Original Moxie Natural Hair Care Review Update

After almost 3 months, I finally finished my first bottle of Original Moxie Get Fresh Shampoo (surprisingly, I still have conditioner left), so I thought it was time for an update!

I had been warned that my hair would detox when I started using Original Moxie, but I honestly didn’t believe it since I had been using a natural shampoo and conditioner for over a year already.

Boy was I wrong! For the first month, I was really uncertain if I’d continue using Original Moxie. My hair felt dry and almost straw-like. It was a frizzy mess. But I stuck with it because I had never heard of anyone not falling in love with it.

I am so glad I didn’t give up on Original Moxie, because I’m totally loving it!

I use the Get Fresh Shampoo – it’s green, which freaked me out at first. It’s low foaming because there aren’t any sulfates in the shampoo. It foams up a lot in Zoë’s hair though since hers is so much thinner than mine.

Then I alternate between the Featherweight Conditioner and Intense Quench Deep Conditioner. I used to need a really heavy conditioner all the time for my hair to be smooth and nourished, but I don’t anymore. Even the Intense Quench feels lightweight and it smells divine.

I’m still playing with the styling products to see what works best for my wavy hair. I have never seen such a broad assortment of styling products in a natural hair care line. I have been surprised by how many of the products do work for me, which is probably why it’s taking me so long to figure out which one I like best.

So far, I’ve tried these styling products:

They all work great, and it just depends on how much control I want. Mane Tame is great for just keeping the Frizz at bay, but if I want more control I usually use the Piece-Nik or Shape Shifter, but both of the gels work too. It’s amazing!

They also have hair straightening products, volumizing products, moisturizing treatments, scalp treatments and shine enhancing products – they really haven’t missed anything!

You can even buy travel sizes of all of the products to test them out first. That’s what I did with most of the styling products and I have been surprised by how many uses you get out of each bottle!

So if you’ve been in search of a great natural hair care product line, check out Original Moxie! Shipping is free on orders over $75 on the alex+von website!


I am an Independent alex+von Consultant, and all links in this post are directed to my consultant website. However, I only recommend products that I use myself and believe my readers will enjoy.

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    I am intrigued. I don’t use any shampoo at all since my hair gets very dry and brittle. I mostly just wash with water and then comb coconut oil and butters through it, but it gets dirty after a while and dust particles stick to the oils. My husband has very oily hair and skin though. Do you think we could both use the same bottle of Moxie?
    Steph recently posted..Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies {Recipe}

    • says

      Hi Steph! Unfortunately I don’t think you could use the same shampoo. You would need the Get Clean shampoo and your husband would need the Get Fresh shampoo.

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      When you have a build up of synthetic chemicals in your hair, on your skin, in your body, etc., and you take those synthetic chemicals away – you will often detox. It’s your body’s way of purging all of the junk out of your system. With your hair, sometimes it’ll get dry and frizzy for a while like mine did. For others sometimes it’s the opposite until your system can balance itself out. Now that I’m through the detox phase, I love my hair more than I ever have before!

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