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One of my personal goals lately has been to support more small-family owned businesses. Since I do a lot of our shopping online, I always love learning about new websites that carry brands I can get behind!

I was recently introduced to Thanks Mama, a family-owned cloth diapering and natural parenting store based in Boston, MA. They have values very similar to mine – they strive to raise their children in a natural and healthy environment. Their goal is to carry green and innovative products designed specifically for moms and their little ones. They even use a lot of what they carry on their website in their family – products like baby carriers, cloth diapers, toys, mom and baby care products, baby furniture and more.

Their website is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Their categories are very self explanatory, and very comprehensive:

  • Cloth Diapers
  • Diaper Packages
  • Potty Training
  • Baby Care
  • Baby Gear
  • Mom & Maternity
  • Nursery
  • Toys
  • Organic

Not surprisingly, it took me a long time to decide what I wanted to review. I ended up selecting 3 items, and paying a little bit out of my pocket over my gift code since they had so much great stuff! And with free shipping on orders over $60, you can’t go wrong!

Here’s what I finally decided upon:

EcoPosh Recycled Organic Training Pants

Since Kaylee is potty training, I had to get a pair of the EcoPosh Recycled Organic Training Pants in Love. These eco-friendly potty training pants are made from organic cotton, bamboo and recycled water bottles. They have two inner layers of absorbent bamboo and organic cotton. There is a hidden layer of waterproof TPU, which is biodegradable. While we haven’t received them yet, they looks super trim. And I like that they don’t have snaps since the only time we have problems with accidents now is at night time and when she’s too busy playing outside (and they’re always only pee accidents lately).

Imse Vimse Organic Cloth Menstrual Pads

 The Imse Vimse Organic Cloth Pads are made from 100% organic cotton. The night and regular pads are also reinforced with a thin layer of polyurethane laminated polyester to make them leak-proof. I selected the 3-pack of nighttime pads, which measure about 13.5” x 3.5” since that’s the part of my stash I needed to bulk up on a bit. I am really looking forward to trying these since I’m trying to switch to more organic fabrics!

Wahmies Fun Prints Wet Bags

I needed a new wet bag and wanted to try a new brand, so I went with the Wahmies Fun Prints wet bag since it had good reviews. I like the prints that are available and that there is an inner layer of coordinating PUL waterproof fabric. I chose the Regular size bag, which measures 13” x 15”. I mostly use wet bags for my mama cloth, but I also like using them for wet bathing suits and Kaylee’s little accidents. I’m hoping it does a better job and wicks less than my current wet bag!

Win a Moby Wrap!

I’m really looking forward to trying out all of these products! But another thing I’m excited about is that Thanks Mama is sponsoring a Moby Wrap ($44.95 value) in the Ultimate Babywearing Giveaway Event! I’ll be giving away several awesome baby carriers with a group of bloggers from the Green Moms Network, so be sure to come back between August 1-14 to enter!

In the meantime, be sure to connect with Thanks Mama on Facebook and Twitter.


Thank you to Thanks Mama for providing the products mentioned in this post. Although I received these products free of charge, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Amy Bailey says

    OoOoOOOoO I love the look of these cloth pads. Id really like to give them a try. I am fairly addicted to cloth 😀 The wet bags are also beautiful 😀

  2. Natalie says

    I love my Moby! It is perfect for that infant stage and very easy to use! I really like how many different ways I can wrap it.

  3. Kristi K says

    Moby wraps are a Godsend for newborns! They’re very comfortable and keeps your baby safely snuggled without needing to buy an extra insert.

  4. Melissa Shie says

    I love my Moby! Ours is bubblegum pink, but if next baby is a boy I would love get one in another color!

  5. Sara D. says

    Thanks Mama seems like a great store. I live in the Boston area and have never heard of them, I’ll have to check them out!

  6. says

    Looks like a nice store, will have to add it to my list of online shops I like to check out. I would support small family run business any day over large corporations. I find they generally have the products I would prefer to use for my little one as well. I had a wrap similar to a moby wrap when my little one was first born and got so much use out of it. I have since passed it on to other family members and friends to use and gotten then turned on to baby wearing.
    Katy Emanuel recently posted..Blogger Sign Up’s Open for $500 Funky Fluff Stash & cash giveawayand

  7. Ashley C. says

    I have heard moby wraps can be hot (I live in texas…) but I do love the look of them. Great store you have featured, their wetbags are super cute!

  8. Heather R says

    I loved my Moby for the newborn stage. The only thing is that it can be frustrating to get it wrapped just right.

  9. Beth R says

    We have a moby and I loved it for our newborn. As my newborn got to be 6 months old though I preferred other carriers just because of the strechiness. But I loved my moby for small kiddos. Plus they have some super cute prints now that they didn’t have when I got mine

  10. LucieS says

    Cloth pads are on my short list of things to switch over to. I hear so many great things. Not just how they are good for the planet but how less chemicals = less cramps. Yeah, that got my attention :)

  11. felicia says

    i love how close and connected my moby makes me feel to my son. its so comfy and easy to use. im even able to breastfeed him in it discreetly!

  12. Kristie says

    The Moby is wonderful. I used it a ton with my newborn, but then started using the ergo later once he had better head control. It’s super easy once you get the hang of it!

  13. Julie Ghrist says

    I would love to try those training pants! :) I think the moby wrap looks great but wraps are a little overwhelming to me. i am sure i would get used to one rather quickly tho. I would give it a try :)

  14. Melissa Shoaf says

    I have only heard amazing things about the Moby, but my husband just won’t spend that kind of money on a “long piece of cloth!” I would LOVE to have one!!

  15. Elizabeth P. says

    I will have to rembember this store the next time I do some online shopping! I like to try and help out WHAMies when possible as well, and smaller business.

  16. says

    what a great company! they carry some awesome products- it’s nice to have so many eco-friendly, organic, natural products in one place! those recycled organic training pants look fabulous!!

  17. Kimberly says

    I love how comfortable the Moby is compared to the Ergo, but I never got used to wrapping it, it was always either too loose or too tight.

  18. Ashley R says

    Especially love the idea of a Moby wrap – I think I will need a tutor to figure out how to use it haha :)

  19. rachel pehl says

    I love the moby for the newborn stage. As my daughter got older and heavier, it got uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time so I switched to the ergo. there is nothing like it for the tiny baby though.

  20. Sandy Chiang says

    heard pretty good reviews on the moby wrap but haven’t really tried it myself…now i’m curious about it.

  21. Rebecca Wood says

    I love the training pants! We are about to start potty training our little one. Hopefully I’ll be able to invest in some of those soon. I really like that the lining is biodegradable!

  22. Andrea A says

    LOVE my Moby… though it’s too hot to wear outside right now … well, its actually too hot to do ANYthing outside right now! (it was 107 degrees here today!

  23. Olivia L says

    I’d love to try a Moby. I’ve been assured that it’s not that difficult to learn to wrap, but I think I’d need a lot of practice!

  24. Christina Isaac says

    I love the way the Moby Wrap looks. I think it would be the most comfortable. Thanks for the review on the store.

  25. Krystal says

    I’ve ordered from thanksmama and have had wonderful customer service!

    I do have a moby wrap and must say I love it for when my daughter was really small. I tried another (very cheap) carrier and felt like it didn’t support her very well at all. My moby is my go-to wrap for when I know I’ll need my hands free for doing other things. Unfortunately, though, I haven’t used it much this summer since it tends to be quite hot.

  26. Crystal Litz says

    I have a moby wrap & I like it b/c I have a neck injury & it’s the most comfortable carrier I have found but it is cumbersome when we are out

  27. Nikole H. says

    I’ve shopped at Thanks Mama before and you are right, they are a great store! I’m curious to learn more about this Moby Wrap — a friend of mine suggested them as a good carrier for little babes. My first child didn’t like our Ergo, so we never got into the baby wearing, but with #2 here (and little as well), we need to make some changes this time around 😉

  28. Alison says

    Moby wraps are great, but I stopped using mine most of the time because of the hot weather we have here in Michigan in the summers. Poor babes gets all sweaty! But They are great.

  29. michelle says

    i went and got a moby with a gift card from my baby shower, i cant wait til my baby comes to use it!! he is due next wed!

  30. Ami Williamson says

    I like that you reviewed several different kinds of products that are relevent to almost anyone. I thought the wet bag color was great.

  31. Trish Kelly says

    Very informative and love how the comparisons are so closely linked. Out has been been fun learning about all of these varieties. Thank you.

  32. Stephanie Polen Reed says

    I would love to try a moby wrap. I love that they help soothe fussy babies. I also like the UV wraps. What a great idea.

  33. Amie says

    I absolutely loved our Moby when my daughter was little, we practically lived in it! I would have to say that it was our “gateway” carrier. It is also my go to gift for baby showers, it is always well received!

  34. Carrie W. says

    How neat that the potty training pants are made from organic cotton, bamboo and recycled water bottles! I love the Moby wrap!

  35. Sarah M. says

    I never liked baby wearing with my son, but I bought the Moby Wrap for my daughter, and now I love it! It takes a few times to learn how to do it properly, but now I’m hooked!

  36. Samantha Herrmann says

    That wrap looks so comfy for a little baby! My daughter is 25 pounds though, so I’m not sure how “comfy” she would be in that.

  37. Jeannie L says

    I’m definitely interested in trying a moby wrap. Heard lots of great stuff about it, but also heard it’s quite complicated at the start to learn how to wrap it.

  38. Keishia says

    I’ve never tried a Moby but I’m definitely willing to learn more about them. I can defininitely see a Moby in my future from all the great things I’ve heard about them.

  39. judi says

    I would love to try nursing in a moby wrap. It can be tricky getting and keeping my little one latched on in a woven wrap.

  40. Oksana says

    I love Moby!!! Its the best!!! Thank you for giveaway!!!

    Thank you for the chance!


  41. Richelle says

    Cloth pads have totally caught my attention for a while now. Somehow I am unsure if white is really the color to go with these? Maybe I don’t know enough about them to judge. 😉 And of course I’d love to try out a Moby!

  42. Megan Smith says

    I’ve always wanted to own some Eco Posh Training Pants, they look so wonderfully soft! Also, I have heard a lot about Thanks Mama, and after this review, I think I’ll finally check it out!

  43. says

    Looks like a great little store I’ve never used a moby, but they make great baby shower gifts. Never heard a mom complain about getting a Moby!

  44. Laura says

    I really love my moby wrap and use it all the time. I just have a plain blue one now, but I would really love the cool new black lace print that they have.

  45. Amy says

    I love my little ones cloth training pants! such a money saver. And the moby is so versatile! I’d love to get one before little girl number 2 arrives

  46. Rachel N says

    I had a moby when my son was little, it was really comfy and I liked that it covered him up and kept the bugs and the sun off of him.

  47. Jessica K says

    I had never heard of babywearing with my first child so I would love to have a moby with our next little one.

  48. Renea Pike says

    The Moby wrap is beautiful, but I could never get it to fit right without a ton of hassle, so I gifted it to another loving mama :)

  49. Sarah Tosch says

    I love the fact that is a USA business! And We have a Moby and loved it, but now we feel like our 18 lb baby just doesn’t fit right. Probably because I’m plus-sized (which I’m working on making that an invalid statement!), the wrap just isn’t comfy for us.

  50. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love the range of products from Thanks Mama! I love all the different positions that you can wear a baby in with the Moby.

  51. Jill M says

    I wish there were more brick and mortar stores like this where you could go see natural parenting products, talk with like-minded parents, and really get a good sense of community.

  52. Krystal says

    Moby is soooo hot for my summer newbie, but I think a lot of these other products look pretty cool ^^ Maybe I should get some new pads..

  53. Sarah P. says

    I’ve heard of Thanks Mama from Diaperswappers, but have not ever checked them out…now I might have to! And the Moby looks perfect for snuggling my newborn.

  54. Ali Peterson says

    My sister-in-law is the only one I’ve ever seen use a Moby in person and it really convinced me that I am desperate to have one for this new little one!

  55. Britni Bradford says

    I definitely need a new wet bag too! I wanted to love our Moby, but DD just never liked it. She was big to begin with so that might have played into it.

  56. Emily Vetter says

    I’ve heard that this one is hard to put on by yourself, but I’m glad to see so many other commenters liked using it.

  57. Kelsey says

    I have an older version of the Moby (not sure which one) but would love the opportunity to try out a new one!

  58. Michelle Ferguson says

    I’ve never tried a Moby wrap but I’ve heard great things about them! I’m sure they are a lifesaver when you have a newborn!

  59. desiree says

    i got my family interestedin the organic thing snd my autn thne are trying to get tehkid back to the good old day she cll it ilove the diaper and thei is the sling i woant

  60. Tasha says

    I’ve only ever used a sling and a homemade carrier. This looks awesome! Wraps look kind of intimidating though.

  61. Lisa Kuhl says

    I love Thanks Mama!
    Moby Wrap not so much;-( I had one when my son was a newborn and it was way too much fabric for me. I am 4ft 11in and 98lbs so teeny tiny. This was just too long for me. It made it hard to wrap, Josh hated being in it. Just not for us.

  62. Lolli S says

    I have a Moby Wrap and love it. The tying can be a little awkward for short jaunts around town, but it is a nice carrier, we used it a lot when my daughter was a newborn!

  63. Molly L says

    I love that they carry cloth pads, even if they’re not my favorite brand of pads. Hardly anywhere carries them so everyone pretty much has to order them online :/

  64. marthalynn says

    I absolutely love the training pants you chose! My son is potty training, so I think he needs to have these too.

  65. Brandi Cranston says

    I LOVE our Moby. It’s been the perfect carrier for our daughter while she’s been little. She’s starting to get close to 25 pounds though, so I think it’s time to move on to something else, and get it back out when baby #2 comes!

  66. Lily Ivey says

    The Moby wrap was my first adventure into babywearing. My baby girl was a preemie and I loved being able to keep her close to me those first few months. She outgrew it around 4 months b/c she stopped wanting to face in, but it was still a great purchase. We’ve moved on to a Boba because she likes the back carry option.

  67. sharon b says

    i’d love a moby for my next squishy. i didn’t get one for my son and used our ergo. he was hot and didn’t get that bonding that i think you would get with a moby.

  68. ashley r says

    I would love to win this carrier for a friend due in Jan. I would probably try it out with my 17 month old as well but he is already 25 pounds not sure how it would work out with him.

  69. Azul says

    I think it’s awesome to have the opportunity to have your child really close to you & still be able to do other things around the house or while going out.

  70. Lynn B says

    I need a new wetbag too so I’d love to heard your review of this one (did it wick at all?), the pattern is so pretty! Great looking store site with a lot of products!

  71. says

    Okay it’s about time I join in on the cloth pads thing. I HATE HATE HATE regular pads so I’ve always used tampons but now that I’ve had a child they just don’t fit properly and I still have major leakage. It’s so frustrating. I definiently need to suck it up and just get try them out. Also once we start potty training, in about a year, I’m definitely buying some Ecoposh trainers! I’ve heard nothing but greatness out of them.
    Samantha Jenkins recently posted..Let’s play catch up

  72. Amber DeGroff says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Moby! It was my first wrap and still my favorite. Doesn’t get much better than being all snugly close to your newborn or to your older baby on a cold fall/winter day! So comfy…great for wrapping up before you hit the road and then easily popping baby in and out of the car. :)

  73. VJ M. says

    I’ve heard good things about this one. To me it seems like it would be best for an infant and nice for breastfeeding.

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