7 Tips for Autumn Garden Preparation

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Summer is slowly coming to an end with Autumn creeping in just around the corner. Now is the time to act and prepare your garden. You will have heard the saying fail to prepare, prepare to fail which is very important when it comes to gardening. A garden needs to be cared for in order for us to be able to enjoy it with friends and family. Below are 7 tips which will aid you in preparing your garden for Autumn.

Planning is Crucial

It is impossible to know what needs doing in your garden if you don’t have a look around. It would be advised to have a pad and pen and jot down anything you notice. Try to be as thorough as possible; even the smallest thing can turn into a big thing, so make sure it’s included.

Prevent Pruning

The topic of pruning is often widely debated by keen gardeners. The debate that always arises is when the best time to start pruning is. A general rule that many people follow is not to start pruning in Autumn. Pruning promotes growth which is something we don’t want to happen, when plants are preparing to go dormant in winter. There are some exceptions to this especially with trees, so always do your research.

Winter Vegetables

Although some of your favorite plants won’t survive in Autumn, many vegetables thrive in this season. Vegetables such as spinach & lettuce won’t be affected by a light evening frost, as long as the days are slightly warmer. One great tip is to add generous amounts of mulch in order to protect the vegetables in lower temperatures. Many winter vegetables can harvest in 30 days.

Deck Care

Decking is a popular addition to many people’s gardens these days; therefore it has to be maintained. One way of doing this that not only makes the decking look great, but also protects it, is by giving it a coat of Ronseal decking stain. This is easy to apply and works by waterproofing, adds UV filters and protects the decking against scuffs & scratches.

Wrath of Weeds

Weeds are one of the biggest problems that any gardener will face. They easily spread so have to be dealt with on a regular basis. Now is the best time to remove any remaining weeds from your flowerbeds. Although this is a tedious task it will help prevent excessive weed growth in early spring. Make sure you cut back perennials and if a cold winter is forecast, put a layer of mulch over them.

Spring Blubs

Now is the perfect time to plant your Spring bulbs including Tulips and Daffodils. It is highly recommended that this is done mid-October to ensure the best results before the ground starts to freeze.


Furniture can be a very important part of the garden and therefore needs to be cared for to ensure its longevity. Wooden furniture will be the most at risk and because of this it is recommended to give them a coat of Ronseal teak oil. Teak oil deeply penetrates the wood and replaces the oils lost through weathering. Another great tip is to move your furniture into a dry place such as a garage or shed. If this is not possible cover the furniture with a thick protective sheet.


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    Good advice. I would add to make sure the sheet being used to protect garden furniture is one that can breathe and doesn’t trap moisture underneath it, like a plastic sheet would. That’s because it can cause mold to grow easier.

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