Three Ways to Get Healthy Snacks at Healthy Prices

Everybody wants his or her children to eat well, but for many of us “organic” or “all natural” sounds synonymous with “expensive.” This doesn’t have to be the case! With the sudden flux of online savings sites, feeding your family food that’s good for them doesn’t have to be bad for your wallet. Whether you’re compiling coupons or nixing those sugary drinks, there are plenty of ways to feed your family healthy foods for less.

Compounding Coupons

It’s well known that a coupon here and there is a great way to save money, but when used en masse they can really make a difference! Stacking coupons is a method by which you can use both a store and manufacturer’s coupon together, doubling your savings. Stores with reputations for being healthier (and more expensive) usually offer more coupons to draw in customers. Keep an eye out for those and use them in conjunction with manufacturer and newspaper coupons.

Don’t be a Slave to the Vending Machine

If you’re on the run, don’t make a trip to the vending machine just to save time! Not only do these visits add up, the snack options are bad for your health. Instead, consider grabbing a handful of almonds, or making your own snack mix. Likewise, instead of opting for the pre-cut fruit and vegetable packs at your grocery store, make time to do it yourself. It doesn’t take long, cuts costs, and ensures that you’re eating the freshest foods.

Drink Water

Everyone craves his or her favorite soda now and again. If you’re only giving in on occasion that’s probably all right. But for too many of us, soda is a regular part of our family’s diet. This is damaging to your wallet as well as your health! For a more financially and physically responsible option, drink more water. No other drink is so naturally refreshing. Once your taste buds acclimate from craving sugary soda, you’ll want to drink more and more water to keep your body hydrated. To begin weaning yourself and your children from soda, try starting and ending each day with a tall, cool glass of water. Your bodies – and pocketbook – will thank you!

Shaping your kids’ eating habits now could determine how they eat for the rest of their lives. Encouraging healthy habits now by setting a good example, will lead to healthier habits later on. Demonstrating the benefits of savings could have an equally appealing effect on your child, in helping them understand the value of a hard-earned dollar. Shopping for healthy, discounted foods and preparing meals together could be one more way you squeeze in some quality family time.


My name is Kate Sorensen and I am a working mother of two small children living outside Des Moines, Iowa. I’m a huge couponer, and I’m so excited to be blogging here on the best deals, freebies and coupons. I’m always on the lookout for great bargains, both online and in stores to help me and my family save money.

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