Yummi Pouch Refillable & Reusable Food Pouches

yummi-pouch-setI’m a big fan of saving money – especially when my monetary savings coincide with saving other things, such as natural resources, excess waste and saving my kiddos from unnecessary food additives!

These Yummi Pouch refillable and reusable food pouches are a great way of accomplishing all of the above. These pouches were so desirable that they were even included in the Mother’s Day gift bags handed out to Hollywood moms!

I love those little travel pouches – they’re awesome for snacking on the go without total carseat destruction (like the time I was dumb enough to give my DD a cup of yogurt. One measly cup certainly multiplies when it’s smeared all over your child and your car’s interior) and without wasting most of the food they eat (fortunately, we have chickens, so when I sweep all the cheerios out of my car onto the driveway, at least THEY get to eat the O’s).

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Most of the individual pouches I see cost well over a dollar apiece – more like $1.20 or so, depending on where you buy them and the brand. A large container of unsweetened applesauce, on the other hand, can fill all six of these pouches for about $0.20 apiece.

To be saving nearly a dollar with each use of these reusable pouches can really add up, particularly if you frequently buy the disposable food pouches.

Another thing I really appreciate about having reusable pouches on hand is that there’s no waste produced. I’m not throwing away bag after bag (nor the lids, which are pretty sizable chunks of plastic).

This in turn means less taking out the trash if you eat them at home, and one less task at gas stations (I usually have to do a “sweep” of our car when I fuel up to rid it of my husband’s illicit ice cream sandwich wrappers, the sinner – at least that’s only one or two pieces to pick up and toss, as opposed to kid-trash as well!) Over the course of a toddlerhood, that’s a lot of waste that you and the planet can be spared.

It’s also great to know that you control the ingredients in the pouches. No preservatives if you make it fresh, organic if you want – even fresh-picked ingredients from your own garden, if you’d like. For children with special dietary needs, this could be a much easier way of monitoring their health!

Yummi pouches are also easy to clean and store. They’re dishwasher safe (and for those of us without dishwashers, a baby bottle brush does the trick as well), and they’re freezer-safe as well in case you’d like to make up a big batch and freeze the lot.

A fully-frozen Yummi Pouch can keep foods cool for up to two hours (longer if you keep them in a cooler), so they would work fantastically even for very long car trips.

Yummi Pouches are BPA and phthalate free, so they’re safe to store your little one’s foods. When they’re completely worn out, they can easily be recycled. A set of 6 is very affordable on Amazon.com.



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