Original Moxie Natural Hair Care Review Update

by Chrystal Johnson on August 8, 2012

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After almost 3 months, I finally finished my first bottle of Original Moxie Get Fresh Shampoo (surprisingly, I still have conditioner left), so I thought it was time for an update!

I had been warned that my hair would detox when I started using Original Moxie, but I honestly didn’t believe it since I had been using a natural shampoo and conditioner for over a year already.

Boy was I wrong! For the first month, I was really uncertain if I’d continue using Original Moxie. My hair felt dry and almost straw-like. It was a frizzy mess. But I stuck with it because I had never heard of anyone not falling in love with it.

I am so glad I didn’t give up on Original Moxie, because I’m totally loving it!

I use the Get Fresh Shampoo – it’s green, which freaked me out at first. It’s low foaming because there aren’t any sulfates in the shampoo. It foams up a lot in Zoë’s hair though since hers is so much thinner than mine.

Then I alternate between the Featherweight Conditioner and Intense Quench Deep Conditioner. I used to need a really heavy conditioner all the time for my hair to be smooth and nourished, but I don’t anymore. Even the Intense Quench feels lightweight and it smells divine.

I’m still playing with the styling products to see what works best for my wavy hair. I have never seen such a broad assortment of styling products in a natural hair care line. I have been surprised by how many of the products do work for me, which is probably why it’s taking me so long to figure out which one I like best.

So far, I’ve tried these styling products:

They all work great, and it just depends on how much control I want. Mane Tame is great for just keeping the Frizz at bay, but if I want more control I usually use the Piece-Nik or Shape Shifter, but both of the gels work too. It’s amazing!

They also have hair straightening products, volumizing products, moisturizing treatments, scalp treatments and shine enhancing products – they really haven’t missed anything!

You can even buy travel sizes of all of the products to test them out first. That’s what I did with most of the styling products and I have been surprised by how many uses you get out of each bottle!

So if you’ve been in search of a great natural hair care product line, check out Original Moxie! Shipping is free on orders over $75 on the alex+von website!


I am an Independent alex+von Consultant, and all links in this post are directed to my consultant website. However, I only recommend products that I use myself and believe my readers will enjoy.

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