Green Your Lunch with a Laptop Lunches Bento Box

While my girls aren’t in school yet, we do take trips to the park to have picnics, and have tea parties at home on an almost daily basis. The girls love when their tea parties have a fun or different presentation. I actually find it’s easier to get them to eat more healthy treats that way.

So when the Laptop Lunches Bento Lunch Box arrived on our doorstep, the girls were ecstatic! They could hardly wait to open the box and give the Bento Box a whirl. I was excited too because I love adding more reusable products to our household.

Isn’t the packaging cute?

The Bento Box is a great size that will easily fit in a backpack or even in most lunch boxes.

When you open the container, you’ll find that 3 of the inner containers have sealable lids to keep wet foods from leaking onto other foods. Each of the containers is a different size to accommodate a variety of foods.

So of course the first thing we had to do with our new Laptop Lunches Bento Box was to set up a tea party! We’ve had thunderstorms the last week, so we’ve been spending more time inside.

The plastic used the these Bento Lunch Boxes contain NO BPA, phthalates, lead or PVC and they are made in the USA! The containers and lids are dishwasher safe (top rack only, NO heat boosters). And, the containers are microwave safe (the lids are NOT).

I know the Bento Lunch Box will get a lot of use in our house! You can order your own directly on the Laptop Lunches website. Be sure to like Laptop Lunches on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their newsletter.



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  1. Beth R says

    I love how it is all reusable! I also love how all the containers fit in one box. That is problem for us now. A mix match of bowls makes it hard to fit everything in one box. Great review

  2. IzzyMummy says

    I love the bright colors any of the lunchboxes would make me happy and the food jars are amazing gonna have to snag one of them as well

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