Today I’m Working Out with Bob Greene {Plus an Omron Fitness Giveaway}

omron-logoThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Omron Fitness.

I love how more and more opportunities to take care of myself have been coming my way lately. Today, I’m at an event in Southern California working out with Bob Greene, celebrity fitness trainer to Oprah.

I used to work out a lot. After kids, not so much. There just always seems to be something that needs to be tended to before I take care of myself. I know I’m not the only mom who feels that way.

I’ll work out for a couple of days, and then life just gets back in the way before I can create a routine. It’s frustrating, but I feel like I can barely juggle the things that I already have on my plate. I need help figuring out how to add one more item to my plate without going crazy.

Because of that challenge, I have been looking for something to kick me into gear and get me going again. I am hoping today will be the day!

After working out for an hour on the beach with Bob Greene, I’ll get to have lunch and a Q&A session with other Mamavation bloggers, Bob Greene & the Omron Brand team. We’ll also get to try out a few products from Omron Fitness, including the Omron Activity Monitor with Weight Loss Tracker (HJA-312) and NFC Communication tray as well as the Tri-Axis USB Connected Pedometer (HJ-323U).


Designed to track physical activity like walking, running or just household chores, the Activity Monitor with Weight Loss Tracker allows you to set a weight loss target and then it indicates the amount of activity time you need to reach that goal.

While you can view 7 days of data on the Tracker itself, you can also connect at with the NFC Communication Tray to upload 14 days of data. At you can set goals and measure your progress over time along with some fun things like earning rewards by connecting to, seeing your friends’ personal bests and getting badges for your hard work.

HJ323_HeroLockupAnd the Pedometer allows you to track your daily steps and connects online so you can track your progress. I have been wanting a good pedometer for a while now, so I’m really excited about getting the chance to try the one from Omron.

It counts steps accurately and quietly whether positioned flat, vertically or horizontally. I’ve had cheap pedometers in the past that didn’t do this. It also tracks both normal and brisk steps separately, distance and calories burned and pitch “average number of aerobic steps per minute.” I’m really excited to play with the Pedometer!

I’ll be sure to give you an update on how the event went and what I think of the Omron Fitness Products I get to try very soon!

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Enter the Giveaway!

I’m excited to be able to provide one member of the Happy Mothering community with the opportunity to win an Omron Activity Monitor with Weight Loss Tracker (HJA-312), NFC Communication Tray and Tri-Axis USB Pedometer (HJ-323U) – a $119.97 total value!

Enter via the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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I’m being compensated to write this post by Bookieboo LLC in a blogger campaign with Omron Fitness. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Anne Perry says

    I love that the weight loss tracker tells you how much exercise you need to do to reach your goal. I am interested in a pedometer to see how active I am chasing my toddler and baby!!

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