Nursing Mama Tea by Mamatea

by Jaime Weis on July 8, 2013

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bg_1adhWhen my DD was an infant, I exclusively breastfed. It sounds so simple to say it now, but whenever someone asked me during her newborn stage how nursing was going, it was all I could do to keep from bursting into tears. Nursing was terrible. Horrible. A total nightmare. I wanted to quit soooo badly!!!

I stubbornly soldiered on (thanks to a lot of great support – and, well, I mentioned I was stubborn) and eventually, it got easier, even becoming a joy. I was even sad when she weaned! Nursing took a lot of work, though – and a whole lot of cups of lactation-assisting tea. I won’t name any names, but let’s just say that the tea I’m talking about  is specifically designed for nursing moms, and it also happens to be nasty. A main ingredient is fenugreek, and if you’re not familiar with fenugreek, let me assure you of two things: 1.) It is awesome at increasing milk supply, and 2.) It’s disgusting.

When I was given the chance to review this Mamatea Nursing Mama tea, I have to admit, I was worried I’d hate it. I’ve known moms who like fenugreek tea, and I’m just not one of them. If this tea tasted fenugreek-y at all, there was no way I could honestly say anything positive about the flavor. Too, too many choked-down cups of the other stuff made me worry I’d even get it down without gagging!

Apparently, Kim, the owner/inventor of Mamatea, had the same problem I did – she also thought fenugreek was gross! So she decided to hide it – masking the nastiness with all kinds of bright, citrusy flavors so that it would just taste like NORMAL tea.

Learning that a fellow fenugreek-hater had created the tea gave me a little hope. And when I opened the tea – oh. My. Word. It was beautiful! Loose leaf teas tend to be lovely anyway (if you’re a tea geek like me), but this seriously looked like something I’d just flat-out snack on. Big chunks of pineapple and pieces of cranberry – and it smelled sooooo good!

Nursing Mama tea I brewed it up, but I have to admit – I didn’t drink it fresh and hot. I can’t speak for the bouquet of flavors when they’re at their peak. It was like, 90 degrees the whole week of this review – so I brewed it, cooled it, and had it iced.

Mamatea Nursing Mama Tea

Rooibos is sometimes called “red tea” because of that gorgeous color. This, by the way, is incredible!

Maybe it loses something if you don’t have it fresh and hot, but iced? NOM.

The actual “tea” leaves are rooibos, a tea made from the South African “red bush” plant, and that’s the strongest flavor in Mamatea. Pretty much anyone who’s a fan of rooibos would love this! I could also pick out the cranberry and pineapple flavors, although they were a little more understated. The one thing I didn’t taste? The fenugreek. YAY!

Mamatea doesn’t just make teas for nursing, either – their complete line includes teas that support mothers for preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum as well as nursing. The item I was most intrigued by, though, was a tea called “Keep It Down.” Guess what THAT does, right? Naturally, it’s a ginger tea. If I ever go through another rough pregnancy like I did with my daughter (throwing up at least once a day for the first 25 weeks, and the whole last month), I will be ordering some “Keep It Down” in the hopes that I can, you know, keep it down.

As far as the effectiveness of the Nursing Mama tea, I can report that my hungry little moose had no complaints the day I drank the tea – or the next! My supply has been decent this time around, so I only need one cup of tea to notice a bit of a surplus – but it’s perfectly fine to have several cups if I ever need a bigger supply boost!

Nursing Mama tea was by far the best lactation-supporting tea I’ve ever tried. Any mama who wants a little extra milk for her little one would probably enjoy this fruity rooibos tea!

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