat them because they don’t like the flavors or textures.

Not a problem we encountered.

Here’s my toddler, K, munching on the toddler biscuits. These were great for keeping in my diaper bag to whip out for snack time on the go!

toddler biscuitsHere’s my 4 month old little man, taking a sample of the “First Bananas.” He only recently lost his tongue-thrust reflex, so he needs the absolute smoothest of purees. This one was very thin – thin enough for him to get some down without choking or anything. He could even hold the bag himself!

2013-05-20 11.45.40Another nice Earth’s Best product that came along with the foods was this pack of nursery wipes. The scent was absolutely wonderful – lavender & lemongrass. Two of my favorite scents! Technically, they can be used to wipe down any surface in baby’s nursery, and any toys, but I’ve been keeping them in the diaper bag to wipe messes off the car seats, car doors, windows, car toys, store changing pads…pretty much all of the out-of-the-house surfaces I can’t use my homemade sanitizers on.

nursery wipesThey smell so much better than their chemically counterparts!I was impressed with the quality of these products, and my kiddos loved everything! Earth’s Best provides great alternatives to the more common chemical-laden products on the market!

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