Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight, Non-Toxic 2-Stage Crib Mattress

One of the things I didn’t think about when my girls were born that there was a possibility that crib mattresses were toxic. So I was disturbed to learn that nearly three-quarters of crib mattresses in the US contain suspect or dangerous chemicals (Source).

While my girls never slept in their cribs for more than a nap, I was still upset to learn that they most likely slept on a toxic mattress. While we’re past the crib phase now, we do have toddler beds for both girls – which use a crib-sized mattress.

So I was happy to be able to replace one of the mattresses with a non-toxic mattress from Lullaby EarthWe were able to try the Super Lightweight, 2-Stage Crib Mattress with Kaylee’s brand-new toddler bed.

Here’s a great video about the mattress:

Unlike most crib mattresses referenced in that Washington Post article, Lullaby Earth mattresses are completely free of:

  • Polyurethane foam (including “soybean” foam blends)
  • Vinyl/PVC, polyurethane coated nylon or damask
  • PFC water-resistant treatments
  • Antibacterial biocides and the various chemicals associated with those materials
  • Harmful fire retardants: Fire protection is achieved with hydrated silica, a harmless natural mineral

Because of this, Lullaby Earth crib mattresses are recommended by Healthy Child Healthy World (HCHW). (I’m part of the HCHW Blogger Network because they do great work!)

And the mattress really is very lightweight! At only 7 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver and change the sheets on Kaylee’s bed.

While Kaylee is mostly potty trained, she still doesn’t have full bladder control when she is sleeping, so the waterproof feature is great. Lullaby Earth crib mattresses are completely waterproof, even on the edges where most crib mattresses have seams!

What makes the 2-stage mattress different (and perfect for us) is that one side of the mattress has a firm, flat surface for infants and the other side has a softer sleep surface for growing toddlers like mine. It also features strong edge and side support for structural stability, making it a great choice for toddler beds.

A recyclable mattress? That’s right… Lullaby Earth mattresses are the first crib mattresses made from common recyclable materials. Unfortunately, recycling programs may not be available in all areas for products of this shape and size yet. At least it’s a step in the right direction.

And the Lullaby Earth mattresses are also so much more affordable than some of the other non-toxic crib mattresses I’ve looked at!

Overall, we have been very happy with our Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight, 2-Stage Crib Mattress, and it’ll get plenty of healthy use in Kaylee’s toddler bed!

Be sure to connect with Lullaby Earth on Facebook and Twitter.



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  1. Carrie W. says

    I am so disturbed to learn more and more products for our babies are toxic! I didn’t realize our mattress is, too!

  2. Michelle Knopp says

    I would have never guessed that my baby’s mattress would be toxic! Thank goodness for Lullaby Earth.

  3. Beth R says

    I love that it is so lightweight!! I know changing sheets after having a c section with my first was so hard. 7lbs would be so much easier

  4. Meg S. says

    I really wish we owned a non-toxic mattress for our little one, and I absolutely love that this mattress can be recycled! How cool is that!?

  5. Rebecca Wood says

    Wow… I really didn’t know that some crib mattresses are toxic. That really freaks me out! I will definitely be doing more research about this, and may purchase a mattress from Lullaby Earth in the future. I love the double sided feature of these mattresses. I would love to have a mattress that could be used for my toddler now, and then be flipped when the new baby comes and we transition the toddler to a new bed. That is just fabulous.

  6. Julie Ghrist says

    I want one of these so bad. I despise changing crib bedding and this would make it sooooo much easier! We have a hand me down mattress and it is pretty old… I would love to win a new one!

  7. Laura Love says

    I would absolutely love to have this mattress. It is amazing that it is so light, and that it is waterproof. It just looks incredible!

  8. Pat says

    It seems as though everything in the house has something toxic. It’s nice to know someone makes safe mattresses.

  9. Natalie Finch says

    I’m disturbed to find out that many crib mattresses are toxic! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I like that the mattress is versatile, with a firm side for infants and softer for toddlers.

  10. Mandi says

    I would love to win this mattress! I have a protective cover for ours, but with #2 on the way we need another mattress!

  11. jennifer laur says

    i love that these have an infant side, and softer sized for toddlers! my sons current mattress feels so uncomfortable, but he’s no longer at risk for sids so i’d love for him to have something softer!

  12. Keara B. says

    I love that this is non-toxic, and so lightweight! So much better for baby. And would make changing sheets so much easier. :)

  13. Julie says

    I knew that crib mattresses were bad but for some reason it never occurred to me that my youngest is sleeping on one in her toddler bed! Wow, talk about brain fart. My newborn will be sleeping with me or in her new pack n’ play right next to my bed so I hope those are both safe places for her. No wonder my 4 year old rarely sleeps in her bed. Thanks for this post and the giveaway.

  14. Janie Far says

    Wow! I am shocked to learn about toxic mattresses, and a little upset I haven’t previously heard of them! I will keep this in mind. Thank you for sharing your review it was very informative!

  15. Nicole S says

    I’d LOVE to have a natural mattress like this one for my babies! I also really appreciate that this mattress is easy to recycle.

  16. says

    Love how this mattress is made! I’m looking for one and there were so many to choose from it was very overwhelming but i’m bookmarking this page to show to hubby so that we can purchase it for our baby boy who is due in 4 weeks :) thank you!
    Liz Ticona recently posted..The Choice of Breastfeeding

  17. Misses Giveaways says

    I have never thought about a mattress being toxic so thank you for bringing this to my attention! I really want this mattress now.

  18. Melissa K says

    I didn’t know that crib mattresses were toxic. My daughter sleeps in a cosleeper, but I don’t know what the mattress is made of.

  19. Darien McGuire says

    I’ve heard that studies in New Zealand are finding that there is a reduction in SIDS when children sleep on non- toxic mattresses.

  20. Laura Cooper says

    I want one of these, so bad! Our crib is still new in the box (baby is 1 day after tomorrow!) because I just didn’t feel good using our existing crib mattress and didn’t know what to buy (or how to afford it).

  21. Krystal G. says

    Confession: I would change my daughter’s crib sheet more often if we had a lightweight mattress. Right now it rarely gets changed because it is so difficult!

  22. Richard Hicks says

    like all of the features and especially that it does not have Antibacterial biocides and chemicals

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  23. danielle finley says

    I bought the cheapest mattress for my girl and its falling apart. Not to mention she has allergies and the mattress probably is not helping!

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