New Mums Guide to Choosing the Right Pushchair

When you’re going to be a new mum for the first time, there are so many things to consider and so many decisions to be made. What is needed for the baby’s nursery? What about a car seat?

Of course, choosing the right pushchair is another question new mums ask themselves. When considering a new pushchair, here are 4 questions you should ask yourself.

How will you use your baby’s pushchair?

Will it mainly be for shopping trips and leisurely strolls around the neighborhood? Are you a runner? Do you need a pushchair that will handle any terrain? You’ll need to take a look at the pushchair’s tires to make sure they meet your needs.

Will the stroller grow with your baby?

Some pushchairs are designed for newborns whereas others are better for toddlers. Do you want to choose one that is designed for a specific stage of development, or one that will grow with your baby?

Is the pushchair well made and in your price range?

Quality is very important. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pushchair that you will need to replace in six months. Ask friends and read reviews online about the quality of the pushchair to be sure your money is well spent.

Is this a brand you can trust?

Some brands have a better reputation for quality than others. Choosing a brand that is known for quality, reliability and good service is important. Britax pushchairs are known for these things. Britax offers a few different models depending upon your needs and desires, including lightweight strollers and traditional pushchairs.

No matter which pushchair you decide upon, becoming a new mum is an exciting time in your life. Enjoy your new baby and all of the joy that brings.


Thank you to Britax UK for providing the information featured in today’s post on choosing a pushchair.

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    Great points and useful info here, but one to add would be how easy it is to get up and fold down. I have many friends who have bought new pushchairs only to become totally stressed at trying to figure out how to fold it down and get baby into the car whilst it is pouring down with rain!

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