Catbird Baby Mei Tai Carrier Review

One of the few baby carrier styles I had not been fortunate enough to try yet, but had always wanted to, was a mei tai. So when Catbird Baby sent me one of their mei tai carriers to review, I was excited!

Zoë, my 4-year old, took this picture. Pretty impressive, huh? My Nikon D90 is not a light camera, so I think she did a great job – my little photographer in training.

One of the things I love most about mei tai carriers is the simplicity of the design. There are no buckles or snaps to worry about. Just one beautiful piece of fabric. I typically go for very simple patterns, but I love the carrier that Catbird Baby sent me. It’s unique and fun, but not too bold.

I like the nice, wide straps, which provide good support.

And there is a simple hood that can be easily tucked inside the carrier. It doesn’t work well for Kaylee since she’s taller, but it would be great for an infant.

I have tried a few of the different positions included in the instructions, and I like the back carry, by far, the best with this carrier. I like that it can be used for inward or outward facing in the front carry position. Kaylee didn’t feel comfortable facing out, but I know a lot of babies and toddlers enjoy being worn that way. It can also be used in the hip carry position. We’ve tried that, but haven’t perfected it yet. But the back carry is great!

There is also a unique elastic adjustment loop that enables you to decrease the width of the carrier as much or as little as you want to get the perfect fit for your baby’s legs each and every time. I thought that was a neat feature since the mei tai carrier can be used with babies and toddlers weighing 8 to 40 pounds.

Another thing I love about Catbird Baby is that their carriers are made in the USA and they’re designed by a mom (Founder Beth Leistensnider). If you’re as curious about the name Catbrid Baby as I was, it comes from the expression “sitting in the catbird seat,” which means to be in an advantageous position (from the short story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, by James Thurber). Beth thought it was the ideal description for a baby who gets to see the world while snuggled close to Mom or Dad. Sweet!

Overall, I think the Catbird Baby Mei Tai Carrier is a great option for parents who want a simple, comfortable carrier that’s available in fun patterns. I will probably use mine mostly for shopping trips where I need to keep Kaylee comfortably out of trouble or for when we’re enjoying time with family and friends and Kaylee wants to stick close by my side.

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  1. says

    I’ve been curious to try one of these, too. We typically use a soft structured carrier with buckles, but this does look comfortable and it’s nice to have so many options for how to carry your child.

  2. Amy Bailey says

    This carrier also looks great for a toddler. Lots of support plus its not at all bulky looking. perfect!

  3. karla-rae krekoski says

    i love mei tais they’re so easy to use and the prints on this carrier are gorgeous! thanks for the review

  4. Angela Reed-Warren says

    One of the things I love most about mei tai carrier is the simplicity of the design without buckles or snaps to worry about. Love the fabric.

  5. Amanda says

    I have been really wanting to try a mei tai and the catbird looks like a great one! Plus the print on the fabric is gorgeous!

  6. Ashley C. says

    I haven’t seen one of these in action. It looks comfy and glad to hear that it is supportive, even for a 30-40 pound child!

  7. ewetli says

    Cute pattern! I borrowed a friend’s mei tei for a family camping trip. Loved that it was soft & packed well with the camping gear, and was easy to wash when we got home. We hiked some trails in it – got a little hot, but it was July in the midwest, so can’t really blame the carrier for that one. :)

  8. Gwendolyn T says

    Great review. I have been wanting to try a mei tei also. I would like to be able to try a hip carry.

  9. Beth R says

    I am in love with the beautiful fabrics. I have never tried a carrier like this and it definitely looks very comfy to use with your kiddos. I also love that you can adjust the width for your lo’s legs

  10. says

    I’ve been very curious about these type of carriers. They seem so simple, but from what I’ve gathered they work very well. I’d love to try one!
    Kirstie recently posted..UGH!

  11. Kristie says

    I’ve been wanting to try this one. It looks pretty lightweight & super comfortable – love the fun prints, too

  12. Julie Ghrist says

    I have never really heard much about the Catbird baby carriers. It looks very simple but that may be a very great thing! The fabric is beautiful and unique. I would happily give this carrier a try!

  13. says

    this does look like a great on-the-go carrier for when you need something smaller & more portable! i love the name :) , & they have some pretty colors & prints! i love the mocca rouge! thanks for the review & giveaway! :)

  14. Ashley R says

    Awesome option – seems like it would be great for travel since it is so lightweight and no buckles or snaps! Thanks!

  15. Rebecca Wood says

    I love the print on that carrier, as well as the color of the solid fabric! I’ve never tried a mei tai, but I would like to try one eventually. Catbird baby seems like a good option.

  16. Sandy Chiang says

    this looks really similar to the one my mom use to use. But it seems like the weight would all be on your shoulder. I’ll still give it a try thought after reading your review.

  17. Olivia L says

    I’d like to try a mei tai – it looks like a nice compromise between an SSC and a wrap. I appreciate the elastic adjustment loop too!

  18. Christina Isaac says

    I love the colors and I love how different this one is. I would be so interested in trying this one when my little one arrives.

  19. Tianna says

    I have a mei tai and love it. I agree though, the hip carry is hard to do, I haven’t mastered it yet but haven’t really been wearing my kiddos much since I’m pregnant again, my belly has been getting in the way, lol!

  20. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I love that this is made in the USA by a mom :) Would definitely buy one of these for that reason alone!

  21. tanis says

    This one looks like a comfortable option from now till toddlerhood. Like that there are no plastic buckles.

  22. Deanna says

    I am so intrigued by mai tai carriers and think this one has really great features, esp., the one to decrease the width of the carrier.

  23. Ashley B says

    I’m loving the print… Mei tais seem so versatile, it’s nice that there are no buckles to adjust so it could easily be swapped between care givers.

  24. Kiki Bacaro says

    LOVE the look of this one, very pretty. Do you happen to know if it keeps the hips of the baby in the abducted position?

  25. Trish Kelly says

    I really like the colors of the Mei Tei line. They’re a more affordable carrier which is great for right budgeted people like me.

  26. Amie says

    I have never tried a mei tai, but I keep hearing that they are amazing and I am missing out. I have heard wonderful things about Catbird Baby and I think I will have to give one a shot when little one #2 arrives!

  27. Melissa Shoaf says

    Of my friends who have Mei Tai carriers, they either love them or they hate them. I’ve never personally tried one. They seem maybe a little bit intimidating, but they also look comfortable!

  28. Jeannie L says

    I’ve always been interested in a mei tai, since all the carriers I’ve tried in the past are soft structured carrier that has straps and clips in place.

  29. Carrie M says

    I had a Pikkolo from Catbird Baby for a while, and loved it before I passed it along. I would love to try a mei tai.

  30. Oksana says

    Really adorable mixture а quality, color, design and reliability!

    Thank you for the chance!


  31. Rachel N says

    I have never used a mei tai but I have wanted to try one out for so long. They look so pretty and easy to get a custom fit.

  32. Marianne says

    I personally think that the carrier they sent you is beautiful! I’d love to try one. I actually attempted to make a Mei Tai carrier when my first was young but I just flat our ran out of time. Anyway — I really love the prints that Catbird offers :)

  33. Meg says

    Designed so beautifully. I’m really debating on trying one of these out. I love all the different patterns you can get for this carrier!

  34. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like the elastic adjustment loop to customize the size. I haven’t seen that in a mei-tai carrier before.

  35. Von Joyner says

    I really like the simplicity and adjustablity of this carrier. I’m 5’3″ and my husband is 6’2″ so we are always having to readjust the straps depending on who’s wearing baby. This eliminates that issue.

  36. Melissa H. says

    This kind of carrier intrigues me! It looks like it’s easy enough to use, even though it looks a bit daunting at first. :)

  37. Britni Bradford says

    These seem so cool. They fold up so tiny you could just throw them in the diaper bag! I think it would be great now that DD is a little older.

  38. Tasha says

    I’ve only ever used a sling and a homemade carrier. This looks awesome! I’ve always been intrigued by mei tais. They seem like the best of a wrap and a strutcered carrier all together. =)

  39. Laura Love says

    I love the design of this carrier. It is really neat that there aren’t lots of straps or buckles, just one piece.

  40. Lynn B says

    I REALLY want to try a Mei Tai! I too love the simplicity of it. We have a Beco and a Moby and I just feel one of these would be so much simpler. Glad to hear this works in so many different carries, I didn’t know there were Mei Tai’s that worked forward facing in front.

  41. Katie O says

    Such a unique carrier! I’m always interested in trying new things so I’d definitely give Mei Tai a shot!

  42. says

    I’ve wondered about if I’d like mei tei carriers. The Catbird is gorgeous! I love the paisley and deep red! This looks like it might take a while to get use to but I;ve heard great things about them. I would love to try this one out!
    Samantha Jenkins recently posted..Let’s play catch up

  43. Angie Andrews says

    Not sure this is the carrier for me, but would be a nice easy one to put on when just doing some quick errands

  44. Amber DeGroff says

    A mei tai is my go-to choice for toddlers…it’s perfect to stick those little squirmy bodies on your back safe and out of the way! I’d love to try one with a head support. The only downside to mine is the loping sleeping baby head bobbling around. 😉

  45. lisa says

    I have always been curious about this carrier! It would be great to have one to do a hip, front, and back carry.

  46. VJ M. says

    I think that it is a pretty design. The fabric looks very comfortable for mom and little one. I would have to get a closer look at how you put this one on for front carrying.

  47. Priscilla Benavides says

    This is the carrier I absolutely love! I love the combination of colors they are so unique and I love the style.

  48. Brittany Harris says

    I’d love to know what weight this goes to. My son is a hefty 20lbs at 7 months and his moby kept making me feel like he was falling. I want to find a new carrier for him!

  49. Melissa French says

    I just started using a Mei Tai. I love it, but I wish it came with the cool extras like this one does! The adjustable seat and the sleeping hood would really help make this the perfect carrier for my 3 month old.

  50. Amy Miller says

    I really like how this one has the option to face out on the front facing. My son loves to look around and hates back carries. So it’s been so hard to find a carrier that will allow a frontward out facing without being a hazard to his health. I really wanna win this one!

  51. sherry moore says

    I love that they are a soft structure and not bulky. Theyre made in the us which is great and they hold up to 40 pounds : )

  52. marthalynn says

    What a pretty carrier! I love that there’s a hood for infants. I’ve been looking for a carrier that’s good to use in the back carry position. This one looks perfect!

  53. IzzyMummy says

    We use stretchy wraps (moby and boba) and I’ve been concerned about them not supporting her or being uncomfortable when she gets bigger it’s nice to know this seems to both support and be comfortable

  54. Justice Montgomery says

    I haven’t tried a mei tai, or even put my hands on one yet, but I love how they are so simple! Catbirds come in an nice assortment of colors too. I like the solids the best myself.

  55. Dandi D says

    I like that you can carry on your back with this one. I’ve been looking for a good one to carry my toddler on my back with.

  56. Taryn Pasco says

    I love that you get to be stylish while being hands free carrying your little love! Very nice carriers you have!!!

  57. Alicia Marie says

    I think it’s adorable and I LOVE that it is so versitile in ways to wear it. I think I might need one. lol

  58. Amy Bailey says

    Its GREAT to see that this carrier goes to 40lbs! I could use it with my toddler for a while yet! She is only 26lbs :) Beautiful carrier. Love the patterns.

  59. Cassandra Eastman says

    This carrier looks really comfy, I like that it’s easier that a wrap to put on! I’ve never tried a mei tai before but may have to!

  60. Raven says

    Awesome review! I have been wondering what others think of this carrier my SIL has one and she has mixed feelings on it.

  61. Gabbie says

    I love how it is a mix between a soft carrier and a wrap. Easy to use with no buckles plus really cute designs.

  62. Nena Sinclair says

    I like the simplicity, the fabrics, the wide straps and that you can wear it in so many positions. I bet it launders very well, too!

  63. Chris N says

    I have wanted to try one of these for awhile. I have another Mei Tai that is so uncomfortable. I really want to be able to give that one away and find one that works well for me and my big little guy! (A

  64. Hannah Avery says

    Not too long ago, a lady I met, told me that she loved her Mai Tei type carrier, and if she had to get rid of all of her others, that would be the one she would keep! I have never tried one, so would really like too! Love this fabric too!

  65. Stacey R says

    I really like that face that there are no buckles to mess around with. Definitely interested in trying one of these!

  66. Julia Babs says

    Beautiful carrier! I like that it doesn’t have buckles…it seems like that would make it a lot easier to just roll up and throw in the diaper bag.

  67. Nerissa says

    I haven’t personally tried a mei tei. The straps look comfortable for the parent. and the seat for the child looks comfortable as well. That is what I look for in a carrier. Also, the meaning of the name Catbird is soooo cute! The design for this carrier looks amazing by the way!

  68. sara m ford says

    thank you for this review it really helps me make the best choice as to witch baby carriers I will feel safe and happy with.

  69. says

    i’m surprised how adjustable these are! when i think of a mei tei i do think of just a square of fabric with ties! :) i love the name, too! :) it’s wonderful that it fits such a huge weight/size range! thanks for the review!

  70. Kimberlie says

    Like the fabric choices available, something for everyone. Looks like a comfy carrier! Thanks for the review.

  71. Beth R says

    I love the fabric choices that you have with this carrier. I also love that you can use this the entire time from newborn to toddler

  72. Lauren Fraser says

    My husband and I love supporting products made in the USA, and this carrier looks really easy to use!

  73. Britni Bradford says

    I would love one of these to keep in the diaper bag since they fold up so well. I also like the adjustable leg design so that you get a perfect fit. And made in the USA is great!

  74. Jessica Payne says

    I LOVE the wide straps!!! That makes so much difference when babywearing. This looks like a great carrier.

  75. Cindy B says

    Being able to adjust the width seems like a really handy thing to have as the baby grows. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  76. judi says

    I love my mei tai! This one is a different brand and the print is so pretty! I would love to have a second mei tai so I have one to wash and one to wear.

  77. Julie Ghrist says

    it seems like this carrier has lots of options and versatility which I like and i love the beautiful fabrics!

  78. Stacey Roberson says

    One thing I really like about this carrier is that you can use it to carry baby on your back. I would love to try this one. My Bjorn is only a front carrier. I really love that there are no buckles or snaps to deal with. Looks like a great carrier!

  79. Amanda Alvarado says

    This is one of the mei-teis I’ve had my eye on! I love the way it can be adjusted to fit btwn the legs!

  80. Melissa K says

    I also really want to try a MeiTai after everything I’ve heard about them. They seem close to my beloved wraps, but slightly easier for a newbie to put on.

  81. Jennifer Harris says

    I love this it seems just to perfect for little ones keeping them close to you. I like that its a simple yet beautiful carrier

  82. Briana says

    I’ve tried the pikkolo by cat bird and love it! I love mai tai carriers too but haven’t tried this one – I like that it has the forward facing option and that it has a hood 😀 Would love to try it!!

  83. Britany Gilman says

    I would love to try this carrier if i ever got the chance i love baby wearing my daughter Genesis and keeping her close to my heart that she knows so well from being in my tummy i love being able to breast feed her on demand and bond with her i love having free hands to do things i need to get done round the house i would love to try this carrier someday and im sure Genesis would love it to

  84. Randi S says

    This is cute, and looks very comfortable! And easy! I loved using a wrap for my son, but now as we prepare to (hopefully) have a second child, I can see something that requires less work being better for us! And this definitely seems like a great option!

  85. Rachel N says

    That is such a neat feature that you can adjust the width between baby’s legs. Looks like a really nice carrier.

  86. Janice Auna says

    Wow! This looks really simple to use! I use a Sleepy wrap(now boba) and while I love it, it does require a lot of work. I might want to try this one with my next baby.

  87. Richard Hicks says

    you have a budding photographer on your hands! I like this very much and very functional and cute design too

  88. Amy Q. says

    I use a Mei Tai in conjunction with a handmade soft-structured carrier in order to tandem wear my twins. It’s a perfect combo. The SSC goes on my back and provides a little more support and weight distribution for my heavier twin and the Mei Tai goes in the front. Because its just a simple piece of fabric with ties I don’t have to worry about two sets of buckles running into each other like it would if I wore two SSCs. I love the versatility of Mei Tais!

  89. Rachel Wright says

    mei tais are awesome. I like the simplicity of the design. simple, comfortable, and pretty too. you can’t beat that!

  90. Kristina S says

    The adjustable width feature sounds nice. I usually use a soft structure carrier and when DS was very small I felt like his legs had to be spread open more than he was comfortable with.

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