Kelly Kits Annual Subscription Giveaway {#CreativeKids}

The last week of September is nationally designated as “Keep Kids Creative Week.” While often celebrated in schools with fun activities that inspire kid’s creativeness, parents can also use this week to do some really fun activities at home. Many parents struggle to find time to fit creativity in, but there are plenty of products out there to help us get those creative juices flowing. Mama-Nibbles and Life With Two Boys put together this event to help you find some fun products to keep your family creative not only during “Keep Kids Creative Week,” but all year!

Keeping Kids Creative begins on September 17th at 12:01am EST and ends on September 30th at 11:59pm EST. Along with the awesome prizes that each of the participating blogs are offering we also have 3 Grand Prizes thanks to our sponsors BabbaCo, Green Kid Crafts, Kelly Kits, PowerCapes, Bannor Toys, We Can Too and Kat and Company.


Kelly Kits Subscription Giveaway

As part of this wonderful event, I am giving away an annual subscription to Kelly Kits fabulous art play boxes! Read my review here. This awesome prize is valued at $99.90. To enter, complete the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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  1. laur says

    Creativity in our home stems from the desire not to waste anything. Something that might otherwise be curbside recycled gets turned into an instrument, a doll accessory, etc.

  2. Amy T says

    My creativity varies day to day – its usually spontaneous. We use sidewalk chalk, make bubbles, play with beads, play with paint, and today made sock puppets. Instead of throwing things away – like styrofoam beads/paper from boxes – we use them for projects. :)

  3. Yesenia says

    I just let them express themselves with everyday materials around them. For example, my son made a “boxtar” out of a shoebox and rubberbands (guitar box). Then pretended to pay his “boxtar” and sing.

  4. polly says

    when our 4 year old grandson visits each week i let him cut up magazines and paste them on construction paper…he loves to color on construction paper

  5. Amanda Alvarado says

    I’m not creative at all so I make sure that I provide dd with lots of paper, crayons, paints, markers, etc and let her decide what she wants to do. She has an awesome imagination so pretend play is big here too!

  6. Chelsea says

    I keep my kids creative by giving them freedom (with limits :)
    I’ll usually start playing with my kids and making up stories for their imaginations to latch on to… They can spend hours in the back yard playing superheros :)

  7. Chelsea says

    I keep my kids creative by giving them the freedom to play… They are the best at coming up with unique ways to play and interact with eachother

  8. Laura B says

    My daughter has an art table and loves it – sometimes I’ll just pull out 4-5 things (paper, paint, etc.) and let her do whatever she wants, she’s come up with some pretty fun creations!

  9. Sherry Compton says

    I bring out several coloring activity books/kits then let them go with markers and stickers then we also use simple household items that pictures from catalogs and cereal boxes.

  10. Leslie G. says

    I keep plenty of supplies around the house… paper, glue, scissors, markers, etc… they’re all accessible all the time

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  11. Mary Williams says

    I keep my son creative by trying new things with him! He is always up for something crafty so we try to do different things, and try out new ideas all the time!

  12. Kasee Johnson says

    I have a HUGE arts and crafts box that my kids love digging in. And I keep crayons and coloring books stashed in my truck, my purse, the RV, and at Grandma’s house. Every year, my kids CREATE Christmas presents for the whole extended family. Handcrafted gifts are so much more precious.

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