7 Tips to Help Moms Keep Fit from Bob Greene

bob-greene-beachThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Omron Fitness.

Earlier this month, I shared with you that I had the opportunity to meet and work out with Bob Greene (Oprah’s personal trainer), compliments of Omron Fitness.

It was a beautiful day in Santa Barbara, CA! We got to listen to Bob Greene’s perspective on health and fitness, share a healthy meal and go for a vigorous walk with him on the beach.

I even got to sit down with him one on one and talk with him about how hard it is for moms to fit exercise into our already overly busy days.

bob-greene-beach-chrystalBetween the talk he gave the group and the one-on-one interview, I gleaned some great points I want to share with you today.

You Need a Desire to Change

When I sat down with Bob Greene, I expressed to him how hard it is for moms, especially work at home moms who are juggling a career and a household, to find time to stay as fit as we’d like. He shared a story about how many of his clients are corporate executives or celebrities who experienced a significant health event. While before that health scare, they made plenty of excuses as to why they couldn’t exercise, there were none after the scare. He posed the question to me, “What are you doing that is more important than your health and well being? Analyze your day and list what things are more important than your health.” Hard to argue with that.

Be Creative in Working Exercise Into Your Day

I asked Bob Greene for ideas on how moms can get started exercising. He emphasized several times that pushing a stroller is one of the best exercises out there. All you have to do is pop the kids in the stroller and go for a strenuous walk. Also think about whether there is anywhere you go during the day where you don’t need to drive. If there is, then walk. Instead of watching a movie with your kids on the weekend, go for a walk. You need to look at your own life to figure out what will work for you.

Push Yourself Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you aren’t feeling it, then you’re not getting enough exercise to lose weight. Going for a light walk is nice, but it’s not going to get you to your goals. Most people quit when exercise starts to hurt, but good exercise is supposed to be uncomfortable. You have to be able to push yourself beyond your comfort zone if you want to lose weight and get fit.

Women Need More Exercise than Men

I knew this was true, but Bob Greene confirmed it. Women need much more exercise to lose weight than men. He said that men can make just very small changes to their eating habits and exercise just a bit – and they’ll drop weight. Not so for women. We have to exercise vigorously 5 times a week, with 1 hour of cardio plus weights and watch our food if we want to shed pounds.

Vary Your Workouts

In addition to doing 1 hour of cardio plus weights 5 times per week (most people will have to work up to that), you also need to make sure you vary your workouts. You should select at least 2 different activities each week for optimal results. That could mean, for example, walking with the stroller and doing an exercise video.

Choose Heavier Weights

I was always told lighter weights, more reps for women. Bob said the opposite. He said that even women need to use heavier weights (part of that whole pushing yourself outside your comfort limits) and do fewer reps. That initial bulking up that everyone fears is just water moving to the skin’s surface. That will dissipate over time and you’ll lean up.

Use Fitness Tracking Devices

I had never really considered how much a fitness device could help you stay on track towards your goal. I’ve been using a pedometer every day since meeting with Bob Greene and I realized I’m only taking about half of the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

After I get up to 10,000 steps, I want to start using my Activity Monitor to measure how effective my workouts are. It tracks physical activity and exercise data no matter what activity you’re doing. It also has a weekly calories burned goal tracker feature to help you set a weight loss target and translate it into activity time needed to reach your goal.

You can also track your results and progress over time if you connect it through OmronFitness.com on your own personal dashboard via the NFC Communication Tray (sold separately).

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