Green Babies Natural Body Care Products

by Chrystal Johnson on August 15, 2012

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I met Lynda Fassa, the Founder of Green Babies at Expo West, and her and I hit it off right off the bat. I think I was in her booth chatting for close to half an hour! It was time well spent because I really connected with her, so I’m excited to share that Green Babies is one of our Natural Newborn Giveaway Hop Grand Prize Sponsors!

Lynda has created a really nice line of baby skincare products that is not only safe, but also affordable for more families! The Green Babies body care line was developed to meet or exceed the Whole Foods Market™ Premium Body Care standards, which are amongst the most stringent standards. The products are 100% vegan, containing only high-quality plant- and fruit-derived and certified organic ingredients. Yay for cruelty free! And they’re made in Canada.

I received a package of great products to try from Green Babies:

Lotion Potion Moisturizer ($8.99)

This is a nice, lightweight yet moisturizing lotion. It leaves the skin soft and smelling baby fresh. I like the pump dispenser.

Calming Bubble Bath ($10.99)

This is a very mild-scented bubble bath that’s great for those with sensitive noses. It’s great for using before bedtime because it’s very relaxing! It makes a good amount of bubbles as well.

Energizing Bubble Bath ($10.99)

This is my favorite of the 2 bubble baths. It really is very uplifting and energizing! I wouldn’t mind taking a bubble bath in it myself! I love how it smells when the girls are taking a bath.

Baby Me Shampoo & Wash ($10.99)

This wash foams up great! A lot of the natural baby washes don’t foam a lot, but this one does great when you put it on a body sponge. A little goes a really long way. And it has a very fresh scent, not overpowering or too babyish.

Calm Baby Aromatherapy Mist ($6.99)

The girls love when I spray this aromatherapy mist around them. Lavender is very calming and soothing, and it helps relax them before quiet time or bedtime.

Breathe Easy Baby Aromatherapy Mist ($6.99)

I love how this mist smells – minty and fresh! I have sitting in our bathroom to use as a natural air freshener.

SPF 30 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen (Tangerine) ($16.99)

This sunscreen is one of my favorite natural sunscreens. It has a nice, light tangerine scent, just the right consistency and goes on very nicely. You’ll typically find it in my purse when we leave the house as it’s one of my go-to sunscreens for the girls.

Smooth Me Detangler ($8.99)

Zoë has long, wavy hair that tangles easily and the back of Kaylee’s hair is always tangled no matter what I try. So this detangler was a welcome addition to our bathing and morning routines! A lot less whining and crying when we brush hair now.

You can find the ingredients for all of the products here.

In addition to the body care line, Green Babies also offers organic clothing, wooden toys and Lynda’s books in their online store! Be sure to connect with Green Babies on Facebook and Twitter.



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