Brica Magical Firefly Auto Mirror Review

bricalogo_withTaglineBabies need their car seats to be safe – but few of them like their car seats. My little girl used to hate it so much that she’d cry herself to sleep, while I tried to focus on the road, feeling helpless and frustrated and fighting back tears of my own. It got better when she was old enough to turn the car seat around, but with the safety guidelines for turning car seats constantly advancing (up to two years old, now) a new mom with a car seat-hating baby has a long road ahead of her (pun intended).

My DS is five months old, and he’s certainly no exception to the rule. He hates his car seat, and he’s pretty vocal about it. A simple ten minute trip to the grocery store would frequently find him screaming for eight and me bargaining with God for seven. For obvious reasons, I was excited to receive this Brica Magical Firefly Auto Mirror to review – an item so popular that it was included in the gift bags handed out to Hollywood moms!

My baby girl photo bombed me!

My baby girl photo bombed me!

I immediately noticed some really superior differences between this mirror, and my old mirror. The one I had previously purchased was a good two or three inches narrower than this one. The extra inches make a tremendous difference in how easy it is for me to keep baby visible.

With my old mirror, I had to make sure it was in the exact right spot and hung at the exact right angle, or all I’d see from my rear view mirror was his feet (not all that helpful). The old mirror also had a really small, narrow clamp to hold it onto the bench seat. This wimpy attachment meant it was constantly coming loose and falling off, particularly if I wanted to drive with the windows down at all.

The Brica mirror had a nice, wide clamping attachment that hugged onto my bench seat even with the windows down (it also attaches easily if you have anchors in your car. Most newer models do, but I drive something I’d like to think of as a “classic.”)

Little man was easily in sight whenever I glanced in my rear view mirror!

Little man was easily in sight whenever I glanced in my rear view mirror!

The best features of this mirror are the lights and sounds (my old mirror had neither). Controlled by a remote transmitter that attaches to your car’s visor, it’s simple for parents to just reach up and press a button to control volume and then either select “entertaining mode” or “soothing mode.” Baby is then treated to 24 minutes worth of music and a lights display.

I sort of worried that it might be gimmicky, but it really did keep the little guy from being fussy on car rides. He was completely fascinated with watching all the lights flickering on and off, and he stayed calm and happy through every car ride for an entire week (including a few trips that were over an hour). It even lulled him into taking a few naps, which was unusual for him.

2013-05-20 11.50.22This is the remote transmitter – it clips on to the visor like a garage door opener.

I’ve loved having this Brica mirror to keep the peace in my car. My little guy is happier, which makes for a happier mama!



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