Fall is Here – Time for Boots!

flojos-fall-bootsThe weather is cooling down fast and early this year. We got our firewood this week, and we’re prepared for the very real potential of an early winter. There’s enough talk of it from long-time locals that we believe it could happen.

I love nothing more than a cozy pair of boots, nice jeans and comfy sweaters during our cold fall and winter months. I think my girls are also taking after me, because they are starting to love warm and fuzzy boots too!

I was very familiar with the Flojos brand, but I always looked at them as a brand for summertime flips. When I learned that they also offered cold weather boots, I was excited to try out a pair for myself and each of the girls.

Zoë got a pair of the Aurora boots in pink. They look super cute on her and she loves wearing them. She is super picky about how shoes feel on her feet, so I’m so very happy that she loves them.

aurora-bootsKaylee got a pair of the Christy boots in lavender. She loves them so much that she refuses to wear them outside because once she does, she won’t be able to wear them in the house. This girl loves her shoes and rocks her boots around the house like slippers every time it’s cold.

christy-bootsI got a pair of Arctic boots in black. They are super comfy and warm and I am excited to wear them all fall and winter long!

arctic-bootsI found that the Flojos boots run a little big, so keep that in mind when ordering your boots for Fall. Other than that, we love them! Be sure to check out these and the other styles of boots for women and girls!


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